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Bienie Reference Sheet 5

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EDIT: Bienie has a new reference sheet now. Their newest one is  Bienie Reference Sheet 9 by SpitfiresOnIce
Edit December 31st, 2013: Added the scar on her pawpad. Please note that it's only her right front pawpad!
Edit October 7th, 2013: Changed the pure white to a very light colour instead. Changed some of the info.
Griwi reference sheet
Accessoires reference sheet
Previous reference sheets: Bienie Reference Sheet 4 by SpitfiresOnIce The Vana Ref 3 by SpitfiresOnIce Vana reference 2.0 by SpitfiresOnIce My fursona: Vana by SpitfiresOnIce

New one because the anatomy in the last one was starting to irk me, and some of the things I typed there, and I wanted to add the Wallabienie. B) Phew, it's done c'x Lots of information on this one :la: But well, the more you know!
Included many things from the last reference, left some out that weren't important and reworded some things that people seemed to misunderstand. Also, added many descriptions to make sure her design is clear to everyone - but I don't think it will help much (keep hoping Bienie, keep hoping).
Sooo more art for this little overrated spoiled brat fursona/mascot of mine. B) Feel free to ask about anything that isn't clear!
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The pic of Bienie lying on her stomach reminds me of one of those animal skin rugs...
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Maybe secretly, she is :eyes:
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randomly comments on this, which implies that I am indeed working for the contest

It's just something small, but I see something lacking on your reference sheet(s), a full front and back view of Bienie. Those might be useful for drawing her as well :dummy:
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Front and back as in, when she's standing on all fours? That might be something I have to include, yes :'D
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Indeed, because I'm making a modelsheet at the  moment and I have some troubles drawing her from the front side. Actually having troubles drawing her in general, haven't drawn her in a while :XD:
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Ahh, understandable :'D
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she is female, correct?
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Wallabienie is SO cute <3 
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I like the paragraphs of information, reading about characters and especially fursonas is interesting x3 and Wallabienie's adorable :aww:

Also, I hope you don't mind me pointing this out too much, but the Asperger's bit stuck out to me as a few people I know, including my brother and potentially myself, have it :meow:
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Same here, I like that too! Thank you ^^

Ah, I see! Interesting c:
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each reference sheet you do, you gets a smaller head  LOL
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Yes xD Well I started out with oversized heads so B')
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i like it, it shows your fursona growed like you

when babies everyone have a giant head as we grow bodys grows and head not so much

becomeing more mature and all :U

anway, great job!
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I'm glad :3 And that's very true!

Thank you! :D
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This is too adorable in every way possible ;o;

I'm using him/her in the commission. Oh yes. He is too cute x3

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N'aww, thanks! Glad you think so c:
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Can I please use this? :P
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What do you mean with use this?
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