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Do you have a sona/character you own that you identify with? Or multiple? Feel free to show them and talk about how you connect to them, or why (not). If you have multiple, are there differences in the way you connect to each of them? 

160 deviants said Yes! (feel free to show them and talk about them in the comments!)
18 deviants said I don't know (feel free to talk about your experiences either way!)
11 deviants said No! (why not? Did you have one at some point? Are there other ways you express yourself in art?)

Devious Comments

KittoKattxx Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ack, I think I really missed the party on this one. Oh well, i'll still comment even if i'm a bit late.

SpottedLove Reference Sheet by KittoKattxx  SpottedLove is my fursona. I made her when I was like, 6 or so. Originally, she was exactly like me, or exactly how I imagined myself. I made her smart, (which I wasn't,) I made her kind, (which I wasn't, like, seriously, I was a rude person when I was like 8), I made her have anger issues (I didn't have them, I thought I did but I just got angry over nothing and I was being an idiot.)

However, when I was like 8 again, I began writing a story called In The Mist (renamed The Red Mist) and SpottedLove was the main character. However, since humans are constantly changing, our personalities and stances are changing, especially in developmental years, I was changing. So SpottedLove's personality was changing.

Since I had not written the story yet fully (I was only a couple pages in, hahaha.) I figured i'd be rewriting the beginning again. However, if SpottedLove's personality is constantly changing, it could pose some problems in the story. I don't mean like character development, I mean like inconsistency.

Anyway, I decided to give her a defined character and personality. She became nearly constantly cheerful, kind of dumb, optimistic, VERY extroverted, creative, and she has a strong drive for justice.

But then I had some internal conflict, because I wanted SpottedLove's personality to reflect mine, but at the same time that would kind of require taking her out of the story, or making a new fursona. I didn't want to do either. I tried making a different version of SpottedLove but that failed pretty quick.

At this point, she's still my fursona. She represents me, she's the main character I use, I use SpottedLove as a character but I also kind of use her as myself. She is a big cutie who isn't exactly me but I don't love her any less for it. 

I do want to make a new fursona tho, and i'm trying out designs, so hopefully that'll be a thing that happens soon!
Roxalew Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It was interesting reading the comments :D

And well pretty much all of them in some small way though i don't have one who is really a sona. Tried once with Roxy but that fell apart fast :shrug: 

Rainbow socks by Roxalew  This guy who i revamped while in the throws of some serious mental health problems ^^; I wanted to create a character who at the time was a positive role model to me, who could cope and deal with what life had thrown at him without being pulled down by it. He was sort of a character i strived to be like a year or two ago.
I can connect with with the fact that he knows what its like not to be in control of whats happening inside his own mind and at the mercy of what ever manifests day to day.

He also treats everyone with respect and tries to be fun and joyful, not to mention his room is 100% glow in the dark stars.

Rainbows by Roxalew   Robert because we share similar life experiences. He loves tea Tea , is sensitive to peoples hostility (EG: Bullying and threats), sleeps with plush animals Teddy Bear , Can't drink water without cordial XD and hates being around strangers/ being touched by people who he doesn't know extremely well.
Though he's a lot more functional and into life (sorta like me when i was 18). Chronic migraines and sound problems are hell on earth *twitches*

Luv by Roxalew  Paul! because of his twisted seance of humor. Like stealing flowers cherry blossom  from the graveyard to give to his girlfriend XD You wouldn't do it in real life but having a character who is shameless in his humor and can do anything you think up is really fun haha :la: Not really a sona but more like a character who is your humor. 

Then Characters like Yacni and spanaster. They're characters that you once could connect to so much but can no longer "see through their eyes" so to say.  spanaster is so naive and happy, he loves being with friends, he sees the world as a wonderful place and is lost in his imagination 24 7. And Yacni, the way the world looks to him, how everything has feeling and this unspeakable beauty :heart: He also loves the ocean <3 and is fascinated by Jellyfish Animal Emote: Jellyfish 

so yeah :D I try to keep characters as separate people with their own thoughts and feelings but you always need something to help connect with them. It actually gets hard if one starts becoming too close and your like..... very....... uncomfortable........ with......... this :stare:
Cinnamonfur Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm working on a third sona currently but for now I just have these two :,D

Cynthia (Dogsona) by Cinnamonfur
Cynthia is actually based on my first fursona who I didn't make :,) I had a fursona contest and I connected with a blue merle Aussie with teal (like Cynthia's paw pads, actually) markings that I hated only because they made me lose motivation to color him cuz I wanted him to be simpler. I was teased about being short (I'm not, I'm average height) by some friends which is why I made her a corgi and her name comes from a human OC that was made to be... somewhat like me?
Anyway, she slowly became "happy me" for some reason... so I had to make another fursona who was more suited to sad things for vent.
Also, fun fact: Even though I have a bunch of cat fursonas, I identify with dogs more.

