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Rainmeter: Ahmed-90's SystemInformation reloaded

By Spiritreader
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Hi everyone.

I updated Ahmed-90's brilliant SystemInformation monitoring tool (with permission) for Rainmeter to the point of almost completely reworking the GPU and CPU core modules, as well as providing disk monitoring support.

The following things have been updated:
  • New GPU monitoring base to work with MSI Afterburner plugin
  • New CPU skins to work with 8, 12, 16, 24 and 32 thread CPUs
    • MSIAfterburner monitoring (CPU temp) or
    • HWINFO monitoring (effective clock, 2 temperatures of your choice)
    • option to split a 32 thread cpu into 2x16thread skins included
  • disk monitoring skins
  • Ryzen branded skin
  • Modified textures, now using self made new transparent ones
  • added optional darker textures and re-added default texturs (all in skin folder)
  • new color scheme
  • (BETA) HWiNFO monitoring for CPU
More images here: imgur.com/a/FI6mc


SystemInformation Changelog - Pastebin.com

Update 13: revamped and restructured CPU module, changed font to Bahnschrift, added skin for up to 4 fans, removed deprectated ATI dll from GPU skins, fixed nvidia power reading (v 2.0)


1 - Install all plugins if not already done at startup

2 - (Optional) Install HWiNFO

3 -  (Required for GPU Monitoring) Install MSIAfterburner

4 - CPU: Change your name by right clicking on the tool and editing the CPUNAME variable

5 - GPU: Configure your GPU data at (Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\SystemInformation\GPU\Config.inc ).

6 - NET: Configure your upload/download speeds by right clicking on the skin -> edit skin

7 - DRIVE: Configure your drives by selecting a drive skin, edit -> driveLetter=X: where X be your desired drive letter

8 - Textures: go to Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\SystemInformation\GPU and rename img to img_dark and img_light to img if you want more background transparency

9 - FAN: See HWiNFO config section

How to configure HWiNFO skins

I only recommend you use the HWINFO skins if you are an experienced user, know how Rainmeter skins work and thus know how to configure it.
I will not provide support for getting it to work. That's on you.

If you want to get started, check out the link below. After reading through it you should know what the information below refers to.
Working with the HWiNFO plugin - Rainmeter Forums

Here are the measurements you need to update with the correct SensorID, SensorInstance and EntryType:
CPU skin:

Temperature Reading 1:
Measure Name: [CPUNameT1]

Temperature Reading 2:
Measure Name: [CPUNameT1]

Average effective clock:
Measure Name: [measureAvgClockEffective]

Fan skin:
Set the values below to your minimum and maximum fan speeds





[measureFan1] thru [measureFan4]


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Could you please make a 6-core version? Couldn't figure out how to make it myself.

Thank you and beautiful work.

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awesome work man. is there any way i can get framerate and frametime displayed?

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Hi Spiritreader,

i tried your nice skin, CPU data is correctly shown, but absolutly NO values on the GPU window. HwInfo64 shows all sensors with all values. Can you please help me?

in Config.inc the Adapter is set to 1. (i also tried 0 and 2)

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I can only really help you if you provide detailed steps on how thoroughly you followed the installation instructions.

Otherwise I can only make an educated guess.

Did you perform this step?

3 -  (Required for GPU Monitoring) Install MSIAfterburner

GPU monitoring is only based on MSI Afterburner for now, because it usually doesn't require any extra configuration.

liebergott22's avatar

Hi - thanks for the answer.


The .dll is loaded in rainmeter.

Is there anything else to to?

By the way:

Maybe you could also release a version with the same graphics (grey dashed title bar and dashed colored percentage bars) as the original version of Ahmed-90 was... Looks very stylish in my opinion... :)but is probably only a wish of mine....

Your work is great!!! i like it much!

best regards

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the MSI Afterburner program also needs to be running in the background. Otherwise the plugin can't grab its data.

Check if the respective sensors are enabled in Afterburner by locating them under settings -> monitoring.

I've had to deprecate the original grey skin due to a change in color scheme for the line graphs.

It's also a little bit of a time vs benefit situation for me.

