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An Act of Circumstance III 032

By splashtomato
Page 32
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I love Tohma's face! It's so scary, yet, I can't look away...XD
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XDD ahahaha~ Thanks~
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I wanna get these for Christmas...I don't think anyone would get it for me though...
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Aah, Scary Tohma!!! *hides behind a rock*
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you will have a good time if i have to make you miserable! lmfao
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Hey, neat, alternate outfits!

All the Austrians' comments about the digivice are hilarious, especially the Tamagotchi line. And I love the throwback to the Chika's birthday episode!
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X3~ Ahaha thanks!
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"Some Japanese tourist with his tamagotchi." xD Oww, it's been so long that I haven't got one of those funny little gadget I used to carry everywhere, using the sound it made to disturb people, hihi.

By the way, I love the last left panel x3.
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XDDD sounds to disturb people, ahahaha~
Thank you :D
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