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Happy mother's day by SpiritWolfVrigo Happy mother's day :iconspiritwolfvrigo:SpiritWolfVrigo 0 0 Mortal Kombat quote I made by SpiritWolfVrigo Mortal Kombat quote I made :iconspiritwolfvrigo:SpiritWolfVrigo 0 0 The Pain of a friend talking behide your back by SpiritWolfVrigo The Pain of a friend talking behide your back :iconspiritwolfvrigo:SpiritWolfVrigo 1 0 Girls don't mess with boys hearts by SpiritWolfVrigo Girls don't mess with boys hearts :iconspiritwolfvrigo:SpiritWolfVrigo 0 2 Don't play with a girls heart by SpiritWolfVrigo Don't play with a girls heart :iconspiritwolfvrigo:SpiritWolfVrigo 0 1 Thank you all very much, I will do any requests by SpiritWolfVrigo Thank you all very much, I will do any requests :iconspiritwolfvrigo:SpiritWolfVrigo 0 0
Mortal kombat Oc's
Hi I made a MK Oc's This is Vapron. I will be doing a story one her.
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Ninja suit: Blue and White.
Powers: Ice power,shadow clones, speed.
Weapons: Sword, shadow thigh blades
Team: Johnny, Jax, Raiden,Sonya, Lui and kung lao.
Fights for Earth realm.
:iconspiritwolfvrigo:SpiritWolfVrigo 1 0
the Shadow of space by SpiritWolfVrigo the Shadow of space :iconspiritwolfvrigo:SpiritWolfVrigo 1 0 Stars in the space by SpiritWolfVrigo Stars in the space :iconspiritwolfvrigo:SpiritWolfVrigo 1 0
The shadow man that save us
Normal Pov: It was one normal day for JJ and her older brother Codi. There Dad was drunk. JJ was hiding in her room crying and as for Codi. He was at his friends house. JJ called Codi to tell him dad was drunk again and Codi was on his way. Codi asked JJ where she was in the house. JJ told Codi in her room.
My Pov: I was hiding in my closet, I know my brother will be here soon. I had to stay in my hiding place. I hear my brother at the door. Codi open the door. Called my name, I came out of my hiding place. Codi saw me with fear in my eyes and tears. He hugged me close. Telling me to pack your stuff were leaving this place. I say okay but where are we going? Somewhere safe from him Jessica. 
Codi Pov: Jessica was only 13 and I am only 16. Well it's my job to keep Jessica safe. I am not sure where we are going but It's must be safe for Jessica. We need to sneak out. And Jessica knew that. Jessica hated dad and so do I since he hurts us since he always drunk. 
Normal Pov: Well
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My hero is my brother by SpiritWolfVrigo My hero is my brother :iconspiritwolfvrigo:SpiritWolfVrigo 0 0
Our new family
This is for my brother TJ. This is red vs blue.
TJ and JJ x Church.
Normal Pov: It was a sunny morning, TJ was making breakfast. JJ was upstairs getting ready for the day. JJ walked down stairs. JJ Greeted my brother TJ.
My Pov: I walked down greeting my brother. Hey TJ, what are you cooking? I was in my blue shirt, Black pants and my black shoes. I was getting ready for school. I turned on the news. And something was bad happening around our town in Iowa. TJ Looked at me and I look back at TJ.
TJ pov: When I saw the news and I look at JJ. JJ we need to get to a safe place now. JJ go pack your stuff. And meet me back down here. JJ gave me a nod. And JJ ran up the stairs. I packed my stuff I need and something that important to me.  I wait for JJ down stairs.
My Pov: I ran up stairs, I packed everything that I need and some important things. As soon as I was done, I ran down stairs to my brother TJ. I am ready I said to TJ.
Normal Pov: We got in the car and we started to head to a
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Shout out to Midnight Blue Dragon by SpiritWolfVrigo Shout out to Midnight Blue Dragon :iconspiritwolfvrigo:SpiritWolfVrigo 0 0 Random art by SpiritWolfVrigo Random art :iconspiritwolfvrigo:SpiritWolfVrigo 0 0 Untitled Drawing by SpiritWolfVrigo Untitled Drawing :iconspiritwolfvrigo:SpiritWolfVrigo 0 5
The shadow man of the woods
This is a slender x child female reader.
I hope you enjoy this book. Your 4 years old.
Normal pov: Well y/n we going for a car ride. Y/n grab her wolf pushy and put on her black shoes and y/n had a nice pretty little red dress on with white roses. Little did Y/n know her parents hated her. Y/n was a very different child from the other children. But Y/n got in the car and her father put her seat belt on her and her mother in the front seat and her father was driving. When they got to the woods to have a nice picket, Y/n parents drove off with out her. Her mother said BYE WORTH LESS CHILD, and for her father BYE BITCH. Y/n was alone and y/n was crying her eyes out until she heard a voice. A male voice to be clear.
Y/n pov: H-hello who there????? you see a white tall man with a black suit and he had a red tie. He asked why are you crying and where are your parents? My mommy and daddy left me here and they yelled at me. He told me his name was Slenderman but you called him Slendy. Slendy a
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Levi x Child!Reader: Drawings
Levi x Child!Reader: Drawings
