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Published: February 23, 2015
Various things if you're wondering why I haven't been drawing lately XD

*from early 2015 to current*
-I'm still working as a contractor at Google's location. The free food and other amenities are awesome. COME JOIN ME. If you're able to work in Mountain View/Sunnyvale, CA, and have multiple language skills, then there's a high chance for you already. I get a small bonus if I successfully refer you. My commute here is HORRENDOUS atm though; it eats up 5 hours of my day EVERY DAY because I live so far away. I'd like to move closer, but I'd like to find a place for my fiance and me when I do move.  And the fiance still works in SF, so the place needs to be accessible to BART AND my work shuttles.
Fiance got laid off along with half of the rest of the company come end of July '15--technically he was employed through the end of August but July was when he left. I have confidence he can get another good job with his connections, but now it's a matter of WHERE! Fiance was rehired into the company before the end of the '15 year, lol. First as a temporary contractor, and now back to full-time since March 21 '16. With how volatile the company as a whole is, however, he's still open for better opportunities in the long-term. And heck, so am I, but it'll be REALLY hard to top Google if you want me, gaiz!
I personally want to drag him down South Bay in the fellow Mountain View vicinity, and that way it will be much easier to compromise on a location of where to move in together. :) I have a feeling most of his connections will keep him up on the North Bay side, which is a great area but TOO FAR FROM WHERE I WORK.
-Yah I got engaged XD Not having kids, this is long agreed upon. GTFO if you want to try to convince me otherwise, seriously. www.reddit.com/r/childfree - Finally started making plans for wedding, hopefully this happens maybe by the end of the '16 year??
-Got really big into Pokemon collection stuff... I was kind of in it back during gen 1 and 2... and just picked it up again following gen 6. Vaguely contemplating making a new account if I start more of the Pokemon collecting type of submissions, but in the meantime I might just keep posting here to keep things unified. And I still want to draw anyway, and switching accounts is a pain to me. XD If I ever get enough time, I would also love to get into making custom plushies. Because they are awesome. Anyway, this is finally teetering off at the start of 2016 despite it being 20th anniversary and LOTS of promos happening. I'm picking up some of the 20th anni stuff but really gotta watch myself because of other more important investments for the future!
-Steady translation commissions. Arigatou <3 ~

Please buy my stuff~
My Pokemon SALES! splash.livejournal.com/489252.…
General Anime sales stuff: splash.livejournal.com/365432.…


If you're interested in stalking me on a more daily basis, I use Twitter actively! 


Project updates (...or lack thereof orz)

ToMaTo doujin - Resting around 40 pages right now and might possibly get close to 100. More or less. Story is mostly planned out in my head, but I haven't gotten the last part down just the way I want it, let alone started drawing much beyond my plans. I'm slowww I know. But this piece/story is pretty close to home for me, just translated through Digimon Savers world. Then again, Cycle was too, but this one a little more so. A litttttle.

Fudou/Kidou Inazuma Eleven fic went around 40k words but it's kind of not going anywhere. XD Some day I'll try to go back into it and rework it to be a more suitable parallel story, since it doesn't have much to do with their canon setting as third-years.

I'd still gladly take an offer to doujin a nice FDKDFD story! 8D

Or going back on even older OTPs, Matthew x Guy from Fire Emblem 7. I'd doujin something for that too. Oh yes. I had one in progress but the art was crappy and I've forgotten a majority of the story, which to me means the story wasn't great in my head in the first place. If I like my own story enough, I don't forget. XD

Fansubbing at Ryuu-Rogue~ Aside from releasing some final tidbits I'm essentially retired from fansubbing at this point, however.

━━━━━━ Commission Information ━━━━━━
Since March 2007
Last Updated: March 2016
STATUS: SemiOPEN! (Just not really because I haven't drawn in general in ages lol, I doubt anyone wants to commission me because of my lack of time, although I'm much better at meeting deadlines when I'm paid for it, so...)