Then there's this girl
Birchripple (Catsona) by Cinnamonfur
She was an impulse buy; @/StudioFelidae was making adoptables and I saw her and just... fell in love with her for some reason?? Like, her colors are just beautiful to me.
Around the time I bought her I was trying to make a catsona anyway, so she just popped up at the right time. I use her for vent (unfortunately for her) but I love her a lot. She feels more genuine to my personality than Cynthia even though they're both just different sides of me.

uhh I said I only have two fursonas (for now) but I technically have one more?? I don't really consider her a fursona but she's special to me and she's... based on me a lot since I made her from a meme that takes your birthday and stuff and... ANYWAY here she is.
Crowtail (AF) (Warriors sona?) by Cinnamonfur

The next planned 'sona is gonna be a ghost cat who, when visible, looks kinda like a cloud of smoke? but she usually likes to form a body for herself out of ice (because at work one time I was getting a drink and I was super tired so I looked at the ice from the machine and said, and I quote, "I wish I was literally frozen water.") I like water and I like the cold, so this wasn't a weird conclusion to draw if you know me, but it was pretty hilarious anyway, especially given that I was mostly jealous of the ice because it didn't have to work like I was. I'm not sure how I'm going to accomplish her design yet which is why she isn't done.
foxfetch Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I have 6 fursonas lol but they each are special in a different way

Chi Ref Summer 2018 by foxfetch Chi is my newest but one of my two main fursonas. he's sort of a "special snowflake" in terms of species but it represents me in different ways. the deer parts of him are delicate but also strong, and a little silly like me. I've always connected to canines which is why he has the front body of a canine. I love his design because its so natural and I love the warm browns and how versatile the design is. he can be soft or edgy or goofy, which is how I am

NEW fynn! by foxfetch Fynn is my oldest and my other main. he recently got a redesign as well! I think the reason why I like fynn so much is because he really looks like me. from the hair and clothing choices all the way down to the Fox species! he represents me perfectly. his original design was actually female but when I came out as trans, Fynn was born so I like that he really has changed with me. he also shares my name!

Kana 2018 by foxfetch Kana is sort of the "edgy" part of me. hes tough and confident and loves adventure, sort of the confident person I wish I was. his design was by beanieboys and I love it aa

Robin S Egg  Open  By Toycvbs-dbr4c2v by foxfetch Clover is for the softer, gentler part of me. hes a Shiba inu/fox which I think really reflects his personality. hes wild and loves nature but also soft and needs the comfort of a stable home. his design is by princerini/toycvbs

Altpnk Design by foxfetch the final of my gang is caramel whos my sunshine child. I love his design so much, it just radiates positivity! hes by altpnk

