Commission Prices and Terms of Service 2020
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February 03, 2020: Added updated commission examples, reworded parts of TOS!

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PayPal commissions: Open
Point commissions: Open
Point conversion rate: €1 = 110:points:

Current commission queue
Finished past commissions

Bullet; Green I will draw:
- Animals of any species
- Original species and fantasy creatures
- Pets and animals from photo reference
- Pokémon and other franchise characters
- Couples, romance and relationships
- Humans and anthros, though they are not my strong point

Bullet; Orange Ask me about:
- Custom character designs
- Situations involving my own characters
- Gore

Bullet; Red I will not draw
- Explicit sexual content
- Hate art towards another user or group
- Heavily complex mechanic designs or anything else that is too complicated

I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason.

How to order

Message me with the following form (remove the parts between brackets and fill in):

Commission type: (if not listed, give examples from my gallery or a description)
Character reference(s): (please provide clear images)
Pose/Expression: (if more than one character, describe their interaction, it helps to know what their relationship is)
Background: (if any, describe what you want it to look like)
Anything else? (self explanatory)
Payment: (Points/PayPal. if points, wait for me to set up a widget, if PayPal, fill in your email here for an invoice)

You can contact me on DeviantArt, FurAffinity, Twitter, Tumblr and Telegram under the username SpitfiresOnIce.
DISCLAIMER: When commissioning me through PayPal, I will only use your email address to send an invoice/to verify that you made the payment. Under no circumstances will I use this, or any linked personal information such as your name or address, for any other purpose, nor will I share/distribute this information to third parties.

Waiting for your commission

  • Between ordering and the art being uploaded, you can find your commission on my Trello, where you can view its current status.
  • Chibis will generally be completed in one go, without a prior sketch (unless the customer asks for one). For any other type of art, I send a sketch for approval. If you would like WIPs at additional stages of the drawing process (colouring, background), please let me know.
  • I generally try to complete commissions within two weeks. If anything comes up in that time, I will contact you to inform you of the delay.
  • Commissions bought during a discount/mass sale might take longer to complete, and commissions bought at their regular price take priority over discounted ones.

Receiving your commission

  • The art will be uploaded to DeviantArt, Twitter, FurAffinity and Tumblr. I can also DM or email the art to you, if you state this as a preference.
  • If there are any errors on my part, please tell me immediately and I will try my best to fix them.
  • If you are unhappy with the outcome of the commission, contact me civilly and we can work out a compensation if the work was below my usual quality.
  • After I receive the okay on the final outcome, I will consider the process final, and I might remove the layered version of your commission from my workfiles. I am not obligated to edit character designs that have been altered after the commission's completion.
  • Personal use of the art you commissioned is permitted (icons, banners, profile decoration, printing it out for yourself). You are not allowed to use my art for commercial purposes without permission (ask about art being put on merch and the like).

Price list

€10 for flat, €15 for shaded
Aiko by SpitfiresOnIceFrolicking by SpitfiresOnIce
Headshot: €15 for flat, €20 for shaded
No tolerance for nonsense, get away from me by SpitfiresOnIceAlways Be Coconutting by SpitfiresOnIce
Halfbody: €20 for flat, €30 for shaded
Blood Red Sky by SpitfiresOnIce
Fullbody: €25 for flat, €40 for shaded
Sincerety Is Scary by SpitfiresOnIceGotta get up, gotta get up, move! by SpitfiresOnIceChristmas trees in rain by SpitfiresOnIce
Extra character is +75% of the base price.

Transparent, one colour, or gradient:
No extra charge
Simple: €15-25 (generally, this means there's a surrounding going on, but it's not overly detailed, for example a sky with a field or ocean-ish view, foliage/trees are either absent or kept vague/undetailed. Most backgrounds on headshots and halfbodies where the character is the focus will fall into this category unless you specifically request refined detail)
When everything's meant to be broken by SpitfiresOnIceI'd never seen your eyes so red by SpitfiresOnIce
Full scene, indoor: €30-60 (no recent examples)
New Beginnings by SpitfiresOnIce
Full scene, outdoor: €30-70 
It was almost an adventure by SpitfiresOnIceWalking In A Winter Wonderland by SpitfiresOnIce
Prices range depending on complexity.