So I'm not sure if I ever pick up the old design again, sorry :(

Thank you for the kind words.

Take care

EeK9X's avatar

Hi! Thanks for making this skin. I have two questions:

  1. The CPU skin is incorrectly identifying my processor as a 3700X (it's actually a 3900X). Is there anything I need to change?

  2. CPU temperatures fluctuate wildly with every second, when using Afterburner as the measurement tool. Is that normal?

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance!

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The skin does not identify the cpu name.

As per installation instruction #4 you have to set the name by yourself.

"4 - CPU: Change your name by right clicking on the tool and editing the CPUNAME variable"

Right click on the CPU skin and click edit.

Under [Variables] you can see the key, change its value there.


The tool is configured to measure current Tdie/Tctl. The fluctuating characteristic is to be expected (especially with Zen2 chips).

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im pressing download and its coming up with failed - no file?

LampDoorFish's avatar

nevermind came back to it and it worked, strange haha

Tiedemann79's avatar

First of all, best skin.... hands down. I'm a grown ass man, i got a black wallpaper... i like things neat, yet with understated sophistication. I get all the info i need without burning out my eyeballs. This just.... does everything … you don't even know.

I growel in the dirt before Ahmed-90 and his second coming the Spiritreader. Or did the teacher become the master? Is Spiritreader Jesus?

That being said, i reinstalled the skin due to the MSI values poofed after Rainmeter update, and I'm to shitfaced to remember how to edit the new install, that's for tomorrow though.

I just felt like giving thanks, thou art appreciated

Spiritreader's avatar

Hey, thanks man!

I'm not Jesus, I'm just a kind of stats-crazed software developer.

I've been working on some QoL improvements and a better color scheme for a while now, which I will be updating very shortly.


I've sinced pushed the update, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Zer0K3wL's avatar

So is this getting updated still for like new gen cpu's ?

Spiritreader's avatar

I'll update the CPU modules to be a little more sleek, less text.

I'll add a 12/24 version then.

I think for 16/32 I'll need to split it into two modules though as it's gonna be a very long skin otherwise.

Unfortunately Rainmeter doesn't expose an easy way to create measures in a loop and I don't particularily like LUA, so almost every version in this skin is made by hand.

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I have added a 24 and 32 thread option.

I've also provided the option to split a 32 thread CPU into 2 16C skins.

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Hello, I noticed that in the current downloadable version, you put ATIplugin.dll both in "GPU_AMD_MSIA_TLFM" which is normal, but also in "GPU_NV_MSIA_TLF" and "GPU_NV_MSIA_TLFM", it generated errors, a simple modification in the file fixes the problem.


Spiritreader's avatar

Hey, I'll be pushing a fix for this soon. Thanks for bringing this to my attention

Update: fix pushed

CescoAiel's avatar

Would it be possible to get a version of the CPU widget that displays graphs for Temp/Load/Fan/Memory, similar to the GPU one?

I don't need all P(hys) and L(ogical) cores split out separately, but I would like to be able to monitor T/L/F, and Mem added in is just for visual consistency... ;)

Spiritreader's avatar

so, total CPU load and TLF? Should be possible

I'm planning a revamp on most of the CPU skins, I'll see if I can add that soon-ish.

notosapien's avatar

Hi, first of all good job and thanks.

I wanted to know if there's a way to adjust the RAM usage intervals? I have compared it with other RAM monitoring widget and it seems that the 'Ram used' and 'Swap used' percentage updates slower like 3-4 seconds compared with the others, I want to change it so that it updates every 1 sec.


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You can modify the "UpdateDivider" value to change how fast the ram numbers update.

I haven't changed the logic of the RAM module from Ahmed's skin and since I don't use it I never really noticed. Let me know if you find a value that works!

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loading "TopProcesses" crashes rainmeter and now rainmeter crashes upon startup

Spiritreader's avatar

plugin dll no longer working. I had to remove the TopProcesses skin until I can look for a new one, but it isn't a priority for me at the moment. Sorry :(

Zer0K3wL's avatar

Please update so it supports 24 threads for the 3900x and 32 threads for 3950

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