I have a lot of fursonas but I wouldn't trade them for the world! theyre all so "me" and I love them
SpicedToast Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Basically all my characters represent some part of me in an extreme form. An example would be my character, Dipper who's the social bubbly me blown out of proportions. However one that just represents all of me is my character, Olivia.
RavenLunaticArt Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Ti Reference 2017 by RavenLunaticArt  Ti is technically my fursona but I have kinda fallen out of love with them I rarely draw them and generally lack much of an attachment with them now. Which is sad because they are one of the few designs I still love years after designing them. 
I think a lot of my issue is mostly that Ti feels like the person I was before I came out and accepted my gender. Yes on their ref sheet they have my pronouns and gender, but I cant help but continue to conflate them with my assigned gender at birth and it just feels so wrong?? Like it reminds me of all those years I hated myself and thought I was broken or wrong for not relating to my socialized gender. idk I wish I could connect to them but I just struggle immensely which really sucks :,T 
::A Very Good Bad Thing:: by RavenLunaticArt  Now Rudy is one of my newest oc and probably the closest thing I have to a sona. I just connect with him more and just generally feel stronger about his personality and character. He def feels like a more "me" oc, having the same likes, dislikes, interests and hobbies. I dont feel bogged down when I draw him and feel more open to drawing him however I want to, including screwing with his anatomy to be more shapeshifter like than Ti ever was. He def feels more like me that Ti does so I may make him my main sona now idk 
Darakay ref 2017 by RavenLunaticArt  Honourable mention. Darakay is my oldest oc and the only one who has undergone a single design change in that time. He has helped me get through a lot and helped me vent and actualize a lot of emotions I've exerienced. I dont draw him much anymore which really makes me guilty so I am trying very hard to get back into keeping him alive haha! He is my boy and I appreciate him very much even if he is incredibly simple in design. (I am thinking of redesigning him and giving him more interesting shapes
EWSpirit Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I used to think I only had one character that represented me, my fursona Ash. -> Ash Reference Sheet 2018. <-
She wears the same clothes I do, she has the same hair style, and she's basically me in anthro form. She's like a summary of myself, and she's the one I draw when I vent most of the time. I definitely draw her the most. I discovered very recently though that some of my other anthro characters also represent me, but in different ways.

Bandit Ref
Bandit represents kinda who I aspire to be. If he was a real person, I would look up to him and see him as a mentor. He's a manifestation of my buried confidence and talent that shows itself when I'm super invested in something. He's also the quiet side of me that pipes up to make jokes sometimes, but mostly stays quiet.

Nova Ref
Nova is basically the friend I wish I had. She represents my inner frustration at the world, and the softness inside that not very many people see. To those that don't know her, Nova seems angry and tired with the world, but when you break through that outer shell, she's really funny and amazing to be around. She is very good at listening to others speak, while not overly sharing her own opinions.

 Alica Ref
Alica is my goofy outgoing side! She is very unpredictable and hyper, and is always moving. She represents how I am around those that I am very comfortable with. I become a child, full of fun and happiness. Only a few people cause me to truly be like that. I like how drawing Alica can allow me to channel that loud side of me that I don't share often.

Aspen is literally my quiet side. He doesn't say much, but wishes he could. When someone makes a joke, he would rather hide the fact that he thinks that it's funny than laugh. He's my shyness all funneled into one character. 

Copper Ref
Copper is my awkward, oblivious, and musical side. Sometimes I am a pure disaster, and Copper is just that. He trips on everything, stutters, and can't make eye contact, just like me in a lot of situations. Copper is also a musical kid though, and band is one of the only things that allows him to be himself without being judged. That's how I felt in high school, so I feel like he fills that part of me well. He also is very good at listening, and is a super good friend to anyone that gives him a chance.

So yeah! All of those characters represent parts of me that I either aspire to have or that I already have. Btw, this was super neat to write out, as it's all just been in my head up to this point. 
sumguy420 Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago  New Deviant Student Photographer
My name is Kodak Wolf and im a furtographer and like horrible memes because im a horrible person ;)
im an artic wolf who built up an immunity to choclate and lots of other poisonous things but I hate mushrooms
TiTallulah Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago
I actually have plenty of fursonas. I use my main sona ( Feketeszem, translated: Blackeye ) since 2009 and she grew up with me. She got her own personality later on but it's mostly same as mine irl. ( Shy, cowardly, affectional and so on )

Because of certain events in my life, and getting to know myself better, I needed to separate some "rare used but important" parts of myself from her. Especially my persistence and steadfast nature ( these represented by Petunia - she is absolutely my willpower and libido ), my cynicism and 100% logical approach (  represented by Shade - he is the only male fursona I have, and I regard him as an "inner voice of reason" or some kind of subconscious).
I use them since 2011.

Then in 2013 I had fallen in love, and I started dating with my mate, so my brain was suffocating because of the pink clouds. XD I totally changed a lot because of that, so I needed a new fursona ( Titania - who's a fox, because I wanted to be similar to Erexis. ) She's totally kind, naive, helpful, optimistic, and so on. I still keep her, because she's a part of me, even represents a whole chapter of my life. And actually I have some of her personality traits, but they kinda work like "reflexes" to real life events, and I don't really like these.

