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Digimon - Minervamon

Minervamon from Digimon~

Minervamon's one of the Twelve Olympian Gods, like Mercurimon who was featured in the 5th animated series, Digimon Savers (Digimon Data Squad).

Big sword is big.

She's in my longlonglong ToMaTo fic Cycle, so I figured I should at least draw her XDDDD; Lol, originally I was only going to up the sketch, so don't mind the random oddities ._.
This has that one extra little feature as described in the fic too XD

Also I was just that ridiculously psyched about the pen tool >_>;
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Really good job! ^^
RoseNakahara's avatar
for some reason i don't remember where or which episode she was in.......and it's strange because she is ladydevimon's mega and she and ladydevimon are my two favorite digimon (if favorite is spelt wrong it's because of Google chrome's crappy spelling)
NekoHaruko's avatar
That looks so much better than the nightmare version. *sweatdrop* Maybe it's for the best XW has a fucked up version of "Minervamon", then they can't mess her up. Then they are just messing up Mervamon. Sounds like a husband's name. Merv... That's really depresssing...
ZetaRESP's avatar
Well, yeah, but the name's based on another deity, Menrva, an Etruscan goddess who was among the inspirations for Minerva.
super awesome
Agito-Savra's avatar
OMFG omega sword XDDD
LadyBeelze's avatar
cool! ^^ nobody ever draw minervamon here in DA O_o or eany other of the twelve olimpus =_=
great job ^^ looks nice!
Pikuna's avatar
You rarely see drawings from Digimon that didn't appear in the shows, so I always like it to see such Digimon.
And you draw Minervamon good.
Now we have more then the little pic from Bandai. xD
splashgottaito's avatar
Very true XD They come up with some pretty cool designs sometimes and they just don't do enough with them!!! Glad you like, thanks! :D
Pikuna's avatar
Exactly my mind. xD
You are welcome. :3
TwilitF0X's avatar
Never seen this digimon in my life, but i gotta say, that sword is wicked
Mangastar91's avatar
Very cool. Minervamon is my favorite mega level digimon.
splashgottaito's avatar
glad you like it :3
JKLPRO's avatar
She still didn't appear on the series like Mercurymon (Merukymon from Data Squad, they changed the name to avoid mistaking him with Mercuremon from the Ten Warriors) but she still awesome

Small physique, big motherf****** giant sword and cheerful personality, maybe wise at sometimes but if you piss her off, you're done for
splashgottaito's avatar
She's in the PS2 game for Savers along with the other known Olympian gods :D~ but she's not part of the plot at all and doesn't say anything, just an extra boss XD;
shadowmonkeybaby's avatar
OMG Minervamon! There's not many pics of her at all around here =/ she's so awesome, and nice picture :heart:
splashgottaito's avatar
Most Digimon who don't get anime appearances probably don't get much attention, so not surprised XD; Thank you!
shadowmonkeybaby's avatar
no problem ^^
wackko200's avatar
Awesome! I'm glad someone drew Minervamon.;)
TheLastHetaira's avatar
:heart: Minervamon in general, but wow! Somehow the gleam in her snake eye combined with her smile captured her playful character perfectly! :nod:

Then some unsuspecting Digimon sees that huge sword and runs in the other direction...ahaha. :lmao:

(Fave, BTW! :love:)
splashgottaito's avatar
:D Aw thank you so much~ *latch*
TheLastHetaira's avatar
BTW, skimmed the first chapter of Cycle. Well done; I'm not a fan of shounen-ai, but it's one of the more realistic fics I've read. :nod:

(Also, this reminds me...I saw a plaque of Athena at the Museum of Science and Industry that struck me as being TOTALLY OOC for her.)
splashgottaito's avatar
Oh wow, thank you! Hehe, the fic itself is definitely shounen-ai focus, so even though Minervamon's in it, she doesn't get much spotlight XD I'm honored you didn't run away disgusted even though you're not a fan of it XDDDD *blush* Even if I'm a total pairing fanatic, if I'm going to write a fic dealing with the series, I need to put my research and full love into it ne <3

Ooo museum~
Ahaha Minervamon's official description is kind of the OOC to me because I always imagined Athena as well... the original goddess Athena XD; Oh well, they're both fun to work with in the end~ I love seeing stuff getting done with the big Digimon groups~
TheLastHetaira's avatar
Honestly, I've seen worse. I wrote stuff for the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom once upon a time, and had conversations with the fangirls. ^^; I wish more fanfic writers were as careful as you are. Also, I kinda wanted to get a taste of decent Digi-fiction before diving into that realm myself, and as you said, you did put a lot of love and care into your work. :nod:

And yes, yes they are, each in their own way. I personally wish they'd continue the Olympus Twelve, myself; I'd like to see what they plan to do with the remaining 6 (I think?) deities that have gone un-Digi'd. :lmao: Wonder if they're gonna go for Bacchus or Vesta? Those two tend to interchange. ;)
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