Maybe a weird and sad question, but do you ever think about what you would want to happen to your account, stories, art, characters, ... if you would no longer be here? Like, if you passed away or would pass away soon?
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Yea... I think I pretty much already know what I would want to happen.
Yea, but I don't quite know what I would want.
No, never thought of that. I know what I would want, though.
No, and I don't know.
I really don't care about what would happen, I wouldn't see it anyway.
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Published: March 19, 2015
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amethystdraqonHobbyist General Artist
I've never thought about this. I'd want my account to go to my mom, and I think a few people might be affected online but not many because I'm kind of a loner on DA right now. Irl, I can think of about 13 people closest to me, including family and old/current friends. Of course, I've known more people than that, but 13 are the main ones that come to mind off the top of my head. 
I would hope my death would start some awesome riot or memorial or something and everyone would be like "Live out your dreams.. for her! Heck yeah!" and the whole nation would be stirred up and suddenly everyone is so much happier because they're following what THEY want to do and not what society tells them they want to do.

My dream is a bit far fetched, but wouldn't that be simply epic? Also, if I knew it was coming I would design some pictures and put all my energy into them, for my watchers and friends and family irl and online and then put out a journal or something letting them know and how I know, etc. so they don't think it's a joke. I would put some words out for everyone I love, and maybe make a bucket list and do some crazy stuff like skydiving or going on scary roller coasters that I've never done because I was too afraid. Do all the things! Maybe even go traveling (if my family comes with me because that's a must have) and meet my own Flynn Rider (not a thief preferably), have a sad movie moment like "hey I'm going to die but first let's go to the egyptian pyramids or something before I keel over cause I'm going out awesome" and then after some tears I'd have an awesome death and everyone would remember what a cool life I had

Omg, this was so fun to write. This should be made into a movie, because there's definitely not enough awesome dying movies out there that both make you sob uncontrollably AND get off the couch to do awesome things because you're so inspired AND high five the TV because of how awesome I/the protagonist/whatever went out.
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SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist
Sounds adventurous :XD:
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polaromiStudent Digital Artist
I'm not sure really, but I think about it quite often ;w; I think that if I dropped dead tomorrow nobody would know what happened to me, as none of the people irl really know I have social media like DA so nobody could inform my watchers.

But if I did know I was going to die soon: I'd write a journal honestly explaining what would happen and would say goodbye to my friends, but I would disable comments on everything because I don't want my page to be flooded like what happened to other deviants who passed away. As for my ideas, I think they'd just stay on my profile as a kind of archive for people to look through as a memory. (there's only about 10% of what's in my head that actually goes on the internet so it wouldn't be a huge waste)
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SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist
You cannot disable comments on your page though D:
But I see :)
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MaiCometShardStudent Filmographer
I've thought about this before tbh
If I knew it was going to happen I'd probably make plans to leave certain characters to certain people that I know really like them and such- leave any co-owned babs to the other co-owner, and just gift everybody else. There'd probably be a few I'd hang onto because of personal meaning or that I designed them ((anybody I designed would only go to people I know offline probably)) or that they're my fursona, etc etc etc. Either that or I'd keep them to myself but give certain friends the privileges to use whoever they like ((with the exception of my fursona, most likely)) as if they owned the design, but they'll have to take note that they still truly belong to me and thus they can't be sold or drastically changed because they don't really belong to you!! I'd really hate to see my babs passed around or rendered unrecognizable hhh 
I'd probably even go to the original creators of the design to get permission to gift them / give my friends the permissions if I had to because I know some of my babs have limits on even gifting aah
I can think of a few right off that I know for sure who they'd go to tbh 
As far as my account goes, I'd probably want it left up because in reality I'm most likely not going to really ever deactivate my account, and if one of my friends were to pass I'd probably want to keep visiting their page myself- to leave little greetings or goodnights or tell them about my day or something I remembered, so why not let others do the same to mine if they choose? 
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SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist
Me too :'D
Mhm, can imagine! That sounds fair.

Same here, that's why I'd leave mine up as well!
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KittyKatWarriorHobbyist Digital Artist
I often think about that. Like, "What would happen to my social media if I killed my self?" or "What if I just got in a car crash right now?" I've come to the conclusion that I'd like my sister to message my 5 old friends and tell them.
I mean they are my OLD friends who I don't talk anymore but they are still a major part of my thoughts and childhood.

I would want the very few adopts I've bought to go back to their creator for another artist to enjoy. I wouldn't want a journal to be posted. There would just be meaningless comments with empty sympathy that wouldn't even matter because I couldn't read them. I'd probably just want everything except journals deleted because literature means everything to me.
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SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhh, I see. That makes sense!
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Marrow-StoneStudent General Artist
I think about this all the time,

I would want about the same thing to be done as everybody else, have somebody let my watchers know, D:   

But yeah,, my story/characters/fursona would be unfinished and that would be terrible since a lot of it is still in my head and not on paper. 
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SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist
Mhm, I see :noes:
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Fluffeh-KatStudent General Artist
I'd probably have xXMittyKittyXx just say that I can't go on the internet any more, that I'll miss them and hope to talk to them again one day, possibly just leave everything there and just kinda for people to see to give them hope, like hey maybe she moved or just doesn't have money, idk I just wouldn't want to leave them with my burden I guess and I don't want to make any feel worse so this way they don't have to worry about me.
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SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist
Ohhh, wow, I see D:
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Silver-Metalwolf13Hobbyist Digital Artist
I always think about it in fact. If I passed away I would like my watchers and friends to be informed but as no one in my family speak English they wouldn't know.

The thing that really bothers me, it could seem strange, but it's what my character will become. I've had my fursona for 15 years now, I dreamt of her when I was 3 and since I never stopped loving her. She means a lot to me and if I died she would be forgotten.

I always thought that if I was told I would die I would let my watchers know and I would give Silver away to the person who could take care of her and like her.
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SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist
Yea, I see... D:

That's understandable! Fursonas are special, fffff.
I'd want Bienie to stay mine, to represent me as she always did.
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Silver-Metalwolf13Hobbyist Digital Artist
I understand.

I can't imagine my fursona being forgotten and abandoned after all these years, I think she's maybe one of the most important things I have but I also fear that giving her could be worse. After all nobody can love her as I do.
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SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist
It would always be different, yea.
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I actually think about this a lot surprisingly. :saddummy: 
I'd simply want my watchers to be informed that I've passed and want someone to clean up my page, make it empty. 
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SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist
Same D:
Ahh, I see!
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TheGhoulAvenueStudent Digital Artist
Having OCD I always thought about this way more than usual. Idk what Id want to happen to my characters though. All I wish was someone would tell my online friends that I'm not able to come online anymore, like leave a comment on my profiles or somethin. Its worse not knowing what has happened to someone than have knowledge about it.
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SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist
Yea, indeed D:
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Queen-DreamyHobbyist Digital Artist
I would want my characters, including the stories that in they are, to go to my best friend. She has even made a lot of my characters, with me or without me. We started some of the stories together, too. She kinda wanted to be left away from making the stories and stuff, and she continued making her own stories. I hope that when I die, everything that has something to do with my stories and my characters will go to my best friend, and that she will make my dreams come true, respecting my memory. My dream has always been that I could make my stories into animated serieses and books serieses.
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SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh, I see. That sounds nice c:
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SheepMakerHobbyist Digital Artist
I think about it all the damn time
"What would happen if i got hit by that car. Or that car."
"I wonder what would happen if i had some kind of seizure right now."
"How would people feel if i committed suicide" 

Idk man. I think about odd crap
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SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist
I think about such things very often too, I don't like it hnnnn ono
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