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Digimon Savers Thought 28-29

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XD! When Touma jumped on Masaru I was like :O omg! he finally couldn't resist!! :XD: and then he was like "the enemy's coming!" and I was like pfffff yeah right Touma :lol: and then he was like "endure it" AHAHAHAHAHA :rofl: I knew you would draw something from that :D hee love it! :love:
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:laughing: I bet that moment made many a fan girl squee
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It SURE did >w< ~~~ Japanese fandom was crazy about it <3 ~
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mmm older ikuto is pretty delicious, but not as much as tohma trying to get masaru to shut up.... he needs more than a hand over his mouth!
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banchou leomon kakkoeee XD~
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Awesome BanchouLeomon! And cute Ikuto. :D
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I loooove older Ikuto.. Gives me interesting commission ideas.
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lol daaaamn older ikuto's hot. his clothes still fit...? XD
love masaru's action poses and love how hes getting some action :heart:
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XDDD Let's say he broke out a new outfit just for the sole purpose~
Thanks <3
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rawrr XD i guess masaru's an action-y kinda guy XDD you should make a tutorial on action poses that i can steal - I mean, BENEFIT from XD
splashgottaito's avatar
LOL I dunno how good of a tutorial it would be, I usually use real life references + other artist references + MYSELf as reference for poses... It's tough orz XDDDD
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lol i imagined someone punching the mirror and breaking it when i read your statement. XD lol i guess
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hot damn! older Ikuto is sexy! *nosebleeds along with Chika*
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LAWL. Older Ikuto: why so serious?
Nice banchou. :3
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