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Singer Boi Kouji

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The consequences of watching too many Gackt/Hyde videos... I have uber bishie pics in my head 24/7 now... but uh.. XD;; A little different from what I usually do in some senses...

Sorry for the laziness, I lose patience on oekaki quickly ^^;

Iunno... there's a great feeling of satisfaction when I can tie my love of music and art together.. ^^; Meow!
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heeeheee~ I just got a nosebleed =//w//=
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kyaa! kouji looks cool and handsome *w* great job!
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Ooh. I don't know why, but I imasgine his voice like Brandon Flowers from the Killers. I <3 Spaceman!!!!
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kouji sings well!
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nice work! Kouji! I love the way he sings too! XD And KOuichi too, of course! ^^
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Kouji's here so realistic... Good job! ^^
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Kouij-kun! :drool: ....You always make such yummy Bishie Art... This is beautiful~! :nod:
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:drool: yummy.................Oh err...^^; i :heart: his shirt!
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Wah! J Rock + Kouji = GOOD!

Yumness...This is verrry good :drool:
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Ah Kouji!
So sweet!:hug:
this rocks!!!
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OW! I'll say! That's awesome! Way to go! -April
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love it....abolutely gorgeous *¬*
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Ooooh he looks sexy here X3 Awesome work!
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He looks sexy like that XD
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This is amazing.
I love his expression!
**Fans self.**
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x3 Saw it on the oekaki board and I've really got to say, it's so hot ;_;! Excellent job with it. Has that stage preformance feel to it xD
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