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Sweet Spirky!


WELCOME! to this fan group!
Dedicated to the most awesome tribble in the universe;
:iconwoohooplz: SPIRKY!!! :iconwoohooplz:

But of course all other tribbles are more than welcome as well!!

:party: It'll be one big TRIBBLE PARTY!! :party:


And don't forget to do the Tribble MeMe



Sung to the tune of "Sweet Adeline"

Sweet Spirky mine,
You are so fine...
At night,dear heart,
For you I pine...
In all my dreams,
Your fur face beams...
You're the tribble of my heart,
Sweet Spirky mine,
Sweeeeet Spirrrrrky miiiiiiine!

by Blackfoxlady


Gallery Folders

Sleep Bundle - Spirk by Cammerel
suddenly tribble by TreefoxYllavyer
Laocoon orgy of tribbles by Blatterbury
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Spirky's Adventures
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Drawings and drawing-ish manips
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Mirror Spock and pet tribble by Phoenix-Cry
Trinny the Tribble by Berende
The Klingon Chef by whosname
ST Adorable by Beatlejuicii
STT 06 - Space Terror by greywriter
Spirky's tribble friends
Day 2 - Trouble with Tribbles by DisneyFan-01
AWA11-I Am Covered In Tribbles by Flareblade2000
Tribbleburger by Masazaki
Trouble with Tribbles by kenshin-chan64
Line Art and Doodles
feeding tribbles by kryz-flavored
ST: Um.....Captain....? by BulletEater003
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SuperFightTrekWars by The-G
Tribble MeMe
Tribble Meme by SweetOphelia4231616
Hella tribble meme by AimlessRecluse
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Tribble Meme by ChoirNerd2500
Demotivationals, Wallpapers, Crafts etc
Star Trek-Team Tribble Unframe by schematization
Anime Expo 2011 by gatomon90
The Terror of Tribbles by Ptrope
Halloween Tribble Contest 2011
The seven... tribbles? by TSiLvY
Beware the Tribble Bats by Linstock
Spirky's Halloween Entry by ErinPrimette



:heart: Other Tribble Lovers :heart:


First price, a 3 month membership, goes to:

Linstock and her scary Tribble Bats!!
We just love her beautifully described scenery and how this was so dramatically well illustrated!
We quote:

Beware the Tribble Bats by Linstock

[que damatic organ music]
"Sweeping pan shot up spooky valley of conifers to spooky gothic house on ridge. Wolf howl in distance. Camera enters cobweb hung front door and pans in through deserted dusty hall. Organ music swells.
The camera pans in through the ball room door. Room seem deserted, pale moonlight streams in through the windows. Organ music swells and from the corners of the room a flurry of movement. The air fills with a circling swarm of bat like creatures. The swirl around the room and they en mass fly straight at the camera.
Yes, you guessed it , it’s the Halloween swarming of the thrice dreaded tribble bats… No one is safe!"

:pumpkin: :iconzubatlaplz: GOOSEBUMPS! :iconzubatlaplz: :pumpkin:

As for our other contestants, you will all receive a 100 points!

Thank you for contributing and hopefully till next year!

Yours truly,

Spirky the Tribble

:pumpkin: :skull: :icongroupthing1plz::icongroupthing1-2plz::icongroupthing1-3::icongroupthing2plz::icongroupthing2-2plz::icongroupthing2-3plz: :skull: :pumpkin:
More Journal Entries







"You bring the grain and weapons of conquered races to my city's steps. You insult my tribble. You threaten him with razor blades and wax strips! I've chosen my words carefully, Klingon. Perhaps you should have done the same!"


More of Spirky's adventures can be found here


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