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It's about time I made an updated journal here with accurate answers!

Can I ask you a question?
Sure, go ahead! I will try to answer any questions you have as accurately as possible. If a question seems important enough or gets asked a lot, I will add it to this journal!


What program do you use to make your art?
I use DeviantArt muro mainly for the sketching to the colouring phase, as well as for backgrounds! I use Paint Tool SAI for layer/colour effects and to clean up things that I cannot do in Muro. Occasionally I shade in SAI, too.

Wait, what exactly do you use Muro for? How do you draw in there?
Well, I use Muro for most things involving lines! I use the Sketch tool for those., usually at 50% or less opacity. That being said, Muro is not... the best drawing tool. It crashes a lot and is very unreliable. I don't really recommend it.

Why don't you just fully switch to SAI then?
At the moment, I cannot have working pen pressure on my laptop, and thus I don't like my lines in SAI as the stabilizer doesn't work either! I tried with two tablets, one of them brand new, we can't figure out what the issue is despite following up countless tips, and I don't have the funds to buy a new laptop when this one still works otherwise. So there goes.

How long does your art take you?
As drawing in Muro is often rather tedious, art can take me a while, and I notice that on average, it takes me longer than most artists who draw in similar styles as I do. A shaded fullbody can take me anywhere from 3 to 5 hours depending on how motivated I am to finish it. Additional backgrounds take even longer. I frequently get frustrated with it, but at the moment, there's not much I can do about it.

How long have you been drawing?
On paper, I have been drawing all my life, but digitally, I have been drawing since 2009-2010! So almost 7 years at this point? Whoa.

Are there any other websites you upload your art on?
Yes, on FurAffinity and Twitter! Though I use my Twitter for a bunch of other stuff, too. Also, Toyhouse is where I upload all the art my characters have.

Giving and taking things

Do you take commissions?
Yes! My commission information and prices can be found here.

Do you take art trades?
Not at the moment! I'm a bit too busy with exams. I occasioanlly accept them when I don't feel too stressed.

Do you take requests?
No, sorry! I have not taken them for years, and I don't plan to do so again.

Can you give me points?
No, sorry! I don't have any 95% of the time, and even when I do, I don't randomly give them to people who ask for them.

Can you join my contest?
Probably not... I'm not too motivated to join most contests these days. Sorry!

Can you feature me?
I'd prefer not to be asked this, it makes me really uncomfortable! I occasionally feature people, but when I do, it is my own choice to do so.

Why did you give me a Llama?
I give them to anyone I come across if I remember to do so! It's just a thing I do. You've earned it! Please don't question it too much, it's really awkward when people expect a deep reason behind me giving them one. There is no deep reason, just me being me, hello

Can we be friends?
I'm very bad with maintaining social relationships of any kind these days. You can try to talk to me, but chances are, at this moment in time, I will not be the best conversation partner. I'm working on it, but don't expect too much from me, please! Also, if you befriend me to get free art, you may and will be disappointed.


How is Bienie pronounced?
It's pronounced like Beanie! The hat. It's not written that way, though. I could have written it that way, but I wanted to be ✧・゚: *✧special* *:・゚✧*:. Also, the spelling is Dutch, so that's why it is written that way.

What's your fursona's reference?
Here you go  Bienie Reference Sheet 7 by SpitfiresOnIce

How did you come up with Bienie's design?
It's all in the description of this image! Then again, the design was made in one evening, so the whole meaning thing is probably kind of eh. I just like the design :XD:

Who are your other characters?
They can all be found here! (Keep in mind there are multiple pages, you can click through them.) My personal character art can be found here.

Can I draw you something?
Yes, of course! I never mind this! Unless it's something NSFW or otherwise sensitive themed, I am always happy to receive gift art :dummy:

Can our characters be friends/family/something else?
Hmm, this heavily depends on the character. For Bienie, in most cases, this will be a no. For my others, it depends on what you're proposing and for who. You can always ask, though!