In 2016 I have fallen to an extremely deep emotional hole, I got mood swings, depression and anxiety, therefore I needed to make a new fursona, who represented these negative feelings. For now I have two different "sad" fursona. One for my depression, and one for my anxiety. Since I always had anxiety in my entire life ( only depression strengthened it now ), I made this fursona similar to Blackeye, I only changed her colors. And for the depression I made a raccoon, because I really like these animals, and I guess I'm a bit similar to them, but I actually I hate these similarities on myself  ( e.g. weight, some body part, destructive habits and that I have a really short attention span. )


Since I created them I've learnt a lot about myself, and I really love them, and actually glad I have all of them with me!

Stiloo by TiTallulah
EagleThor Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow this one is so unexpected!  EagleThor Refrence (1/8) by EagleThor
EagleThor is represents me irl or well... the good parts of me altough not my main sona but he is my main sona that i have revealed and if not for EagleThor i would not be who i am to day, im way more friendly kind and its also way easier to aproatch me irl now

and Spectral Eye who is my revealed sonas hes my 3rd main  Spectral Eye refrence (4/8) by EagleThor
Spectral Eye represents the how playfull and goofy i tend to be around friends and also represents how mysterious i can be as well as representing how much a lot of my irl friends trust me, i have been trusted with some of they're deepest and most private secrets because they know they can trust me with them 
Kasodi Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Clears throat and cracks knuckles here we go

First of all I have Kasai!
Kasai 2017 Reference by Kasodi
I first designed her in June 2011 when I was 13 and she's not really changed much since, she's continued to grow and develop with me! Although she's my main fursona, she represents more of an ideal me (ie the kind of person I want to be) and so is more bubbly and outgoing than me. She's also still the one I tend to get commissions of, usually with my partner's sona if I can afford it :la:

Then a few years ago I decided I wanted a natural (specifically brown) coloured secondary fursona, and originally had a male wolverine X British pine marten (gorgeous animals), and actual me would sit somewhere between him and Kas. Buuut I just couldn't connect with him so that's how Wren came along!
Wren 2018 Reference by Kasodi
She's meant to literally represent me, and so is shyer and more aloof and reserved than Kas. I wasn't sure about her design at first since I don't agree with the actual cat breed, but she's a cute digital sausage and I love her a lot so hey ho, and I need to draw her more :heart:
zooIogy Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh I guess I'm the odd one out here. I don't really have one that I identify with right now. I sort of used to though?

I play a game called Toontown where you play as an anthro animal character and I made a rabbit with the same name as me. I ended up turning her into an OC, and for a while I kind of thought of her as "me" mostly because she was kind of my "stand in" for fandom stuff, but over time I tweaked her and made her more exaggerated. I've tried adjusting her to match my own identity and personality before but I never really got into it. Nowadays I don't really think of her as me and I don't have any kind of emotional or personal connection to her beyond the fact that she's "mine". This is her:
Jess by zooIogy

And the character that I usually call my fursona is more of a mascot. I'm fine with considering her a stand-in for myself for the animal art/fury community but I don't actually identify with her.
new Lighty reference by zooIogy

I have trouble connecting to characters (and people I guess) and I don't express myself in my art very much so my lack of identification with my OCs is kind of an offshoot of that I think? I just want to draw things that I like the look of. They're also all very shallow, have some vague backstories or personality traits that I threw together mostly because I felt like I had to, but really the visuals are all I care about.
GPZero Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a sorta sona I think?  Zero Catto by GPZero

They started out to represent me but slowly transformed into their own character. Like I drew them before to represent my out-going, extroverted self or the "me" that I wanted because I'm not that out-going or extroverted...Very socially awkward and self-conscious. But the more I drew them, the more they slowly turned into their own character, doing stuff I wouldn't do because it seemed more like them. I still draw Zero to represent me from time to time but most of the time, I draw Zero to represent themselves.
DjGomaSar12 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Resuming my fursona's personality... She's literally me. Lucy (sometimes I call her Dj - it's her nickname) is needy af, affecionate, has problems in dealing with depression, anxiety and some emotional issues (she can becomes easily irritated, frustated and etc...). Usually when she is all by herself, or you'll see her with a neutral and a tired expression in her face, feeling bored or you'll see her doing random stuffs (like screaming while listening to songs). Lucy likes almost anything related to nature and sciences, she's really fascinated with the mother nature, outer space and knowledge. And she also enjoys mysterious histories and places. Procastination is her life! She's very introvert and prefers to stay at home watching videos/movies/series/cartoons/animes, playing games and drawing someting, but when she's around friends, Lucy becomes more talkative and playful, to the point of creating bad jokes and do silly things (she feels more comfortable and happy with the company of them). And her favorite hobby is drawing. 
Stretching by DjGomaSar12   Tiamat Lucy by DjGomaSar12   Pride Month by DjGomaSar12   Get Better by DjGomaSar12

