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Digimon - Female MachGaogamon by splashgottaito Digimon - Female MachGaogamon by splashgottaito
MachGaogamon from Digimon Savers... a female version D:! Subtle differences. XD

Lineart commission for SethAvalon~
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bubbles46853 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013
Awww...she's lovely!  May I hug her please?
grimlock1992 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2011
very nice work. have by any chance colored this or going to?
MugenSeiRyuu Featured By Owner May 7, 2008
Nice work!

OMG! I dreamed about that last night ! ( Okay, technically everyone had his/her Sex switched in my dream. )

Definately better than the original, but she looks arrogant.
splashgottaito Featured By Owner May 7, 2008
Yeah the commissionist wanted a "I'm taken you DOWN"ish pose so that's why it ended up like that XD; That must've been one fun dream! What was going on? hahaha XDDDD
MugenSeiRyuu Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2008
Sorry to let you wait. Was rather busy. But I still remember it.

Contains some scenes from the series. The Characters all had more or less the same outfits. And Masaru-chan used the word Bitch a lot.

It started with Yoshino-kun interrupting the battle between Masaru-chan and Agumon. He and Raramon ( who had a really deep and manly voice ) actually managed to get those two to Satsuma ( also female with a really male sounding Kudamon on her shoulder ). Satsuma declared Masaru-Chan a new DATS Member.
Yoshino-Kun: This is the worst! Now I only work with women who are larger than me! And she is only 14! I'm shorter than some 14 years old Girl!
Masaru-chan: Listen Bitch! I won't join! Agumon let's move!
Ultimatevely however they had to fight an Akatorimon. During that fight an old Lady appeared and gave Masaru-chan a Digivice.
Old Lady: Use your DNA to evolve Agumon!
Masaru: But isn't that more of a Guy thing? You know, with all that.....
Old Lady: And that is why DNA Charge sucks! Now punch that chicken! Just like your mother would do ! And then say DigiSoul Charge!
Masaru: You know my Mother, Daimon Suguru?
Old Lady: Never said that!*runs away*
GeoGreymon roasts Akatorimon and the two join DATS.

Next is a Battle against Mothra, eh Flymon, who was summoned by Twin Fairymon in order to make Sunflowmon look weak. That kinda backfired since Sunflowmon ate them. You know, those sharp teeth are not there for nothing.

Ofcourse Touma-Chan was also introduced.
Miki-kun: She is so great!
Megumi-kun: She is so cute.
Both: Can we stop lying now? We are gay, not Pedo!
Masaru-Chan:So, who is that Bitch?
Kudamon: You mean that human one would call a bitch or that actual bitch?
Gaomon: I'm not a bitch!
Kudamon: Yeah, and I'm a Tanuki. You know, even if you claim to be a Canine that is not a Dog, you would still be a Bitch, due to the fact that any female Canine can be referred to as a bitch. Anyways, that human bitch is Touma H. Norstein. She is totally overrated and supposed to be better than you. You know, she is good at sports, and a genius.Oh and she is stinking rich! And to show how good she is, we will send her out and let her Digimon evolve to Adult in order to take down some cute little Baby Digimon!
Yoshino: Oh great, another Girl who is larger than me.

Then came the thing with Hawkmon. Chika-Kun got a Digitama, which hatched into a female Hawkmon. Falcomon was after them and finally some giant- muscle packed Lady in a Wolf Suit arrived: Mercurimon
Yoshino: Atleast it is a female Digimon this time, who is bigger than me.

They ofcourse got owned by Mercurimon. Hawkmon was killed.

Masaru manged to evolve GeoGreymon to RizeGreymon in order to defeat to save his father and brother from the attacking reborn Hawkmon-Birdramon-Silphymon.
The Team went to the DW.
There tey met a Girl named Iktuo, who was Falcomon's Partner.
Fllowing the Ikuto, they were kidnapped by Hardcore Adventure Fans & Yaoi Fangirls and offered to the "mighty" Omekamon.
That caused them nightmares, which included Yoshino remembering that he had to wear a dress once. And Touma remembered how his father was Optimus Prime! All of them.
Touma managed to evolve Gaomon to MachGaogamon. Omekamon owned her by a single kick, declaring that the Furries will love her. And that he knows her weakness ( kicks ). Sunflwomon than blasted him into bits. Realising how badass he actually is, Yoshino managed to evolve Sunflowmon to the Bishonen Digimon Lilamon. Who got rid of the crazy Fans ( wich were all Mammon )

Facing Mercrurimon, the Team was nearly strong enough to defeat her, but only nearly. Thanks to the Old Lady, who introduced herself as Yushima, and Kamemon, they escaped to the human world with Ikuto and Falcomon.
Getting the opportunity to stare at some bare-chested underage Girls ( Masaru, Ikuto, luckily those were covered up by the female Doctors. So I did not have to see what Yoshino saw. ), Yoshino decided to turn around instead.
He, Masaru and Ikuto visited Ikuto's parents. His rather short and fat mother. And his father who was build by your usual male Sentai Team Member wearing yellow.