Is this character for sale/trade?
Unless I said somewhere that it is, it probably isn't!

Will you roleplay with me?
Probably not, I don't have any confidence in my roleplaying skills and find it hard to keep a roleplay going! Occasionally I will try, but I constantly worry about whether I'm doing it wrong.


What do I call you, and what do I refer to you as?
You can call me Bienie or Anders! I go by they/them mainly.

Where do you live?
I live in Belgium! More precisely, Flanders. This means Dutch is my native language!

What do you study?
I currently study Linguistics and Literature, in English and Dutch. At this time, I am in my third bachelor year, if all goes well then next year will be my master year.

What's your favourite book, movie, song, artist, music genre, ...
UHHH oh boy. I know this is disappointing coming from a literature student, but I genuinely don't have a favourite book or favourite anything else... I think it's neat when people have favourites, but I don't sobs. I can't even pretend that I do :noes:

What about favourite animals?
That I can answer. My favourites are Arctic foxes and Icelandic horses! Arctic animals in general are pretty great.

Do you have any other hobbies apart from drawing?
Well, I like to walk and ride my bike. I also have been getting into plants a lot recently, and I have started to play games more (Pokémon, Life is Strange, Night in the Woods).

What do you plan to become in the future?
Another fun question. I have no idea yet... Anything I am able to do, I will gladly do. I like the idea of being a librarian, but I don't see myself in any specific career other than that.

Who or what is "Tiny Gang"?
Tiny Gang is a name that draqiin, SheepMaker and I have for ourselves! We're a little friend trio, and they are both my best friends.

Can you tell me more about yourself?
You can ask me specific questions, or, if you want to read more, here is my About Me journal.

Are there any other websites you are active on regarding your personal life?
Twitter again, as I post about my personal stuff there sometimes. Tumblr is where I reblog a lot of stuff that I like. I have Facebook, but I rarely if ever post on there.

Can I have your Skype/Discord?
That depends on how close we are. I'm somewhat more loose with my Discord than I am with Skype, but I'm not great at conversations with... almost everyone. So I am pretty careful with my Skype these days, because I've had people get really stalkerish and pushy when I didn't reply, and that really freaked me out.
  • Reading: Music for Torching by AM Homes
  • Playing: Life is Strange
  • Eating: Reese's Pieces
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There's a typo under 'do you take art trades' where you've written 'husy' and not 'busy'.

^^; Sorry if I'm being rude! Some people don't like being corrected but some people are glad someone pointed it out so they can fix it, and I never know whether to say anything or not. Let me know where you stand, if you would, so I can refrain from doing so in the future if you don't like it!

Anyhoo~ Arctic animals are the best!
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AHHHh that's fine! I prefer to correct typos when I see them, so it's okay if you point them out :XD: It's all good!

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*not great at conversations with... almost everyone* that i can relate 2 and icelandic horse as one of your fav animals im actually icelandic and i just watch'ed an icelandic horse walk by a few mins ago and i can really relate to not being great with conversations im not even good with being around people in general... 
SpitfiresOnIce Featured By Owner May 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's hard to converse with people, ffff :XD:
Ahhh, yea! I remember you living in Iceland! I envy you, that's one of the places I really want to visit someday :dummy: I love those horses!
And I can relate to that, being around people is... really hard. :saddummy:
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also a big part of why i don't like being around people is that my hearing is really sensitive and way stronger than it should be :example you whispering to me would be as if you were talking normaly for me: and i don't remeber if i already told u about my hearing or not  also fun fact about iceland it it REALLY cold during winter and REALLY hot during summer ... me like winter more me no like the heat...
SpitfiresOnIce Featured By Owner May 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't recall that, but that sounds painfil to have! Sorry about that :noes:

Well, I hear it gets about 25 degrees Celcius warm, which is a bit colder than our summers, so it would not be anything new :XD:
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the hearing is cinda painful indeed to bad ive learned to control my ears position to be able to lover higher and focus on sertain sounds witch if i would not be able to do then wel... headache all day XD 
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