Although Murasaki being my current main character, she still has some personality traits similar to mine's: loves nature, sciences matters/subjects and mysterious things.
However, she's a little more outgoing and loves to explore the outside world instead of staying inside doors. And don't forget the fact that she doesn't talk to much, can protects herself (even though she's 14 years old), has weird habits (like using pans and pots as hats) and likes to collect feathers, animal scales, string of fur, rocks, gems and even bones (often Mura is wearing a bird skull as a mask).

On the Wall by DjGomaSar12  Every Planet We Reach is Dead by DjGomaSar12
Velvet-Rainbow Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student General Artist
All of my characters are in some way inspired by aspects of myself. Velvet used to represent me  Velvet K. Maisano by Velvet-Rainbow  but that was a long time ago (this ref is old too, colors are super ugly and outdated) and she has since become moreso her own character. This character is my pokesona, but she doesn't have her own personality, she's just meant to be used as a little representation of me. Pokesona Ref by Velvet-Rainbow  
Ieval-Anjael Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Filmographer
I've had many characters over the years, but my fursona is Ieval Anjael, the fallen angel wolf.
Ieval Anjael ref 2016 by Ieval-Anjael
I purchased his design from a friend a while back (or maybe they gifted him to me; I don't remember -- it's been a couple years), and over time he underwent some changes to become who he is today. I decided I wanted a male character even back when I was still in denial of my own gender, but as I've figured myself out I've grown more and more attached to Ieval, and he's become more and more like me.
I still have other characters who sort of personify other aspects of who I am -- Asylum is my anxiety and depression, Conner is my social awkwardness and inability to stop talking once I get started, Charlie is my slow acceptance of my gender and sexuality. Still, Ieval is the one I've poured the most of myself into and the one I relate most strongly to ^^
coyotepng Featured By Owner 5 days ago
did i drive you away? (+speedpaint) by coyotepng  
gray the coyote has been my fursona for two years now!! i spent a lot of time making like 20 different designs for him before i stuck with that one. he's pretty much the same as me like bienie is for you! i wanted him to have muted colors because i find it really pleasing and comforting and my whole room has similar muted grays n such. he's a coyote because i feel like i'm not a wolf- too big and powerful and social- and not a dog which are usually happy/care-free/not wild

i've had MANY fursonas in the past though! here's one of my very first i created in 2011.. when i was 11:
Splattref By Coffeecrackers-d6atgsn by coyotepng  
i really wanted to be *unique* and *cool* but man this thing is just a mESS haha
stcrmy Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
i got saphie! she's a redesign of my v old warrior oc that stuck haha,
timekept Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have several 'sonas, who represent me in different ways! 

Kohao has been with me the longest--since second or third grade, I believe, and though he's become much more a "character" than a "sona" in recent years, I still identify heavily with him. He's me if circumstances had been different, I feel. If I'd had less anxiety, if I'd been born male, been subjected to stereotypical "male" bullying instead of stereotypical "female" bullying. I share his scars, I've shared his outlook in the past, his symptoms and vices are my own but cranked up a few levels.

Archer (whose new, proper ref is still in progress) is another version of me. He's based around what I believed my future would be like when I was a kid, and I aspire to "grow into" him being my 'sona. He's me either without trauma or having worked through it, without anxiety or having conquered it. I share his love of nature, the environment. He lives in the city I was born in, walks and hikes the parks I knew as a kid. He owns his gender, accepts himself, loves himself and his life. I really want to be more like him.

Solar has been with me since 6th grade, and didn't start out as a 'sona but became one, fast. This ref doesn't have her info on it, but generally she's me with less anxiety. She has two "versions" which is complex but in the one I identify with her still being a 'sona of mine, she's a vagabond, a train-hopper, a gutterpunk eco-warrior. She took her future into her own hands and made her escape from her old life and is living truly free--something I'd love to do. She's, again, aspirational. But I share her love of nature, her craving for freedom, her sometimes cynical outlook, her morals.