For a full list of pixel art examples, look in this folder.
Pixel icon: €10
Love yourself to death by SpitfiresOnIce Nemo by SpitfiresOnIce Samantha by SpitfiresOnIce Iolanthe by SpitfiresOnIce
Pixel doll simple shaded: €18
Smugg by SpitfiresOnIce
Pixel doll fully shaded: €22
Rags by SpitfiresOnIce

Traditional art
For a full list of traditional art examples, look in this folder.
Full scene: Prices start at €40 for a single character in an environment and go up as the amount of detail and characters increase. Please provide enough description of what you want the environment to be like, as this type of art is not as easy - or sometimes impossible - to correct when mistakes are made. Shipping art can be discussed, but this may increase the price because of shipping and material costs).
Moor running by SpitfiresOnIce (this would be about €60)

Ask about anything not mentioned here!
© 2018 - 2020 SpitfiresOnIce
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Commission type: Flat Chibi

Character reference(s):

Pose/Expression: Could I have him mostly neutral looking, but with his brows a little furrowed (kinda like in his reference sheet) Pose can be pretty much anything

Background: N/A

Anything else? I would like him with NO wings, NO muzzle. But I would like him wearing his collar. All design notes can be found in his toyhouse

Payment: Paypal

SpitfiresOnIce's avatar
SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist

Yes!! I can do that, thank you so much c: Invoice sent! :heart:


Paid <3 <3 <3

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SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist

owo crying emoji owo crying emojiowo crying emojiowo crying emojiowo crying emoji THANK YOU VERY MUCH


NO PROBLEM owo crying emoji

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InsanitydrawingsHobbyist Digital Artist
Commission type: Shaded Headshot
Character reference(s):
Pose/Expression: It should cheekily look at the viewer.
Background: no
Anything else? She is a Cat <3
Payment: Paypal :3
SpitfiresOnIce's avatar
SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, I can do that! Can I have your PayPal so I can send an invoice? :>
Insanitydrawings's avatar
InsanitydrawingsHobbyist Digital Artist
My Paypal is
SpitfiresOnIce's avatar
SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist
Invoice sent! I should get back to you with a sketch within this week! Hopefully within a few days, but if not, I should definitely be able to do it on the weekend!
Insanitydrawings's avatar
InsanitydrawingsHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you

mony sent
dogerrific's avatar
Would I be able to order more than one? 0:
SpitfiresOnIce's avatar
SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes! That's absolutely fine!
dogerrific's avatar
Commission type: flat chibi
Character reference(s):
Pose/Expression: maybe just standing with their tail up and mouth open like they're really happy
Background: transparent 
Anything else? he has a tuft of hair on his head, same color as his stripe. 

Commission type: flat chibi
Character reference(s): SacredRoses-Art
Pose/Expression: surprise me! 
Background: transparent 
Anything else? n/a
SpitfiresOnIce's avatar
SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist
These characters are adorable! Invoice sent c:
dogerrific's avatar
Aah thank you! Payment sent c:
SpitfiresOnIce's avatar
SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! Thank you so much :> I will try to get to them ASAP! I did, however, just start a full time job, and I'm still adjusting, so I might not get to them until the weekend, but I'll try my best to do them quickly!
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No worries, take your time! I totally understand
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SanguineMoonflowerHobbyist General Artist
I wanted to get a piece, of my dog who passed, but I dont know what would be best for a representation of her. I do have a picture of her, and all. Maybe a simple background with some words, fullbody? Perhaps we could talk out something in notes? :)
SpitfiresOnIce's avatar
SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist
Absolutely, feel free to contact me! I'm down with whatever you want to go with, but if you would like to brainstorm for ideas we can do that as well!
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Indigo-SplashHobbyist Filmographer
Do you still offer animated pixel icon commissions? 
SpitfiresOnIce's avatar
SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist
I haven't done them in a while, but I could give it a try!
Indigo-Splash's avatar
Indigo-SplashHobbyist Filmographer
Ok! ^^ i’m assuming that animated icons are extra?
SpitfiresOnIce's avatar
SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist
That would depend on what you had in mind! Did you have an example from my gallery, or would it be something I haven't done before?
Indigo-Splash's avatar
Indigo-SplashHobbyist Filmographer
alright ^^ how about something similar to this?  Smile for the camera by SpitfiresOnIce
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