Then SaberLeomon attacked.
She was chomping on MachGaogamon.
"You has a flavour! Nomnomnom!

Getting help from Kurata ( who somehow looked like Touma's Grandmother in the regular version of the series ) and Gizmon ( who looked like a Tachikoma ) they were able to defeat the big cat.

Uopon learning the truth and the death of Mercurimon, the Team decided to fight Kurata. He unleashed his three BioHybrids: The tatoowed Punkgirl Kouki, the gian, musuclar, russian Assasin Ivana, and the Genius Goth Guy Nam.
Yoshino: Not another Girl bigger than me!
Satsuma and Quilmon saved the Team.

In the DW, they met BantyoLeomon.
Yoshino asked her to pelase close her jacked, since he could see her breasts. Bantyo responded by showing him the finger.
Then came the Training. The Team had to fight three Mokujin.
Bantyo: You fight those! Ah, I love Tekken!
They managed to upgrade their Digivices into Bursts.
ShineGreymon did not lookdifferent. but MirageGaogamon had two boobs instead of that single face on her chest.And Rosemon was some musucular with a Chuck Norris Beard and huge,......
splashgottaito Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2008
omg XDDD you've got a mini fic there~~ That's nuts~~~! And sounds like a lot of fun.. Mm, I want a Savers dream :D
MugenSeiRyuu Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2008
I can only guess what kind of dream you want. Anyways, that was not all of it. Had to stop yesterday.

Kurata decided to upgrade her BioHybrids.
I got to see naked Kouki-Chan and Ivana standing there. Nam was sitting. And wondering why he was sitting, while the girls were standing.
When the woke up, Kurata welcomed them with "Good Morning, Bitches!"

Meanwhile the Savers had discovered the Holy Capital. Mayor Kabukimon identified the Girl with the Shining fist as the Daughter of Daimon Suguru, the woman who helped them 10 years ago, after said Girl had ShineGreymon destroy half of the City...... They were also reunited with Yushima.

The first BioHybrid battle was MirageGaogamon vs. Nam, who tried to seduce Touma-Chan. Nam changed into BioLotusmon. Who prettywas big, muscular and you could see his underwear. He was too strong and fast for Mirage. Touma know that she only stood a chance if she acted like Masaru. Therefore Mirage kicked BioLotusmon into the balls.

Yoshino meanwhile fought Ivana. While Masaru had ordered Touma to protect the City, she was nowhere to be seen.
Yoshino: That chick is so unreliable.
Ivana: This is him, the boy of my dreams!
Yoshino: Helllo Ivana !
Ivana: How did she find out ?
Yoshino: Because you say out everything what you are thinking.
Ivana: Oh, the shame. But I love you !
Yoshino: Damn it, Ivana. I want a Girl smaller than me. And with brains.
Ivana: I'll show you my worthiness!*changes into BioSpinomon.*
Yoshino: You know,I'm afraid of big women. And chinging into Godzilla does not help here.
Rosemon:Don't worry, I'll own that flatchested Bitch! Eh, where did your breasts go anyway?
BioSpinomon: Dinosaurs don't have breasts!
Rosemon: That makes sense!
After a lot hick and hack, BioSpinomon got owned by a naked man. *shudders*
Yoshino discovered the reason why Ivana was working for Kurata: A pic of her siblings.

Touma found a bomb. But instead of pushing the clearly labeled OFF Button, she allowed ElDoradimon to be sucked intot he real world.

Masaru fought Kouki. BioDarkdramon did not look different. Masaru was abel to defeat him by summoning ther GeoGrey Flyswatter.

Touma meanwhile met her mother Franziska. And his "sister" Relena.
Gaomon: Mistress! That girl is a trap!
Touma: I know!
Franziska: Daughter! You have to become a back-stabbing bitch and betray the others! It's family tradition, it's genetic!
Touma: So, who made you an offer?
Franziska: Kurata!She will heal Relena by turning "her" into a half Human/half Digimon Monster!
Touma: I was going to backstab Masaru anyways. But the Fans will still love me since I'm the Lone wolf!
Kurata: I also need you to make me a Digimon Control thingy!
Touma: Already made one for you!