 VVN / Humanoid!VVN was meant to be my "me" 'sona, but I made him just a little too cool. Still--I identify heavily with him. He's me as I feel internally; anxious, othered, scared, avoidant--incredibly out of place. He doesn't fit in, he's unable to, and he's terrified of everyone who comes near him. His fear is my own--he is me as I see myself--anxiety incarnate.

Vyvyan is me. Just me. Me as an opossum. Can't say too much about that. Basically what I'd look like if i forgot to shave. i gotta run to a psych appointment so i can't write as much as i want to, but i've rambled enough already, haha
WindedIvories Featured By Owner 5 days ago
God get ready for a lotta characters. They are all different in their own ways honestly ;w; only Shiny and Gale carry similar aspects which is full identification rather than partially.

First off I can start with my fursona Gale
He is literally me like, you know I had Shiny for such a long time but ever since i got out as FtM I felt really uncomfortable ID-ing as her anymore cuz I would never change her to align with me as that was never her purpose. However when I made Gale i put together assets I absolutely love, parts of me and colors that truly describe me and who I am. Gale is so close at heart, hes like super duper kin even though hes my fursona. It's wild. He has some aspects which are not particularly 100% me, but such also feels quite natural I suppose.
Hes very personal.

Then we have Shiny
shes now a retired fursona but still has the fursona AU as she was my fursona of almost 10 years ;v;
and because shes been with me for such a long time she carries a lot of aspects from me. However over time i've taken the distance due to identity issues, aswell as she was made for another purpose. I still do connect with her, its hard to just drop that after such a long time. But it's mostly to keep up the relationship of my partners fursona and her, as it would feel odd to move it over on Gale.

is a comfort character for me, he's mostly a beast-like identification of my sorrow?
Hes still quite new and I havent gotten around to do much with him yet but he's very important for me and carries the aspect of sorrow from me ;w;

is also another comfort character! He feels more like a void identification, a big hole of nothing but a ghastly feeling

and now to the much more sensitive part bdgffbh

is one voice i hear due to my disorder. He's quite modest, but hes also pretty quiet in a sense. His presence is clearer than his words sort of, and drawing him / using him can sometimes be a good way to cope with him. He is like a semi-identity as his based is someone unfamiliar to me, but its still utterly personal.

Zummin is probably the heaviest to talk about
Zummin is a voice & presence due to my disorder. I wont go into detail as it's pretty nasty but I do ID heavily with him since said presence is so prominent and /important/. I have to work on/with him a lot and since hes been carried through me so many years it's become like a soul bond i suppose. The form I gave him as a character is what hes satisfied with and as such stays very identity worthy i guess dfbhfdkbhjh
its really hard to explain this

but yeah i have a lot of other IDs of my ocs too but most of them are very minor so they werent worth mentioning
CathawayMoonstar Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Four of my character's describe me, maybe five.
Alpha Doom is basically a Persona of me as a male, he is what I honestly wish I was, he is confident, he don't take shit from people, and a few other things. Alpha also helped me realize I was a Trans Guy.
Daddy Are You Proud Of Me Now??? by CathawayMoonstar
Delta Doom, my necromancer, he feels like a dark part of me even thou he is nice, he just feels like the part of me that loves gothic type clothing.
Stare Into My Soul!! by CathawayMoonstar
Then there is Midni, my bat girl, she is random, happy, and wants all the people to get along and be friends. She basically feels like the part of me that wants everyone to get along and be friends.
Midni Unisteel In A Sexy Outfit by CathawayMoonstar
Then there is the New OC I have created, he is a furmoon (mabye) it will depend on what planet he was born on, but he feells like me, he is a trans guy, he hasn't had bottom surgery yet. I don't know how to explain how I feel connected to him yet X3
New OC by CathawayMoonstar
Then there is Tyler or Tylan the demon, they are both kind of similar but not really. Tyler loves to exercise, and he literally thinks he is better then everyone, he tries to be the best person, and basically tries to be better then his brother Jet. He basically feels like the side of me that wants to try to basically be better then everyone in a since.
I don't have a drawing of him yet, but he kind of looks a lot like his brother Jet shown here: 

Mature Content

Jet Saying Happy Halloween! by CathawayMoonstar
Asoraam-Feire Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Honestly, the one I identify the most with is kinda obvious. At least to those that know me well. 

