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An Act of Circumstance III 068



Page 68

You will have to get the printed version from the Lulu internet shop to see pages 52-67... because those pages are to never go online. They're all very very embarrassing and so very very adult material lalala :D
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oh, f##k...cue music of doom.

I actually prefer this way, it was the best idea to not upload the...visuals...the sense of the emotion in that scene I wished to read, but the visuals, nakute heiki ya -_-()though i am curious of your style; I liked to best nude anime pic was one I did of Anzu/Teah (YuGiOh) and Izumi/Zoe (D. Frontier), but I find nude pics quite as in "Oh, what a nice airoplane!"..."That's Faye from Bebop" "Oh, it's nice" "Uhhhhuh".

Somehow Tohma looks very good with the fur neck-collar robe. And warm!! *Woke up to ice outside today* I like very much the panel where he's speaking; he looks very...soft...can't think of it in English, but yasashikute, sotto kaze ni fuittoru kind of feeling, which is how he seems to me in the series when he's w/ppl he loves most, and you captured very good the thing i just said in, this is a long comment

Great job!