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Digimon Savers - AoCIII - Kiss

Masaru and Tohma from Digimon Savers

More than one year after finishing AoC III (still ever so-slowly posting at :iconsplashtomato:) I finally realized this could use some visuals. o.o; Do feel free to check out the larger resolution by downloading as well.

Based off Page 39 [link]

Suits the weather too. :)

...tte... yabee.

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NekoHime07's avatar
How cute!!8D
i love Masaru+Tohma thing!>w<
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You drew this awesome,btw ;3
BIackUsagi's avatar
xantoon's avatar
Totally awesome <3 btw have you posted An Act of Circumstance online? Dying to read it ;A;
xantoon's avatar
Oh already read all of it :P
I was hoping to read the smut parts but you decided not to post them OTL If the fact that underage people may read them bothers you then there are many ways to solve this problem. I would buy your comics if I could but I live in the other corner of the world and with my parents T.T
OnceTheYear's avatar
Pretty art. Very pretty art. I love you!
RobbXmonXlover's avatar
So beautiful! :heart: I love it! :D
the88cherryice's avatar
so cute,I love this digimon!!!! @_@
animegher's avatar
aw so cute and from different angles! hooray for scarves!
Lady-RyuuXX87's avatar
so adorable! I love it! it's sexy and cute :giggle:
RW09's avatar
Damn hot!! o.O You know, you're actually starting to make me getting into this pairing...

Sweet... *,*
Which one you think makes a better uke? xD
splashgottaito's avatar
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. XDDDDD Have you been exploring digi_tomato too? XDDDD
It's almost always Masaru uke for me but, I'd say it's an amazing accomplishment if you can make Tohma uke work without getting too OOC, and that's hot too 8D~
RW09's avatar
I have, I have!! *,* I joined digi_tomato recently, but I don't want to post and say Hi without anything to share with the community first. 'x) But I sure will! xDDD

It's hard to picture Masaru as the submissive one you know... but I'd say Tohma isn't the submissive tipe either //laughs I think that's what make those two so fun when they're together. xD

Now... I really need to finish reading your Act III //grins The doujinshi's awesome!
splashgottaito's avatar
Yeah, I agree that's what makes it fun XD~~~~ challenging too, BUT MAKES IT EVEN MORE FUNNNN~ *runs*
JMCaptein's avatar
........HOW THE HELL DID I MISS THIS!!! @_@???
i'm waiting for it to happend, and keep waiting and it was under my nose the whole time
splashgottaito's avatar
just switching from my main account here to the doujinshi sometimes xD~ glad you like~
Digital-Dorkster's avatar
Ahh, nice~ The clouring is really pretty, and I love the bottom-left picture, hahaaa~!
Petshop17's avatar
hahaha Tomato LIVES!!! XD
choas26's avatar
OMG awsome drawing!!!XD
MARoy's avatar
WOOT!!! i kiss scene finally
awesome colors btw
thunder-dragon's avatar
Is it just me, or does Tohma seems a little less willing!? Oh well, its still cute non the less! ^_^
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