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Phlovomites VS Spatulons

EDIT: Well, seeing as though I have broadband now and the majority of other people have, I decided to upload the PNG version of this picture, which is FAR clearer and nice. And it's 5.4mb... :omg:

Whoooo! Today is my 1st Deviant Art birthday - 1 year since I joined! And what better way to celebrate than with a grotesquely massive picture?

Remember that deviation of the two aliens I submitted a few days ago? Well, all is explained here! Here is a lovely A3 picture of a battle scene between two alien races I made up (obviously), the Pholovomites and the Spatulons. The Phlovomites seem to be invading the Spatulon's home planet, while the Spatulons are defending their world with all their firepower, which consists of... uhm... Spatulas. Yes. :p

This took AGES to finish completely. There's about 2 weeks work here. It was hand drawn on A3 paper, then scanned in in 2 pieces, joined together sloppily, then painstakingly coloured in using Paint Shop Pro.

I may have knackered my hands completely working on this, but I love how it's turned out! The finished thing kinda reminded me of a 'Where's Wally?' picture, so here are some things for you to search for! (If you want =P)

- A Spatulon Skull
- A Phlovomite Skull
- A Phlovomite with a Spatula stuck in his ARSE
- A Phlovomite with one Green eye and one Black eye
- A Phlovomite dressed as a Spatulon
- A Spatulon dressed as a Phlovomite

Enjoy! :D
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good! I :heart: Impossible Quiz!
LuckY2mE's avatar
good! I :heart: Impossible Quiz!
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good! I :heart: Impossible Quiz!
Dantri's avatar
Damn, somebody most have been quite busy with all this :O
The-Letter-W's avatar
Splapp, are you sure you're not some reincarnated drawing god?
I would never be able to pull off something like that :emo:
...I'll comment again after I can view it on full. This internet's a buttface >:c
Fred-Eye-Inc's avatar
I love's it splapp!
Marshazzle's avatar
Truley more amazing than what words can speak. Good job, sir. *RESPECT* lololool
I think homebase should sell this as wallpaper
Splapp-me-do's avatar
Now THERE'S an idea :lol:
It would give people something to do while in the toilet :D
AnimeFace's avatar
wow that is awesome!!
tinglebabe's avatar
Found them all. LOL :P Fun. :D
Permafrostie's avatar
Holy Shishkebab! It's huge!
Permafrostie's avatar
Dammit! Where're the cross-dressing aliens?!
whoa how long did that take?
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That's HUGE!!!! I like it!

Great pic :+fav:
dreadhog's avatar
WHOREZEMZ!!!!!!!!!! i found al 'o em
RazorVayne's avatar

Fuckin sweet! :thumbsup: :P
Kroc's avatar
Just phenominal! This reeks of Rocko's Modern Life style (something I love lots) and the detail is near endless. The electrocuted lizards are so well done and full of action! Also the speckling used throughout is so effective. You should be a children's illustrator without a doubt :faint: This so strongly reminds me of the first class books and cartoons of my childhood.
wat-isnt-taken's avatar
A LOT of time must of gone into that o.o great job
Thnikk-of-doom's avatar
Wow. Great work... I only have the patience to draw, maybe 5 things in the same picture? :P +fav for sure.
philby4000's avatar
One word- B'Jasus.
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