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An Act of Circumstance III 020

By splashtomato
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I agree with JMC-she is mature! after all, 'he's bringing his bunny and violin' does sound kinda made-up-on-the spot(?) so as to bow out. hey, is jonothan the suitour kid tohma mentions in one of the other ones in the scene in the limo?
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Yes, that's Johnathan XDDD Thanks, I'm glad someone remembered after all this time XDDD
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i thought so! oh, hey, there were 2 other words in the aoc trilogy so far i wanted to ask you. in aoc 2 tohma says jonothan is ';parvenu'(which as far as i know is what they write on kosher salt, is it from like, israel, where Judaism originated? if i just plug that in, my source gives me 'kosher' -_-() ), and in the scene with the english lesson masaru sees the word 'instantitation' (?) in the book. since these words aren't ones i can find the dictionary tense to, i wouldn't be able to look it up myself. (ok in the 2nd one is 'instant', but the suffix, i can't draw upon a cross-reference)

yes, i'm a linguistics otaku ^_^
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She's so mature for her age, it's adoriable
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"For now" she says. Cause she knows genius brother Tohma will cure her eventually (or so we all hope because no one could be so cruel as to take her and her adorableness away). And you can really tell there's a family resemblance between her and Tohma when you draw them (which is so cool). Especially in that last shot of Relena here, she looks so much like Tohma which I'm sure sounds strange, but she really does.

Completely off topic but y'know what I just realized would a cute picture? Tohma, Relena, Masaru and Chika all having a big brother/little sister aww-squee-cuteness moment. Lol. I have no idea where this came from. I just started thinking about Relena and Masaru having lunch, and then Tohma joining them and then you have to add Chika so you have the sibling thing going on... And it sort of went from there. >_<

Anyways I've blathered on enough. So I should have my copies by the time I get home from vacation next week. So whoot! Can't wait to read them!
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LOL I never noticed that when I draw Relena... interesting~ Thanks!

Ohhh that pic idea sounds good :D Actually :icononkeikun: drew me this, I should put this up on the tomato site~~~ >w< ~ [link]

>w< ~~~~ Eeek I like reading these kinds of blabs~~
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Heh, I didn't actually realize it until I looked at her face in that last panel. Some serious Tohma expression going on. Hee.

Daw! It's so cute! The four of them together make one big happy family! Tell onkeikun that I think it's adorable!

Good to hear! I write them often! I go off on tangents all the time that start from one little "hmm I wonder" thought and just explode into paragraphs upon paragraphs of type. Heh. Can you tell I'm a bit of a writer?
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