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Who are they? What are they thinking?! And what do they WANT!?!?

You'll have to wait and see... ;p *cackles*
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Hey, it looks like the prelude to Q51 in The Impossible Quiz! FIIIIIIIIIIGHT!
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It's OBVIOUS that they're thinking "Ooh, ahh, it tickles, get it off!" and "I have a nose!"

Splapp, you're too PREDICTABLE!

Oh, and nice drawings.
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The green one looks like some kind of Pope with that hat on and the blue one is a cross between Rex the Runt and the guy from AAAAAAAAAARG!!! Real Monsters :D I love it :D
Skrunch's avatar
Woohh... What could they be thinking...?
screechingsamick's avatar
can it flip burgers with that tail?
GidgieGrave's avatar
EEEEEEEEEEEEEE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!! :D i love those little guys :hug:
HyperCrow's avatar
Oh no! I see a sequel coming on!! :P Great, as always!
Splapp-me-do's avatar
Sequel is an understatement! :D HEheheheeh! :p
HyperCrow's avatar
Eheheh XD Indeed
SuperBlob's avatar
Ooh, I can read music!! AHAAHAHAAH...wait, that isn't music DAMNIT!!
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
:laughing: The lizard-like one has a spatula gun! :D

Slickster's avatar
I dont get it, but one of them be greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen. *laughs histaricly* :p
Black-Charizard's avatar
Ri-hiiiight...!? Those are some cool little alien dudes, though :)
jml-spells-jumle's avatar
the phlovomite is from ahhh real monsters
Runewitch's avatar
And that deserves an even bigger "HMMM? ;)
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