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You remind me of petrichor
with your turbulent emotions.

a fury so fierce, you
sling lightning bolts
at anyone who dares to
challenge you.

a temper that scarcely
reins in its urges
to unleash its storm surges,
it threatens to drown
everything it touches.

then there is
the gentleness
of your little
carefully finding
their way down
through a
window's mist.

but the stratus haze
burdens your shoulders.
your skies are overcast
with monochrome
shades of tenebrosity,
eclipsing your latitude to see
the array of colors they
conceal from you.

you acquiesce to such a degree withal.
because you are too skittish
to love, bathe in the sun,
be kissed by it, since
your trust in it to soak
up your pain has been
betrayed so much,
it is too cataclysmic to
let it happen to you again.

so you hide, diffuse
its solar incandescence,
succumb to piercing
cold so deep your
tears cascade
over numb lips
tinged with blue.

in lieu you give
your loyalty to the
and starlight
because they
understand you
the most.

that's why you choose
to submerse in the
darkness your storms reign,
because being lost in obscurity
is better than being found
by the ones off beam.

your thundery cloudbursts
and wild torrents
could peradventure
be your downfall
in their downpour, but
the fragrance your rain leaves
behind cleanses the world
like nothing else.
The battlefield; a blood bathed sea of the dead
lay astray the carnage; my lap beneath his head
the soldier's eyes still pierced with infernal fire.

evading his ravaged lungs weakening
he fought to respire the blackened air,
summoning the fading strands of his eternal strength

he sang to me, his battle cry... just a soft lullaby
ashes danced all around us to his melody;

you can't hurt me anymore
and I don't care what you think
because in the end this is my war
and I'll die before I let you win.
Not all demons
come dressed
as one.
Tell me, which of these
digs the dagger deepest within—
the hideous truth;

or the pretty lie
you so badly wish to
believe in?
I listen to the silence
that fills up your heart
no decibel of another
lulls this loneliness I feel since
the rhythm of yours
lost its beat.
Bittersweet, that's you.
so sublime on the surface
but you're rotten to the core.
makes me want to sink my teeth in
let you infect me with your poison
spit it out and beg for more.
My name is [sic],
how do you do?
I come to visit
when you're at the
end of your wits,
so desperately wanting
to believe in things you
know won't ever be true.

it must hurt to
feel so alone.

while I'm here I'll
make myself at home
doctor you up and—
oh. you overdosed.
what's that you ask?
how far gone are you?

my friend, it isn't how
you are so far gone, no.
why, you're just a few
steps shy of beyond lost
at this point of no return
you seem to have found
yourself at a crossroads
of dead ends and don't
know where to turn

I'm afraid there's
not much I can do.

but here's what I'll say,
be that as it may;
believe and friend
have lie and end
in the substratum
of them

so be mindful where
you tread ahead since
there are far and few
with enough sense to
keep a mind full of
thoughts that are
thought out and
ought to be said.
You're just
the same
as water.
can't live
without you
or I die;
too much
and I drown,
still when I try
to touch you
always slip
through my
Dear little one,

this is going to hurt.

a lot.

and I know

I can't make

your pain go away

but I'd take

it any day.

don't ask why,

because you

won't understand;

some things in life

just don't need an



The scent of death lingers
amidst the tips of her sere fingers

and he knows come light of day
hers will grow dim with her decay

but inside her heart's
marcescent chambers

inheres the little pulse
of his love's undying promise;

ebbs and flows,
yet still it anchors.
Within your essence
is a side of benevolence
tinctured with values of virtue

another is of malevolence
imbrued with a more impure, off color hue
and both are true.
It is always so sad to see;
a warm, tender heart
anneal into wrought iron
from stone cold years of
steeling for cruelty.
Just when you hit rock bottom
and begin to build your rocks
back up again together,

just when you think
you got the crave tethered
that's when you collapse,

reach the nether end of nadir
breach the ether's menhir
cave in and relapse,

reliving yet another one of the deathtraps;
it ever so lovingly never stops.
Playing me into your games,
gnawing me raw down to my bones bare
and I'm the only one there is to blame;

being your strategic tactic too imperfect to hatch
but you're ware of how that incendiary set aflare
here, want me to get you a match?

oh look at that, now isn't this a crying shame
there's no fire left in me for you to snare

so. it went up in flames.
let it burn for what I care.
I'm (not) insane
just doing the same
things again and again
impatiently awaiting change.
It's ok, I breathe death in on the inhale;
you diminish existence on the exhale

we just stare at our lives as they perish before you and me
we don bloodstained vain since we're the reason for our own agony
exhausted from assaulting through this defeatist fight
crying ourselves to sleep alone each night

high on fear, low on moral
nothing for vital signs to report;
this is terminal,
off with the life support

naught is right so we're left to question in sheer doubt,
will there ever be a way out?
emotions are there
for you to feel;
not to seal away
in an eternal slumber
and act as if they
are unreal.
Tempestuous nimbus, over my head
shadowing me wherever I tread
please leave me be at my behest,
I request you no remorse
just obtest for you to let me rest
and bid you rid of watering the flora's
susurrus above my corpse.
... even the prettiest
of flowers must wilt.
To choose
the delusional torture
of hopelessly hoping for
what simply can't
and won't ever
be yours

and refuse
to never accept
the truth due
to the ruse
of which it
would bruise
even more

is so dense
and senseless
since it is what
only a human being
could be enough willing
to eat their heart out for.


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