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Digimon Savers - Cycle SPOILER

Masaru and Tohma from Digimon Savers

Gasp it's not an april fool's!!

as suggested by :iconsephieuchiha:~ and I wanted to do it anyway >w<
Yes it's very sketchy. ^^; And just a part of the movement....!

NaNoWriMo 2008 fic, Cycle: DA, FF.N, The DATS Library, or Tomatoes & Eggs
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You guys are the best~ I like drawing too but its not as great
hariKimura's avatar
wow una de mis parejas favoritas
ExoToxicImpulse's avatar
:aww: OMG!! AWWW... their so adorable X3 cute..
:love: it ^^

BasBetot's avatar
So Cute,!
Kawaiii,! :XD:

i love it^^
splashgottaito's avatar
awww, thank you :D! *hug*
BasBetot's avatar
you're more than welcome :nod:
Muzzel's avatar
Love is in the air--I mean on the bike!

Now all Tohma needs is a friendly push to get closer, which I can gladly do. >]
animegher's avatar
very nice expressions, i like how tohma's going in for the kill :3
splashgottaito's avatar
going in for the kill LOL
Thanks >3!
liitletoboe102's avatar
ohhh mew that's hot! ^^-
Saint-Chimaira's avatar
=A=................I see another spoilerrr....NOOOOO!!! :dohtwo:
splashgottaito's avatar
XDDDD hang in there Saint~~~~ *hugs*
Saint-Chimaira's avatar
aawawawa....................:faint: *but hugs back* =p
you called us 'saint'? wow, we feel so holy :floating: *but that's our account's name right? so confusing* :nirvana:
splashgottaito's avatar
LOL yes Saint you are a saint XD~~~!!! >w<
NekoHaruko's avatar
You should've drawn them as girls. Though, Masaru wouldn't be too hard since he already looks like a girl. *remembers the first Saver scans.* *snort* We thought it was an older Rika. XD;;
Kenzeryuu's avatar
8D eyaa~ blbl~ Must love the bl~

Happy Birthday to Masaru~ (it IS 2nd april here for me now XD)

*goes back to read her manpron that is AoCIII* *crackles*
splashgottaito's avatar
eee manpron~~ *blush~~~~*
SephieUchiha's avatar
Omg yays! This is can also be a bday present for Masaru tomorow XD
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