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I've decided not to upload comics to deviant art as frequently (not that I upload frequently in the first place). I have seven other places that I upload comics to which receive much more views than deviant art, so it's just easier for me to have one less place to upload if it isn't going to gain me much attention. So for those of you here who do consistently view my comics, you can visit to see all of your options for following me. I may still randomly upload groups of comics/illustrations in the future to keep a portfolio here, but I won't be using this site as one of my primary sources of distribution. 
Never miss a new Spiritual Bacon comic! You can now follow Spiritual Bacon on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Comics will also be published on Tapas, Webtoons and DeviantArt. You can also subscribe to my RSS.

I also have a website now:

I will be updating Spiritual Bacon with a new comic every Wednesday!
Last year I participated in a 255 artist collaboration created by :iconbasakward: called ART-Imation. Basakward created a 255 frame animation of a character then sent each frame out to a different artist, myself included, and had us all draw our own characters into the frames. The final product looks like this: 

My frame appears around 0:37 and resembles the Donald McRonald character I did for my character design series:  Donald McRonald by SpiritualBacon
I'm a little late in sharing this but I though all the artists did a great job and Erin Humiston did an excellent job putting this together so I wanted to share it with everyone!
I haven't bothered to make any journal updates yet since no one has really been watching me, but now that I've accumulated a handful of watchers I figured I ought to tell you all what I'm up to and what my purpose for showing my face on DA is. In case you're looking at my username and wondering who the hell I am, I recently changed it from Made0fStars to SpiritualBacon, and most of you are probably watching me because of my character sheets I've put up. These characters are the cast of my comic strip series titled "Down and Out" and although I haven't posted any comics in a while, I've been focused on improving my character designs and line work. I've gotten to the point where I am satisfied with how my artwork looks enough to take it more seriously and start posting comics more frequently. I'm working on a strip right now that I hope to have finished soon but I also have a lot of school work this semester so I won't be able to post comics as much as I would like to, but hopefully after a few months I'll start updating this page more frequently. So I just wanted to let people know what was up and say thanks for watching! You'll be seeing more from me soon!