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My First Yami Plushie by SpiritPuzzleshipper My First Yami Plushie :iconspiritpuzzleshipper:SpiritPuzzleshipper 3 12 New Desktop for New Year by SpiritPuzzleshipper New Desktop for New Year :iconspiritpuzzleshipper:SpiritPuzzleshipper 4 1 My latest desktop by SpiritPuzzleshipper My latest desktop :iconspiritpuzzleshipper:SpiritPuzzleshipper 5 28
Our Final Goodbye
 I closed the door to my room and sighed, leaning against it, closing my eyes, I slid down the door. Sitting on the floor, my knees curled up to my chest. "That was harder the second time." I whispered. I just returned from Kaiba Dome, the place where I ended up dueling Kaiba. Where I put the puzzle together once more. I wore it once again, just like old times. I reach for my chest, feeling for what was not there anymore. "Why?" I asked him, though I know he wasn't there. Diva, no Aigami, he had been controlled by the spirit of the ring and was destroying the world right in front of me. I refused to give up, but my body was too weak. I remember struggling to breathe, my eyes were fading to black, I refused to give up, but I had no other choice. Until, he came. I blinked back a couple tears and looked out my window. "Atemu." Yes, my other self, my best friend, my first love. He had came and helped me. All that emptiness I had felt these last six months, went away. I was filled with
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"You broke me!" I yelled. "You left and didn't once think what it would do to me!"
"I," He paused. "You're right. I didn't." He shrugged his shoulders and looked down to the ground.
"I cried every night for you to come back." I spoke softly. "I tried to kill myself. Because I couldn't take the pain!"
His eyes snapped up at me. "You what?" His voice came out scared.
"I couldn't take the pain." I admitted. "I couldn't bare the thought of being alone."
Taking two steps towards me, I took two away. "Please, let me hold you, once more?" He stepped again, this time, I didn't move.
"I can't change the past." He spoke, taking another step towards me. "But I can try to change the future." Another step, he was getting closer. "I never once meant to hurt you." I could see the tears in his eyes. "You got to believe me."
He was right there, next to me. Our bodies close enough, we could feel each other's warmth. I thought I had moved on, I thought I allowed myself to forget the pain, but seeing him,
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My Past
 The young girl sat on her bed, crying. The voice inside her head screamed bitterly at her with each tear that fell.
The voice repeated over and over again, it was venom each time a new word came out. Soon the words became sentences.
"You don't deserve to live."
"You fuck up everything."
"It's all YOUR fault!"
The voice blamed her, haunted her, caused her to do things. Things she never thought she would do. The young girl sat up from her bed and went to her desk, there she opened an small crayon box, inside of it a small pocket knife. It was small, smaller than an average pocket knife, but big enough to do the damage she wanted to. The voice wouldn't stop yelling at her, it told her to do it.
"That's right, kill yourself! Don't miss this time!"
Swallowing hard she took the knife to the side of her hand, tears fell as she closed her eyes, she slide the knife down from the knuckle of the thumb to the side of her wrist. Opening her eyes she sighed,
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You Are Enough-Who I Was
 Hi there everyone! I wanted to welcome you all to my series entitled "You Are Enough". This series is honestly to help both myself and others with coping and dealing with Depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and self esteem issues. The intro today is going to be my back story, my before I came to Christ story. Sort of like a Testimony, but what's different is I am not sharing what Christ has done for me. WARNING!!! I am sharing nothing but bad for now. I promise you all there will be a happy ending...sorta. It's not all bad! I promise! I am going to start this series off with how I feel like it needs to be started off. The bad, the ugly, the worst part of my time as a kid/teen. So please bare with me as this series is only beginning. I want to start off by saying, I have a mental illness, that makes me sick! I am not crazy, I am not a danger to myself or others. I have a illness that will not be cured until the day Christ returns or I am called Home. End of Story...PERIOD! I w
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Yugi drawing by SpiritPuzzleshipper Yugi drawing :iconspiritpuzzleshipper:SpiritPuzzleshipper 6 0 Yami crying by SpiritPuzzleshipper Yami crying :iconspiritpuzzleshipper:SpiritPuzzleshipper 4 0 Sad Yami drawing by SpiritPuzzleshipper Sad Yami drawing :iconspiritpuzzleshipper:SpiritPuzzleshipper 5 0 Tears by SpiritPuzzleshipper Tears :iconspiritpuzzleshipper:SpiritPuzzleshipper 4 0 Joey Drawing by SpiritPuzzleshipper Joey Drawing :iconspiritpuzzleshipper:SpiritPuzzleshipper 6 0 Baby Pharaoh by SpiritPuzzleshipper Baby Pharaoh :iconspiritpuzzleshipper:SpiritPuzzleshipper 5 2 Desktop by SpiritPuzzleshipper Desktop :iconspiritpuzzleshipper:SpiritPuzzleshipper 1 0


