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My content is mostly of Undertale, open to other fandoms. I'm doing a comic named "Alt-Shift" right now, please read them, I know you'll enjoy it. Welcome everyone to my Deviantart page.

If you want to dub any of my comics you're completely allowed (no mather the language) I only ask the URL of this page in the description (and if you want at the end of the video too but that's not a requirement). If you can send me a note with the dub done I would like to see it.

So (again) I forgot tha annyversary, but (again) I will do something for Deltarune's which btw released the chapter 2 today. I'm planning to refference it in the drawing. The 2k special has already the poses made, so the drawing will begin as far as I end the chapter, also it'll only have 28 pages in total (including the ones I already published). So I have to play chapter 2 now, and draw the comic. I hope next page be ready by sunday.
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2k Special

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So I reached the 2k watchers, I am very grateful to all of you. Now for the drawing, in a journal I ask for ideas cuz I couldn't decide for myself. I've seen all your ideas and I decided 3 drawings to do. I will mention them in order of probability (1 will happen, 2 will probably happen, 3 probably don't happen) 1- THE BAD TIME TRIO: Once I made the of BBT gif based in an Astro Fighter Sunred's scene I didn't believe you will like it so much, there's the thing I will make a High Quality Drawing of them for once. 2- Lisa the Painful: I really like that game and I'd love doing a HQ Drawing of it but it's very probably the drawing will not be very elaborated, even so I'll try to replicate how it made me feel. 3- Storyspin Sans and Storyshift Chara: Blob Sans? sure. Special mention to: Monster Hunter: two people ask me for a MH drawing sadly I never played any game, so I don't feel like I'm doing it soon. NonsensicalSwap: So Bash give me a comment so detailed about what could be, but
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The 2k happen...
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I thoroughly enjoyed your comic, ALT-Shift. I honestly can't give any critiques due to me not being at such talent or higher. But I wish to see you succeed with this comic and to see it be given more acknowledgement and praise.

I personally love how the designs are similar to the original but hold that subtle difference even with how some of the portray themselves.

well thank you, I really love read my comment and have this support. It has become progressibly harder to make one page but I'm working harder to complete the comic. And please don't be affraid to give critiques I'm open to them and you don't need anything to not say what you feel it could make it better.

All I can say is that everything looks just as fantastical and with how hard it is with making comics, I can only hope to wish you luck with it.

I really like your comic, your characters and I love the designs, but I come to comment a detail

the characters look as if the original versions had changed clothes, not as if all their lives took a different direction.

for example, your toriel design looks like toriel is wearing a suit of armor, not like all of toriel's life took a different path.

i think there should be changes in the character designs that denote the changes in their lives.

for example, toriel could have more muscles and scars, or be more cautious with her surroundings (not going near the windows, locking the doors, etc.) to show that her role in this world changed.

asgore doesn't have to carry a suit of armor all day, so he could look less muscular but being taller. undyne is now a diva, so she could act more extravagant, etc.

Again, I'm not criticizing anything, I just wanted to highlight this detail.

Well I would have no problems if you were criticizing me this comic is the first that I'm showing to an audience and my only goal is improve. In the things that you said, you really have a point there, my idea was that they should have the same designs from the original AU, but with dialogs, backstory and personalities based in my thoughts of every character, let their dialogs say what its different, but hints, some perk or maybe one little thing that they do will make them more deep (I was planning do that for Chara but it will be better if I do with everyone) I don't know with the designs (exept asgore's) but I will try do something else with them. (and yeah now that I'm thinking Toriel would look better with some scars maybe I will probably draw some when she wear something else.). Thank you very much for your supporting I'll see you next time.

thank you very much ^^ (your art is amazing)

Thanks For Watching

You're very welcome! Your style is something that I love so clear and consistent, keep the great work!