You let out a small sigh as you stared at the blank piece of paper in front of you as you sat in a little chair next to the desk of a cold raven haired male, Lance Corporal Levi. The one you looked up too the one you may have had a small crush on. You could Tell he was feeling down and decided to draw him a picture. The problem is you didn't know what to draw for your Corporal.
You looked at the Corporals green cape and smiled.
~Flash Back~
"Heichou can you hold my hand?" You asked the raven haired man next to you, He looked down at you.
"No." You pouted and looked up at him with begging eyes.
"Please Heichou!?" You begged, he looked away from you and you sighed sadly. You felt something grab your hand and you looked to see Levi gripping your hand.
"Hope you washed your hands." He muttered, You smiled and nodded. You looked at the training cadets and looked at the corporal.
"Heichou..Do you think I'll be strong like you?" You said not looking at him. He lo
:iconkawaiibear1:Kawaiibear1 331 83
One Final Effort [SFM/4K] by Archangel470 One Final Effort [SFM/4K] :iconarchangel470:Archangel470 182 12 Halo 3: Anniversary Tribute by FotusKnight Halo 3: Anniversary Tribute :iconfotusknight:FotusKnight 121 10 Halo: Night Dream by FotusKnight Halo: Night Dream :iconfotusknight:FotusKnight 67 6 Grass Growers by Rookie425 Grass Growers :iconrookie425:Rookie425 129 1 The Legendary Spartan [SFM/4K] by Archangel470 The Legendary Spartan [SFM/4K] :iconarchangel470:Archangel470 123 11 Andrea Denise by Reidawen Andrea Denise :iconreidawen:Reidawen 25 12 Halo 4 Sketch With Paint.Net by SaveMew Halo 4 Sketch With Paint.Net :iconsavemew:SaveMew 2 0 Just One Night by Ristorr Just One Night :iconristorr:Ristorr 596 100
Ticci Toby x Male!Killer!Reader - Part Two
This is a sequel, thank the awesome commenter Caminu73 for inspiring me to write this.  And thank Facebook pictures for inspiring the ending :XD: THANK YOU FINNISH AND NORWEGIAN LANGUAGES!
[M/n] - male name
     “No.” [M/n] said flatly.  Ben scoffed and floated around him.
     “Why NOT?  You say he’s yours, but you don’t say that you love him.  Are you just playing him!?” Ben accused.
     “Then why don’t you-”
     “BEN, THAT’S ENOUGH!” Slender hissed angrily.  Ever since [M/n] moved in, quite a few of the others had been pestering the emotionless boy to say the word ‘love.’  It was quite annoying, actually.  [M/n] obviously didn’t understand emotions, so he obviously wasn’t going to say love.  Hell, he rarely says the word ‘like.’
:iconrandom-x-readers:Random-x-Readers 687 45
Ticci Toby x Male!Killer!Reader
Requested by... er... someone?  Sorry ):
[M/n] - male name
     [M/n] is an outcast.  He didn’t care, people left him alone, and that’s how he likes it.  [M/n] is a lone wolf.  He didn’t need anyone, he’s always been alone, he’s used to it.  [M/n]’s parents don’t care.  How is someone suppose to care when they’re dead?  [Mn] is a killer.  the kills calm him, and it makes him feel better.  [M/n] is a lone wolf, loner outcast, killer.  It’s how he’s survived.  That’s how he likes it.
[M/n] sat in his room, on his bed, staring at the empty wall.  His suitcases sat, un open, on his dresser.  Another foster home.  Another couple that didn’t care about him.  Sure, they’ll act like they care.  But they don’t.  No one cares.  [M/n] learnt this the hard way.  This foster home already has four kids.
:iconrandom-x-readers:Random-x-Readers 747 72
SlendermanXMale!Reader Part 2~
Slenderman X Male!Reader Part 2
“What happened to you?” Asked your mum, glaring at your jeans.
“Oh I fell over…” You said, nervously rubbing the back of your neck thinking about your encounter and how the tendrils felt wrapped around your legs.
“And where’s the camera?” Your dad added.
“Oh shit…” You mumbled.
“Language!” Snapped your mum, sending you a sharp look.
“S-sorry…” You looked down and felt like curling into a ball.
“So, where is it?” Coldly said your dad.
“I-I…I lost it…”
And, this of course led to a huge argument. It never mattered what the subject of the argument was, your mum and dad would always find a way to blame you and gang up on you. “Do they get joy out of screaming at me or something?” You sighed to yourself, taking a large scolding off both parents at once about how careless you were.
You had no id
:iconlittlecuteinsaneboy:LittleCuteInsaneBoy 330 104
SlendermanXMale!Reader Part 1~
Slenderman X Male!Reader Part 1
You’d always loved the woods, it was so quiet and relaxing, a place you could escape to. Home life wasn't the best and school was a living nightmare you had to relive everyday! So when the days pain was over, you loved grabbing your camera and just relaxing in a tree, capturing some nice nature shots and genuinely feeling alive again. Everyone needs an escape, the woods was yours.
Today had been an extra stressful day, you’d woken up late (so of course your parents shouted at you), you almost missed first period, your locker stuck so you couldn’t get your science book, your pen exploded, you failed a test…And all that was just period 1 and 2! So its safe to say when you got home, the woods were calling you.
The brown leaves crunched under your boots, the wind playfully picking up your fringe and tossing it to the side it didn't belong on. Trying to flick your hair back to its original place; you turned on the
:iconlittlecuteinsaneboy:LittleCuteInsaneBoy 352 92
Slenderman X Child!Reader: It Began With A Smile