Expecting by albinoraven666fanart Expecting :iconalbinoraven666fanart:albinoraven666fanart 158 6 Maned Lioness Ref by albinoraven666fanart Maned Lioness Ref :iconalbinoraven666fanart:albinoraven666fanart 120 7 Mini Draggos- Yugioh by ashe-the-hedgehog Mini Draggos- Yugioh :iconashe-the-hedgehog:ashe-the-hedgehog 13 0 Millennium Club Page 29 by Kuzai Millennium Club Page 29 :iconkuzai:Kuzai 93 44 Vrains - Insight by SallyVinter Vrains - Insight :iconsallyvinter:SallyVinter 27 9 Sohara and Mikiya designs by Kuzai Sohara and Mikiya designs :iconkuzai:Kuzai 51 35 Mini Plushie Ryoken Kogami by ThePlushieLady Mini Plushie Ryoken Kogami :icontheplushielady:ThePlushieLady 18 9 New Scar Colors in Original Style by albinoraven666fanart New Scar Colors in Original Style :iconalbinoraven666fanart:albinoraven666fanart 1,464 345 Pharaoh and Yugi by yugihara Pharaoh and Yugi :iconyugihara:yugihara 1,285 104 A zizz by yugihara A zizz :iconyugihara:yugihara 857 66 Closely by yugihara
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Closely :iconyugihara:yugihara 387 41
Summer festival by yugihara Summer festival :iconyugihara:yugihara 181 15 Look at me. by yugihara Look at me. :iconyugihara:yugihara 473 38 Daily by yugihara Daily :iconyugihara:yugihara 611 42 Hand in hand by yugihara Hand in hand :iconyugihara:yugihara 392 23 Double by yugihara Double :iconyugihara:yugihara 421 16



Ok so I wanted to share with you all a project I am going to start. Its a project I am going to call, "You Are Enough". I am going to write stories, real stories, about me or someone I heard(names will be changed!), write a journal entry, or even attempt to draw something O.O. the stories will be about why you, someone you know, and even myself, is good enough just being what God made you to be...urself! My first one will be coming up in the next few days and it will start off with my background. I will just say, you will need tissues for this.

Please remember one thing my friends, if you or anyone you know has depression, suicidal thoughts, or has tried to commit suicide....please get help. Not the "I am crazy" kinda help but the help you deserve! Your life os precious if not to you but to me. Yes you!! I may not know you but I love you!! If you ever need someone to talk to, talk to me, I do not and will not judge!

Anyway, I am excited to start this and pray that this will be seen by someone that needs to see it and gets reminded. You are enough!!!


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Hi everyone! My name is Megan! I am 24, married, have two kids, and most importantly I am saved by the blood of Jesus Christ! My relationship with Him is what get's me through everything in life. I am an anime fanatic, especially Yugioh! I love many types of anime and manga, so I won't name them all. But just saying, I am for sure a fangirl! I love to read, write, make amvs, take photos, sew, and ride my bike. I am a pretty average person all around! If you have any other questions you are free to ask anytime :) I have nothing to hide! I also would love to share my testimony with anyone who wishes to ask. Any questions on who Jesus and God is, please feel free to message me and we can chat :D

About my username: For starters, it is shorten from SpiritualPuzzleshipper! Second, you see, back when I was first into Yugioh(14 years ago :O), I fell in love with puzzleshipping. The ship of Yami and Yugi. However as I got older and examined their relationship more. The less sexual it became and the more spiritual I saw it. I saw it more as the Pharaoh and Yugi loved each other without having any desire for sex. More then friends, less then lovers. Make sense? I hope so! SpiritualPuzzleshipper means that their bond is so strong, that though they are seperated, they are still connected emotionally, mentally, and spiritually <3

The Purest Temple Stamp by FridaysLily ModernPuzzleshipping stamp by SkyCircle777


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