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Digimon Savers AM 01

Digimon Savers ~Another Mission~ PS2

Thought page + explanations: [link]

Got all the cut scenes and OST there too XD;
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Look a Thomas's face OMG
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The Cutscenes and OST are quite interesting.

No, Masaru, don't hit her! It is not manly! Let Yoshino do it! She insulted her too.
Ever noticed that that Kid's outfit colorwise is like Hikari's Adventure 01 Outfit reversed?
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Good work here.
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aw masaru has such a great expression
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They have a video game? :O I kinda want eet! x3 hee very cute! I love Masaru's grr face :giggle: and Touma being exasperated :XD:
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Thank you~~
Do you have a PS2? That's the one it's for. I really wish they would make more games based directly off the anime! Digimon Story for the DS is really nice, but the anime characters only have guest appearances on it and otherwise the story is all original (and completely full of cliches xDDD).
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GASP! YEAH! :XD: I didn't know if it's in my lil state though x3 nuuuuuu they need the originals! :shakefist:
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Resist, Masaru! Resist!
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have that game X3 its awesome esp.. when new character is there.. with a Ranemon..
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This is simply adorable! :) I like the reaction of Tohma seeing that girl hugging his arm like that.
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Awwe cute kid <3 Problematic, though, I guess (Neither Masaru or Tohma look too happy)
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