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Ristar plush 1

My latest project! :dummy:

Ristar the shooting star!

Who is Ristar?
I'm just putting this here, since some or many don't know about him. He is the hero of another game created by SEGA, and one of the last genesis games. Because of that, he is not very well known. But his game was awesome; as addicting as the classic Sonic. I remember playing with him as a kid, and I'm glad I discovered him that time.

I almost beat his game, just the final boss is tricky! But I'll get there eventually.
To show my appreciation I did a few drawings of him, and I made this plushy of him! Can't help but admit that he's so darn cute >.<

Is he for sale?

Not yet...
But he may be, if I don't get too attached to him :XD:
I may sell him at a convention, if that's possible. And if he doesn't sell there, then I'll hold him up as a prize for a contest! Not that anyone may be interested... ^^; I'm almost sure.

Either way, enjoy!
may scrap later
and yes... I used photoshop on the BG
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I'll take 40,000,000,000,000,000,000.
Larryisdaman's avatar
I'm sorry.
I just f*ckin LOVE Ristar.
SpitFireLex's avatar
No problem.
The little guy is great :highfive:
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This guy f*ckin DESERVES a sequel!!
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omg!, with what materials did you make it? or how did you do it? You have done a great job! :D
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Thank you! =D
I made him with fleece
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Ahh okay, and did you do it based on a template or something similar? because it shows very well manufactured so to speak ;)
SpitFireLex's avatar
I come up with my own templates :aww:
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ahh, so you make your own templates? :o
SpitFireLex's avatar
Yep! =D
For every character
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Great! Hehe ^_^

I would like to make one the same, but I do not have a template like the one you have :(
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All my templates are in my mind most of the time ^^;
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Wow this is amazing! How did you make him?
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Thank you!
It's hard to explain. I was never good at telling how ^^;
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Ristar for me holds special memories that truly captures childhood. I remember renting this game, spending the weekend morning playing this, watching cartoons, and eating my mom's famous (well to us) chocolate chip waffles. To this day even though he has nothing to do with them when I replay this game I get a craving for chocolate chip waffles.
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Oh I know what you mean by that X3
I'm glad he means something to you ^^
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AWWW I'm so jealous. :3
SpitFireLex's avatar
Well, thanks ^^
Nova2711's avatar
:3 it's so cute
DocRitaWalrusFlattop's avatar
Love this game and picture!
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lol! i want it!!!! :iconiwantitplz:!! hmm.. maybe I can make one of my own :iconristarplz:.. YEAH! lol so what do i need for matirals? XD
SpitFireLex's avatar
That would be cool. He is pretty easy to make. The materials I used were fleece.

Ristar standing there, and posing in his icon :tighthug:
Absolhunter251's avatar
yeah!!!!! and thanks!! x33 i'll try to make one of my own, so i won't try to steal yours! XDD

Ristar: :huggle: *:iconspitfirelex: & :iconabsolhunter251: for being the biggest fans ever!* XDD sorry couldn't resist!
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