Mirage attacked Shine, which did not turn out well. Shine kicked her furry butt. Masaru and Touma wrestled in a pile of mud, with Yoshino commenting that this would be really hot if they were adults.

Kurata meanwhile activated Demon Lady Belphemon.
Miki and Megumi hold her off.

Yushima came just too late to save Relena from becoming a Monster, "she" was already fused with .....Geremon ! And was eating some crap.
Yushima charged her muscles with electricity and punched Franzisak into the face.
Kamemon: Guess your resmbance to Mishima Heihach did finally pay off, Yushima Hiroshi-chan!

Yatagaramon wanted to stop Mirage, but was nearly hit by her. Luckily her aiming sucked. Touma decided to backstab Kurat and activated the bomb he had set in the Control Device. Ufortunately, Kurata turned out to be related to him and was therefore prepared. The Bom exploded inside Touma's Digivice, causing it to shatter.
BantyoLeomon appeared out of nowhere.
Bantyo: Yeah, really smart plan, stupid Bitch! Has anyonw counted how often we used that word, so far?
She looked at Belphemon, which merged with Kurata to form Rage Mode.
Bantyo: Man, that is one ugly cleavage!
Masaru: What can we do now?
Bantyo: Read the Instructions of your Bursts!
Yoshino: But mine does not come with them!
Bantyo: Because yours does not have a Toy made by Bandai! Seriously, it's like you are a Girl in some other world.
Yoshino: Damn Sexism making my alternate reality Version suffer!
Ikuto managed to evolve Falcomon to Ravemon.
Ravemon: WTF! Birds don't have that kind of chest!
Bantyo: Bird is only your DNA!
Masaru: Ah, here it is! Burst Mode ! Charge! DigiSoul Burst!
ShineGreymon Burst Mode!
Shine BM prett much did the same as in the regular series. Belphemon was deleted.
But the Worlds were coming together.

Meanwhile Craniummon of the Royal Valkyries was shown a nice flashback.

With Banto using her DigiSoul., The Saver travllled to the DW.
They were stopped by Craniummon: who did not want to let them pass.
The rest of the Royal Valkyries appeared.
And then Yggdrasil appeared. Had the form of Masaru's mother.
Suguru: You humans always cause trouble. You know, all those Pokemon Guys and their Rip-Off claims , Wannabe Digimon Fans who have no idea what they are talking about, and Dubbers! Destroy them all, my Valkyries!
Masaru: Mother? Why are you naked?
Suguru: I'm not your mother! I'm Yggdrasil!And I'm naked because I like it!
Masaru: Nooooooo!

The Valkyries were ready to kill them, but they were saved by Sleipmon.

Dukemon was the first Valkyrie to attack. She easily kicked away MirageGaogamon.
Dukemon: This is for Renamon, who should have gotten your place in the Digimon Twin instead!
Sleipmon managed to freeze them both.

Masaru decided to face his mom.

Next Valkyrie to attack was RhodoKnightmon.
During the fight Touma remmbered how his grandfather looked like Kurata. And came to the conclusion that it would be better if the Norstein bloddline ends now.
But Mirage evolved to BM and Rhodo Knightmon, who found Mirage somehow familiar, as if the fought already in a worse series, laughed herself to dead when she saw that form.. Mirage was then kicked to bits by Duftmon.

Yoshino and Ikuto were protecting Baby Digimon from Duftmon. Rosemon m,anaged to evolve to BM and defeat Duftmon. Ravemon became BM in order to fight another Valkyrie, Magnamon.

They joined with Masaru, who manged to break Craniummon's shiled with their help.
It was revealed that BantyoLeomon is actually Masaru's Mother. Yggdrasil was driven out of her body by putting on clothes.

So the battle against Yggdrasil's true form, a boy named Norun, began.

Shine, Rose, Rave and Bantyo all reached BM in order to fight him. Mirage was still just an egg.

Using the power of the DigiSoul and with the help of the Valkyries, the Worlds were saved.

Norun was impressed by that and decided to haunt an alternate Version of Digimon NEXT instead.
splashgottaito Featured By Owner May 7, 2008
erp I meant "taking" XD
silverdragonpeyton8 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LOL.AWESOME, ahem she's very cool
kimmehchan Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2008
*eyes squint* >_>
megarob15 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2008
so sexy!
the-random-channel Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2008
You didn't want to call her "MachGaogawomon"?
Hamstertastic Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2008
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