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[Colderrian GP] Go go!

--Go go--

okay so some bad things were happening lately in my life and i kinda had artblock and then sudden urge to draw, and then another artblock, and it's just weird. so this is the result, haha. ejoy, i guess.
btw, how awesome is racig with drafts?? i kinda can't imagine how uncomfortable this must be, cos I once cantered on half-draft horse and maaaan, this was the worst canter of my life xD also it's kinda slow and lazy xD

also, check out my last years' GP entry: Team Green

my entry for Colderrian grandPrix 2019 (definitely join, it's so much fun and you still have plenty of time!)

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Mount name: Daniel (isn't he cute?!?)
Rider name: Leesa J. Tlapkin
Rider age: 24
Race: Steeplechase

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Story might be added later

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Flags: 3x
Characters: Aika & Armitar from BUGHS-22Kre-kre & Az from AzraelangeloEllesaraya & Larinne Morningstar from Samantha-dragonAlicia & Derena from Tila-art 
Watchers: 4x
- okay guys you see that centaur girl?? that's my new charater!! I'm not sure what's her name but she is kinda forrest horse breeder and Spirit has Wellington from her and she has Daniel for lease from her <3 And I love this new girl x3

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(not traced, used just as a reference)
Draft Race 5 & Draft Race 27 from Darya87,  thank you so much!
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Krásne farebné :3 Paráda! Nech artblock pekne odcvála preč! :D
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Děkuju moc :3 Bála jsem se, jestli jsem to s těma barvičkama zase trochu nepřehnala :D