He's been my 'sona for going on two years now. I don't give him much love. What I think is funny is that we share very little in common outside of personality. He's Bi, I'm ace. He likes wine, I hate the very idea of alcohol. He likes water, I avoid it as much as I can outside of sanitary reasons or when I am thirsty(Still avoid it. The water here tastes like they don't filter it well). He's over five foot, I'm under. Plus the obvious species difference. But most Sonas are not the same species as their owner.

4609704 WLOAtCQZSgx7bo2 

Then you have these three dorks. They've been with me a long time. Jake(The albino) and vincent(The little dude in front) have been with me for going on eight years. They were two of my oldest OCs and the two that changed the most(Jake more than vincent). I made them during a rough patch and helped me cope. Kirine(The dude who really needs a haircut) has been with me more like five or six years. I identify with him the most out of the three since we are both hotheads, are scholarly, and are about as blind as bats.

There's a few more...but those are the main four.
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Rin Main Fursona Ref 2018 by Astral-Lakes
I mean the odd reason is that I made this guy a dude even though I'm a female in real life?
But I honestly made him a male because I honestly feel more like a dude inside.
He was named after one of my most favorite anime characters.
His personality is based on my online personality mostly and sometimes my in real life personality!
I designed him using colors that I loved! And his species was something invented in 2016?? Idk but I decided to bring it back. He was probably just going to be a cat or just a plain out dragon. But He's a wolf dragon, and I don't plan on changing him! Usually I change my fursonas but I didn't change this guy yet! His design isn't really to complicated, which makes him not so difficult to draw, heh!
And I do have another fursona but I haven't developed that dude yet,, lol
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I did finally make a sona that I do connect with a lot. They're fairly new still so I haven't done a lot with them yet...…
Caden is a wolf dragon kinda creature but it's conducive to my own personality. The loyal, protective, and somewhat motherly, taking after the wolf, but then I'm also defensive, hence the horns, but I also seek freedom hence the feathered dragon wings.
They do have my figure but they have a flat chest and a deeper voice which are two things I desire lol-- but they still have a masculine and a feminine side just like I do.
The wolf and deer sonas I had in the past just didn't really fit me, like they didn't encompass me entirely which is why I think I didn't connect with them as well. This dragon is the hodgepodge of animals that do represent my personality and the design I'm very happy with.
Most of my book series characters all have a slice of me within them, especially Leslie. Leslie was a self insert for my story at one point but has developed a character all her own instead of just being a carbon copy of me. She still holds a near and dear place in my heart though, cuz Leslie and my characters have gotten me through some very tough times.
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I have two sonas

 Delightfully Pink  By Ashitu-dcgdmz6 by Cristal656   Commission   Skye By Koriaa-dc836gk by Cristal656  Not my art, but they are my characters.

My main sona is Cristal. She is my extrovert side. She's like me, headstrong, proud, anxious, goofy, serious etc.

I connect to her by making most of her personality like mine. I also like to draw her with my friends and doing things that I do.

Skye in my introvert side. Suspicious, an awkward bean, insecure, kind, etc.
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Here's my sona:
When I had made her, I had not intended to have such a connection to her. At first, I had made her because I had wanted a certain design, though as soon as I started to work on her story more and actually write her out and such, I didnt realise how much of her is actually me. She's a very strong-minded, quick witted, high self esteem, and highly determined individual. She easily fights for what she believes in and think is right as she wont stand by and be quiet about something. Though, despite good traits, of course she has some bad. Lae is also very crude, her temper is basically does not exist, shes not patient, and shes cold. With listing even not all of her traits, I still highly can relate to her. Writing out her struggles with trying to keep her cool, and trying not to be emotionally disconnected and actually understand others, etc...I struggle with the same things. I mean, yeah sure, I could say that I've made other characters based off me or self insert but its just something particular about this certain character that I cant just easily look away. I guess you can say in a way I look up to her as a person? In many ways, I inspire to be her physical and mental strength. These last few weeks have been, as you can say, not so kind. And I have found myself looking to her for help as silly as it sounds. Her fierce determination to get through things, keep going, etc. helps me get through some things as I feel like the same energy is underlining. Anyway, I'm going to stop here before I babble on. xD I hope this answered your question.
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He's like me but soft.
He's who I want to be.
maplesdraws Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist Is my main fursona !! He was a custom design meant to reflect me down to my irl appearance, with artistic interpretation toward the species. I've never felt more connected to a design than I have with him.

