I will be (or try to be) participating in Inktober this year (with a personalized prompt list). I will do these traditionally and show them daily on Twitter. How would you prefer me to upload them to DeviantArt?
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All separately, meaning there would be a new traditional drawing from me every day of October (I will try to make them all reasonably detailed then)
Mostly separately, unless there are some simpler drawings, then put those together in a batch/dump
Put all of them in smaller batches or in one big batch (in this case the drawings themselves would probably be somewhat less detailed)
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Published: September 30, 2017
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BlackFoxEyes Digital Artist
i want to try this but it seems every year i get lazy and dont feel like drawing one day haha
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SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist
That is understandable! I still don't know if I will manage every day, but I will try :la:
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SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
I do have university, so some drawings may not be as detailed, or may be late... I will also be in London with TheDogzLife for four days of these, so that may affect the upload days too! If I can't upload there, I will upload when I'm back, however.

Speaking of Dog, we made the prompt list together, we will both be doing the challenge :thumbsup:
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