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The Report: Commission

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Couldn't come up with a better title. Feature my friend and my own bat pony OC's and Princess Luna.
Not sure what's going on here but this scene just sort of manifested in my brain.
He's reporting something, I'm not sure what though. Looks serious.

Luna's hair. That is all.

Commissioner's Note: For everyone else who keeps posting: this was my commission.

No, it's not a Doctor Whooves/Discorded Whooves reference (I loathe that blog anyways). The two batponies are my own batpone OC and then the artist's. Names, from left to right, are Asclepius and Acuta.

Just throwing that out there.
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ThePrinceOfTheNorthHobbyist General Artist
I use this as my FIMFiction Banner, so cudos to you!
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JediJessHobbyist Digital Artist
Interesting names for the Bat ponies. Any reason you chose those names?
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Whoa. This would have been perfect for "Movements of Fire and Shadow", by InquisitorM. Well except for the second batpony.
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this is so bucking awesome!!

hey, whos that little pony next to luna? Also do you rp?
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I swear, the first time I saw this on FIMFiction, I thought the hovering pony was a pony version of Angela from "Gargoyles"... I know it's not, but between the coat and the wings, the resemblance is striking.

Until next time...
Anon e Mouse Jr.
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Asclepius, checking in.. with The Evening Report!!!

Total win if you know that reference.
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amazing picture
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I'd like to see a story with these characters.
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MsLightningAlchemistHobbyist Writer
Hey, I could do a story for you, if you'd like. How hard can it be? (Ideas forming in head)
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elainekincaidStudent Digital Artist
>bat pony oc

i choked
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deli73123Student General Artist
Why, do you have something against bat ponies?
Or are you one of those people who just hates all OCs?
Or maybe both?
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It looks more like luna is with her children to me I mean look at the size of the guards! Luna is actually not that taller than twilight and these 'guards' look like their half that height putting them as a little bigger than the cmc's generation. According to equestria girls twilight is actually near adulthood in age so yes those guards look like kids. It's still a great image but that is what I can tell about them.
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shieldgenerator7Hobbyist Digital Artist
I never thought of that. But now that you mention it, they do look like children. huh. 
Grabnock's avatar
Twilight is young adult.  Therefore there will be no more growth spurts.  She is pretty much as tall as she ever will be.

Also artistic license.
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great image. :iconbravoplz:
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ReptileAFKHobbyist General Artist
I think the word is Vamponie not Batponie. Anyway great art work!
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shieldgenerator7Hobbyist Digital Artist
The one flying reminds me of Dr. Who
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11th one, right? Cause that's what I thought at first.
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shieldgenerator7Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't know the numbers. I'm thinking of the one played by David Tennant
Cujo-fim's avatar
That'd be #10. I thought of Matt Smith.
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This is amazing 
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hes actually the TV repairman 
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Admiral-Thunder-BoltHobbyist Traditional Artist
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