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An Act of Circumstance III 018

By splashtomato
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2nd panel is so cute<3 too bad we didn't get too much of tohma and relena in canon, huh? u kno on, there isn't even a chara category for her?
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Considering Relena only shows up in a couple episodes, I'm not too surprised... XD; Although I know one author who's doing one of those fan-sequels for Savers where Chika, Relena and Ikuto are the new young-adult generation. XD
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Oh, yeah, on LJ! Yeah, I have seen that, but I mean how like u have it here, or like Masaru and Chika together in canon. I'm doing that now in my fics, but I'm thinkin to do some 1shots, if I can find a song for the title/mood, just to have it there...
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Daww, sad Masaru face makes me sad.
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Poor Masaru! THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! >w<