━━━━━━ Prices ━━━━━━
For Digimon/Inazuma Eleven/Danball Senki/Attack on Titan fanart/most animals:
Pencil/Pen - starting from $4 waist-up/$7 full body
Pencil/Pen + CG color - starting from $12 waist-up/$17 full body
Photoshop Lineart - starting from $15 waist-up/$30 full body
Photoshop Lineart + CG (color) - starting from $25 waist-up/$35 full body

For anything else:
Pencil/Pen - starting from $5 waist-up/$9 full body
Pencil/Pen + CG color - starting from $15 waist-up/$22 full body
Photoshop Lineart - starting from $20 waist-up/$35 full body
Photoshop Lineart + CG (color) - starting from $35 waist-up/$45 full body

Starting prices are for single characters. Prices go up slightly for backgrounds, extra characters, details, etc.
Any CG background beyond no background or simple background are subject to an additional base $15 waist-up/$25 full body. Also, I don't do backgrounds in lineart. ^^;

Sorry my prices for anything involving Photoshop Lineart are exceptionally high; I am trying to encourage people to ask me for pencil commissions instead. XD

For Pencil/Pen, the buyer will receive a 96dpi jpeg of the final product, and buyers in the U.S. may choose to have the original copy sent through a business-size envelope (bending is usually involved...) at no extra cost.
Currently, only digital copies of Photoshop Lineart/CGs will be available.
For Photoshop Lineart/CGs, the buyer will receive a 300dpi digital copy of the final product (.tiff or .psd format, please specify. Default will be .psd, Photoshop format, if you don't specify) as well as the usual 96dpi jpeg.

♥ Fanart
♥ Couples of any kind ;D
♥ Animals
Please give me as many details as you can when requesting.
I'm willing to draw a lot of things, but I have the right to decline your request.

━━━━━━ Contact ━━━━━━
Note me on DeviantArt, E-mail splash@pmsinfirm.org (with the subject "Art Commission"), or PM me on IRC (if you know where to find me) with the following information:
● email address (+shipping address for Pencil/Pen buyers who want it shipped)
● request
● method of payment.

I will email back with the final price if I accept your request.
Otherwise, I will reply asking for more details about your request or with a decline.
Serious customers only.~

━━━━━━ Payment ━━━━━━
I currently accept Paypal (Paypal fees will be applied, +3% of base commission price for payments outside the US), Money Orders/Personal checks (extra delays for these since I rarely visit the bank), or concealed cash in the post (at your own risk). Only Paypal is accepted for payments outside the US. Commission/s will not be complete until full payment is received.

━━━━━━ Current Status ━━━━━━
● OPEN! Details maintained on my domain only.

━━━━━━ Completed Commissions ━━━━━━
● DO NOT DISTURB Flamedramon CG - Complete
● Partying Satsuma, Ikuto, Masaru, Yoshino, Touma, Megumi, Miki, Yushima and their partners pencil - Complete
● Birthday Present CG (Vamdemon x Vande) - Complete
● Yoshi Yoshino pencil - Complete
● Savers Bathtub Party lineart - Complete
● Female MachGaogamon lineart - Complete
● Jeannemon lineart - Complete 
● Faith + Lilithmon/Tsukaimon lineart - Complete
● Duo-ID Cornelia/Marianne CG - Complete
● Digital World Chika and Piyomon CG - Complete
● Taichi x Yamato FFVII Style CG - Complete
● Taichi x Terra CG - Complete
● Takeru x Ken CG - Complete
● Kurata + OC CG - Complete
● Brad x Danny CG - Complete
● Sora + Miyako CG - Complete
● Brad x Danny 2 pencil - Complete
● Brad x Danny 3 pencil - Complete
● GaiaOnline Liam x Ian pencil - Complete
● Danny and Lee pencil - Complete
● SaberGreymon pencil - Complete
● CCS Kouki CG - Complete
● Junpei and Ranamon pencil - Complete
● Sora x Hikari CG - Complete
● OC Kae pencil - Complete
● Shawn + Hikari pencil + CG - Complete
● Digimon Frontier Kou Futago pencil + CG - Complete
● KU Anime Club CG - Complete
● Summer Wars Kazuma pencil + CG - Complete
● Shawn + Izumi pencil + CG - Complete
● Ryo x Osamu pencil + CG - Complete
● Armin Dark Emperor pencil - Complete
● KyouTen Shingekiz pencil + CG - Complete
● InaGala MinaMana Pie pencil - Complete


