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Xmas 2009 - Masaru

Masaru from Digimon Savers

Slight parody off this Starry Sky cover, the character whom Hoshi Souichirou also voices... XD;

Giving the original pencil sketch to mochaholic ^^; For the Hoshi goodness \o/

Feel free to download the fullsize @w@~
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xD Marcus looks so coooool goob job :3
Black-Dia's avatar
Yay!! I definetely want him for Christmas!!
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awwww Masaru looks so cute :D hehe hope your holidays went well ^O^
animegher's avatar
aw i like the festive touch of ribbon, very sweet masaru expression too
DigimonSaversLover's avatar
nycken's avatar
I'll tittles this...

"Tohma's Gift" huahahaahah XD
splashgottaito's avatar
LOL indeed, indeed XD
thunder-dragon's avatar
I wouldn't mind standing under some Mistletoe with him, nuh-uh, I most certainly would not!!! ^_~ Nice job, it looks cool! XD ^_^
Petshop17's avatar
awww cute <3 (Is he smiling for Tohma???)
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OMG!! Masaru looks so CUUUTE!!! >___< I wanna him as a Gift xD
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Yes! more Masaru goodness! XD
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Awesome! I like the way you drew Masaru.
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
Santa Masaru gives gifts to the good kids and punches to the bad ones. Expect for when they are girls, then Chika has to punch them.
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