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Digimon Savers - Cycle Scene9

Tohma and Masaru from Digimon Savers

For NaNoWriMo 2008 fic, Cycle: DA, FF.N, The DATS Library, or Tomatoes & Eggs

From the 9th chapter, if that's how you want to take it XD;

Used to be in scraps, but it's been a while since the chapter's out so I'm moving it back to the main gallery~

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That is sooo cute! In my all series x-over fic, I've got an interesting coupling for's a guy and not from Savers...wait and see, my pretty...hehehe.
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Super cutee!
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Uurgh, I haven't got a chance to read chapter 9 yet, blasted college takes over your LIIIIIIFFFFFEE~
But it's a cute picture. Kinda angsty. I wanna hug Masaru, too! DDD:
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Eeek XDDD yeah hiding in the scraps doesn't do much for some people ne XDDD I might as well move it to the main gallery~~

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I think it's just that I was looking up digimon fan art and I happend to stumble through the picture. DDDDDDD:
Uuuuuuhhh, too busy, must read chapter 8-9! DDD: *shot*
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:aww: this is so beautiful T.T & sad..... *sniff*
keep up the good work ^^ :w00t:
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A-aww ; A ; that's so sad/sweet
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woohoo! :D ima first one to fave it and comment on it! whahaha!! XD Amazing. soooo cute. poor masaru-sama!! *wants to hug him too* *crys in corner or emo-ness* O:
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:heart: *hugs all and dies from suffucation in process* X.x XDDD
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