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An Act of Circumstance III 022

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Some people just need a high five

To the face

With a table
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Some people really deserve to get punched right in the face <.<.
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There's very little I can say that hasn't already been said, but yeah... He's a jerk. Though I can understand his discomfort and annoyance (it must be difficult to realize your son likes another guy...) he's got the whole rich snob holier-than-thou attitude. I don't like him, though I'm sure that's the whole point of his character. Heh.
Anyways, whoot! Another page!
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that (insert expletive) needs a wake up call. what's kinda funny is like, okay the whole point is, now, Tohma's like 2nd best, but he the only game in town as for certanity of continuing the bloodline. basically, it's like my cousin's analogy (she was talking about parents & their kids anyway-and she isn't a parent) 'it's like you create a doll, but you want it to do this certain thing. it doesn't so you lock it in a dark room'-can't recall verbatim. in her words it was a doll. but her emphasis was on the fact that the creator is strangling the doll/child's free will. this sort of thing goes on all the time everyday, anywhere. I see a lotta yaoi fanfics/doujinshi (yuri needs love, too-I'm just too garfield-suction-dolled to get my SoraXMimi stuff done) and like, hardly any of it touches on this stuff. and, yeah, of course, all us fanfic/doujinshi/whathaveyou writers have some ppl for the couple, but like there's always the ppl outside who wanna hate, and like Franz here (Takuya's worst one in my stuff) the worst ones is the ones that just up and turn. *been there*I actually do want to applaud you for putting this in.

Oh, miais-as of the early 90s, still done! (94 was my first-and halleujiah-last!)

(no, I have no off switch. I AM the bunny. i keep going and going and going and going and zzzzzzzzzzzz...........
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Marasu remember punching people doesn't solve everything remember to keep you cool...never mind maybe if you hit him hard enough he'll come to his senses hmm but on the other hand who knows how Touma would react might not be the best idea
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That's horribly mean.
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