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Strands Image Stamps

PNG images of my Strands brushes.
© 2006 - 2021 spiritsighs-stock
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I used your brushes here: [link]

I love your brushes!!
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I love you.
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You make beautiful work. I'm still not quite sure how to use these, but when I figure it out I will be pleased to experiment with your designs and give you credit. Thank you for offering your skills to others in such ways.
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silly do we download the brushes??? I feel stupid now...
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Don't feel stupid, feel free to ask anything you want hun. :) Well, since I'm so late in replying DA has a whole new look... which actually might make things easier for ppl :D Look over to the left and you'll see a link that says download.
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:D i see it, thanx for the point in the right direction. They are awesome sparkles.
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I really like these. converted them to Gimp and I would like to possibly use them to make a header for my livejournal. I wanted to make sure that was okay before I did it. I will send you the link if I do end up using them and credit you in my userinfo. Please let me know either way, so I will know how you feel. If I use them it will be with my hydrangea deviation which I just posted tonight.
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I'm sorry first of all for taking forever to check my messages. Sure I gave her permission to convert them to GIMP and I don't mind for you to use them at all. Just as long as the terms of use followed :) i really appreciate you being thoughtful enough to ask though hun, thanks! :hug:
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