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An Act of Circumstance III 068

By splashtomato
Page 68

You will have to get the printed version from the Lulu internet shop to see pages 52-67... because those pages are to never go online. They're all very very embarrassing and so very very adult material lalala :D
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oh, f##k...cue music of doom.

I actually prefer this way, it was the best idea to not upload the...visuals...the sense of the emotion in that scene I wished to read, but the visuals, nakute heiki ya -_-()though i am curious of your style; I liked to best nude anime pic was one I did of Anzu/Teah (YuGiOh) and Izumi/Zoe (D. Frontier), but I find nude pics quite as in "Oh, what a nice airoplane!"..."That's Faye from Bebop" "Oh, it's nice" "Uhhhhuh".

Somehow Tohma looks very good with the fur neck-collar robe. And warm!! *Woke up to ice outside today* I like very much the panel where he's speaking; he looks very...soft...can't think of it in English, but yasashikute, sotto kaze ni fuittoru kind of feeling, which is how he seems to me in the series when he's w/ppl he loves most, and you captured very good the thing i just said in, this is a long comment

Great job!
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airplane roflll XDDD;

gentle Tohma <3 ~~ although that's just morning bed hair ahahhahaa eroi desu. XD
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Yeees...think of, when your (?) little sibling/child draws and you have to identify it...
I just came back from my counselling, Asian Mental Health in Chinatown & it's in an Asian recourse bldg. They have artists from around the Bay who draw & their pics are hung there. There was one of a naked (Asian, of course) lady (drawing) it was done like Julius Cesar-era style (as in yes, chichi, but no genitals.) I...I looked at it for a bit, esp., since what I said earlier...but I kind of got embarrassed when the nice monitor lady (maybe late 20s) walked by & saw me staring (not that I was red or drooling, but still...)

Also, in that frame (back to the deviation) I like when they draw Tohma thinner- it fits his personality. In fact, I took screenshots, when I post them on LJ, you'll see. In ep...the one where he siks Gaomon on Masaru (evolved form, but that confuses me) When he points at Masaru 'go get 'im' like, he looks chubby, then 5 sec later, he loses 10kg...Not to mention Masaru must be Saiyan-henka-ing and then devolving off screen in the 30s #d eps.

I also sense a 'Daddy didn't give attention' AND a 'Nobody wanna see us together'. Masu-masu suki ni narunya, kono manga wo, na!

And spell-check wants 'Masaru' as 'Mascara' and 'Tohma' as 'Toma'...which is Spanish for 'he/she takes'...

But yeah, I really like it. I may use it as visual reference for my own art that accompanies my stories, though my novel on takes more brainpower than I have lately, due to it being a long novel.

Buuutttt....I have a schmorgasboard of ideas for this pairing, though stuff in 1 or 2 based on my experience, as I have little imagination. And all w/song influence, b/c i'm an ongaku-otaku, and a poet and didn't- *is smited by forces*
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Masaru to the rescue... or maybe... *le gasp* Tohma's father might actually allow for Tohma and Masaru to be together... *for hint on my opinion, please return to previous pages with confrontation between Masaru and Tohma's father* ^_^
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Not even a photobucket upload?
Aw, whatever...
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Will there be blood ? =O

Aaaaw, I'm sad because I can't see the "adult" pages and can't buy them as well =(. Well, at least, I can see Masaru in Tohma's bed, that's still something xD.
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OH SHITakcy mushrooms!!!!
this is gonna get gritty
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0: Uh oh... Touma's dad. Suspense!
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