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8-8 Fudou x Fudou

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Fudou from Inazuma Eleven

I'm not too great with the selfcest, so I'll take this turn on it. XD; Waa, this kid's childhood (ep 83). WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I can only imagine and get odd squishy feelings about it. I think about him back then, then think about him now as he interacts with the others... asdkfjhdkfhdkjfhdfmoemoe

It's early even for Japan (12 hours ahead), but putting it up now to spread out some time before I do another for 8/10...
Yeah I know his green bottom should be below his knees and he'd normally have long socks on too, but eh, did this one without any references XD;

8/1 - Fudou x Genda
8/8 - Fudou x Fudou
8/10 - Fudou x True Teikoku Fudou
8/14 - Fudou x Kidou
8/16 - Fudou x Sakuma

Month of Fudou Akio. ^p^
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Now to have Fudou as kid, Fudou from season 2 and Fudou from season 3!
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kid!fudou is adorable<33
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<3 ~~~ all their kid days are so cute~~~ Thanks~