All the rest of my sonas can be found… and in its subfolders, with each one representing a different part of me or something that I aspire to be someday
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Plasma Ref 2018 by nerdycatinatophat
Plasma is how I'd see myself as an animal.  She still has her flaws, but she still represents what I consider to be my most focal traits.  She's introverted and troubled, yet she's still tough and loyal to those she lets her walls down for. She's not too symbolic; I have scars in the same places she does, and blue/yellow eyes like hers.  Black cats are my aesthetic, so that's why she's colored like she is.  She used to be a gray cat with lighter gray and darker gray markings, but I scrapped her design since it was getting wayy too complicated to draw on a normal basis. 
I feel close to her b/c of all I've gone through in the years I've had her as a character.  Since I vent through art, just poorly drawing sketches of her facing my challenges at that time helped me a lot.  I don't have the parent/child relationship that some people do with their sonas, mainly because she's more of a coping mechanism than anything else.  I do still love her in a weird way, though.  She has been the cause of me not doing some regrettable things in the past.  But yeah, here's this
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Cameron hates dealing with people as much as me. The life of retail is a battlefield
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i have afew characters i identify with..
mostly cause i inject my silly symbolism into them and think carefully on them.

i have my "persona" with her dark emotion goop familer type thing..
Myrtle (human): Reference Sheet~ by Myrtle-Turtle-nornin

and then i have my "dragonsona" i guess.
my dragon char is more... derpy then anything. shes more bubbly and cute.
tho sometimes she also becomes a outlet for rage..

then i have chars for all my comics
and they all are in some way part of me.

in my opinion all your characters in some way have a tiny part of you in some way!

this also might contribute my love of hearing about others characters and their stories.
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94ba161b-ea70-46b5-9dcf-9670c838631b by MarienneSonia  
Well, Mari is just a character I am able to express my feelings through, generally being nice ones. I’ve had her since 2015 and she is the most important character I’ve made in my heart. 
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Idewku Midewriya Reference Sheet by Midewriya this girl!!
She was my first fursona ever, and I just, I love her. She's gone through a lot of design changes, but her current one was based from my boyfriend's redesign of her and then gave her a few more tweaks. I associate with her the most, other than the fact that she's not a human. We both have the same personality, and both have the same friends and everything!! She also just has, Midoriya's hair, who is from an anime and we're basically the same person. So, sense I can't have his hair, I gave her his hair!! I just, feel very close to this girl~
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Well, I’ve got three fursonas;
Icy Heart, who I don’t draw that often, though she represents „a life I want to live“ to me.
Then there’s Icestar, and with her story in a typical Warriors-like clan and her being the first character I ever created, she represents „the happy, young and hopeful part of me“.
And last there’s Amalia Icy, who’s story is kind of „based on my life“, so she represents „the life I actually live“.
Those three also symbolize „truth“(Icy), „support“/„hope“(Icestar) and „emotion“(Amalia).

Although these three are my main characters, there’s a part of me in every character I own or create.
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I think it comes from the word "persona" for a human character, and then the furry community adapted it to "fursona" for furry characters, and then the term "sona" as a general term for all characters like that came to exist!
They are both really beautiful, it's wild that you see her sometimes!
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Ty for the explaination, makes my mind go enlightened lol.
Thank you, I'm happy you say so! And yep, definitely :D When I told a friend in real life she was really surprised by that fact lol. I wish those wings were real, I can tell. Wingsss <3
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No problem! ^^ That'd be great!
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a persona is just a representation of a person, furries morphed that into "fur"sona when they started making animal representations instead, and then it got shortened down to sona :>! so really it was kinda just wordplay.
xDonnervogelx Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Interface Designer
Alright, thank you! Now I finally know :3
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Your English is fine! That sounds nice :la:
SpitfiresOnIce Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That makes sense, that all your characters have certain traits you find yourself in! The ones you linked here are all really adorable ^^
Indasa Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aa thank you so much ^^
SpitfiresOnIce Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem ^^
SpitfiresOnIce Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awww, nice :la:
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I have other characters but I don’t use them as much as Seanie. He is the embodiment of what I feel on the inside but don’t show to my family and coworkers
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