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Audi studio render

ah well another render of the audi,fixed few things here,but not sure about this rim shader
3ds 8.0 max-brazil-photoshop cs3

comment plz..
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very cool!!!!!!!! <3
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i like the render, how long did this take to render dude
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its an old render, but i took about 2 hours or more cant remember really
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damn thats nice
love the rims
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they love you too
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Love those rims and the model is wicked
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Nice job with, i wish i could be that good right NOW!!!
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I love the RIMS!!! good job:)
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model is great, but i think that in vray it would be better rendered, or i'm ....
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Ohhh you use brazil?
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thanks man, yea im using brazil here :) , thats an old render i have to say and im not using brazil anymore, so ive learned a lot about vray and i can make better renders at the moment :), stay tuned for the megane :D
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Definitely will do.
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Damn dude I love your rendering. You gotta teach me how to use Vray.
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OK ... so if i'm at this i better do it right

As i have already told ya ... i really like the way your car turned out ... i love the detail on the grill and the rimms ... but:
(here it goes)

- the lower lights don't look so good with that crome
- also ... the chrome on the rimms dosent loog that good ... it's not because the material is bad ... it's because chrome is a highly reflective material ... and your rimms arent surrounded by anything ... so they don't have anything to reflect
(that's why i would have gone the HDRI map way)
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Pretty sweet render. I can't really say anything bad about it from a technical standpoint, but I personally don't care for such large rims or deleted door handles. Still a sweet car though.
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thanks mate :) , what about a wide body kit? and some cool spoiler?
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Body kits can be cool, but I don't usually like them unless they're pretty subtle. Same with a spoiler, especially on a hatchback.
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really great work! ;)
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Mmmmm...Shiny. I love it!
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:w00t: thanks mate
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