:iconteamdats: :iconmasaru-x-tohma:
See Groups for more~

Doujinshi Circle:
:iconpirapiraya: :iconsplashtomato:
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Hi Splash~ I saw your March 2016 edit and just wanted to say I'm glad things look well for you.
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tfw the Torrance area is also called the South Bay
splashgottaito's avatar
oh!! I didn't know that lol. That's more real South Bay then what they call South Bay in NorCal here I guess LOL. But then I dunno what else to call that area that's south of East Bay ._.;;;
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Lady-RyuuXX87Professional General Artist
what kind of work do you do..? my husband knows at least 4 languages XDD congrats on the engagement :3 I feel perhaps you may have mentioned it me on one of my posts but I'm not sure 0.0; I'm not on here as often anymore because my husband is with me now- if you have been reading my journals you'll know what I mean lol I'd be careful about the kid thing though- my cousin for reasons unknown to me got divorced from his wife... we were all thinking it was because they had not had a serious discussion on the kid talk when 1 of them wanted kids and the other did not... also, my friend got married and her husband told her they wouldn't have kids after they got married but now they do have kids ;p sooooooo just be suuuuure that your hubby to be really doesn't want them! >3<
splashgottaito's avatar
We've both gotten very busy lol XDDD But uh yeah the two of us had a 4 hour talk about the whole no kid thing (mostly in positive terms about not having them, since he really doesn't mind either way) and he reads my various rants about why I don't want kids on my personal blog |D;; Seriously if I can disown people who force me to think about getting kids then I will disown them :V My fiance's nothing like those preachers.

Well there's a large range of roles available here so as long as the candidate is good on tech stuff and learns quickly, they can mix in fine here. We do a lot of background work for the full-time employees here for things like business development, working for the App store, etc. The Google people here are REALLY great people to work with. I train new people (my minions lol) and tbh many just don't catch on quickly or have the real knack for the work, so I'd like to refer someone who can figure things out on their own at least to a certain degree that I was able to myself when I started. But uhhh more importantly is someone who can commute to Mountain View/Sunnyvale CA every day for the work hours, since there's no work-at-home with these roles :P I've been pushing some of my closer friends to come join me (but that also involves getting them to move into the area, they're all over the map), but they all seem busy chasing other kinds of professions that pay less and work you harder???.... sigh if only they knew how awesome I have it here. XD;;
Lady-RyuuXX87's avatar
Lady-RyuuXX87Professional General Artist
indeed! especially since I am only just seeing this now ^^; ok good, just want to be sure because people do tend to change their minds and while you seem to not want to, what if he does? you know? so just be careful :nod: hm, can you be more specific as to where in CA? we were thinking of moving to FL but I personally have always wanted to move to CA (or at least visit) my husband doesn't want to be in RI when the cold hits lol and he's really good at IT/tech stuff and knows 4-5 languages and he does catch on things quick XDD
splashgottaito's avatar
oh god I'm sick of people going "oh maybe you'll change your mind later" NO FUCK NO I'm decided on this for well over 10 years and it's like deciding whether I want to smoke or not. It's just NO. And he knows this just as clearly. If he ever pressures me in the slightest to have a kid it's over, but he knows not to do that.
Lady-RyuuXX87's avatar
Lady-RyuuXX87Professional General Artist
I was just saying because of 2 past experiences I've seen unravel- I don't want you to get hurt if your guy decides to change his mind once married... 1 was my cousin and another was a friend of mine and it would just suck if he did that to you, you know? I wasn't saying that you would because only you really know how you feel and only he knows how he feels and 1 more thing that happened to a poor friend of mine who was in a relationship but got her heart broken out of the blue...
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sapphirelunaHobbyist Digital Artist
High five for no kids!!  It feels like we're so rare and misunderstood D:
splashgottaito's avatar
*huggles* So sadly rare indeed XDDD
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