    Once upon a time, there was a little girl. Her name was (Name). She had deep (e/c) eyes, (h/l) (h/c) locks that she usually put in twin braids, and she was always seen with a smile on her doll-like face. "Sweet," "Kind," "A well mannered child," is what everyone said about her. Her parents were wealthy, running their own large-scale company in several places around the world. Because of this, they were rarely home to spend time with (Name). She had no brothers or sisters, and the only people she had to play with were the maids and butlers around her large home. Even so, she was a lonely.
    Very, very lonely.
    It was a cool summer night, and (Name) sat up in her bed, staring longingly through her window. Her eyes scanned the dense forest behind her house. Oh, how she wished she could run through the woods and play! Sadly, it was strictly forbidden by her parents. They said it was too dangerous, she could ge
:iconsinglesunflower95:SingleSunflower95 476 83
Questions (Sebastian X Child!Reader)

The tall man stopped and turned around. He held out the candelabra further out in front of him and noticed the top of a young girls head.
A giggle. "I'm down here."
Sebastian kneeled down to the young girl's height and got a full view of her face. Based upon her large, glowing (e/c) and her tidy (h/c) (h/l) locks, the young lady had not slept a minute since he had put her to bed. He chuckled. "Lady (F/n), it is past your bedtime. Don't you think that you should hurry on back to your bed chambers?"
Young (F/n) sighed and fiddled with the hems of her nightgown. "I...couldn't sleep." She confessed, right before giggling once again. "I had a question to ask you!"
Such a lively young mistress.
"Oh?" Sebastian tilted his head to the side, giving the impression that he was honestly curious. "And what might such a question be?"
He was surprised when he saw her bubbly attitude quickly dissolve into dead-seriousness laced in he
:iconchronoszee:ChronosZee 708 353
Sebastian x Child Reader: Giving and Receiving
Sebastian x Child Reader
:bulletred: Her Butler, Giving and Receiving :bulletred: 

Sebastian Michaelis- Butler to the House of Phantomhive, and personal demon to the head of the small family of three- had never been one to shun away from a hard days work. More often than not, the demon in question did several days worth of jobs in the space of several hours. But as he currently regarded the mess before him, Sebastian had to wonder how it had been so disastrous.
The kitchen had been demolished countless times in the past- due to Bard and his pyro-tendencies- but out of all the times this was most definitely the worst. Two entire walls had been blown out in this newest explosion, all of the cupboards were either open or emptied of their contents, and there were unrecognizable bits of food scattered across the now blackened floor. To put it lightly, it was nothing short of a magnificent mess.
For several minutes Sebastian let his
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 747 185



I work on Wattpad and Quotev. 

My wattpad : Jessica Jones (@Agent-JJ-Fang) - Wattpad
My Quotev :  JJ Fang

I want to say hello to hello to everyone. I will be writing to tomorrow. I can't wait to let you see my stories. I hope you enjoy. 


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