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Sackboy Doodle

Just a quick doodle I did of Sackboy from LittleBIGPlanet. Ohhh man

OOOH 100th SCRAP. Time for a sexy party.
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I love him so much ^^ Cuddle and cute.
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can i color this please
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hih cute
love the game. :3
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I absolutely love LBP and LBP 2 and really nice work on the doodle too! :D
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Just like to let you know, this person stole your art

But wonderful doodle, it looks so cute ^u^ Cant wait to buy LBP2 <3
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SOMEONE STOLE THIS! For the New LBP2 Competition.
Not even edited, just the exact same image.
REPORT HIM, I already did.
Lovely way to celebrate LBP2, Whats your PSN? I wanna play some of your levels... If you have any :B
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he's either drunk or wants a hug!
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heeeeeeey! our signiture's have the same subject! no, i cannot wait 73 days.
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Pretty awesome for a quick doodle!
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G'Job, I love it!
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very nice expression:)
heres my version of a sackboy(nowhere near as good Though:sadangel)
check it and my other deviants out and tell me what you think...
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Hey! I think this is awesome! My duty is to take awesome doodles like these and put some umphf! in them! So may I please color and re-line this!? I will send it to you all done and looking awesome! Its like I'm a doodle groomer! LOL! So may I?
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Of course! Feel free, it'd be cool to see it all coloured and re-lined :p
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