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Journal Entry: Mon Sep 5, 2011, 9:05 AM
So, I was away camping this weekend, sorry for the prolonged inactivity. And I didn't really have a chance to draw anything there, so nothing to upload at the moment. Also, I start school tomorrow, which really sucks because it seems we had no Summer at all. We seriously had no sun all August. And July was too hot to do anything more than sweat. Yay.
Also, as you may have noticed, I put commission prices up on my main page. I would really like to start doing more of those, because I'm trying to save up enough points to get my friends a premium. I'm nowhere near that goal yet though. So I'm gonna put the prices up here too, and hopefully, people will want to buy some.

Prices and Examples

Simple request, Transparent, flat colour:
Sierra-The-Skull Prize by Spiritpie
20 points
Simple request, Shading, Transparent background:
His little whispers.. by Spiritpie
30 points
Standard request, Shading, full colour background:
Echowave by Spiritpie
35 points
Lineart(MS paint or Photoshop, your choice):
Cat Lineart by Spiritpie
15 points
Pixel Icon:

10-50 points (Depending on the complexity of the character)

15-30+ points
:AT:Goat by Spiritpie
30 points
. by Spiritpie
30 points
Lineless realism:
60 points
**If you want another character added, it's another 5 points.**
Point Commissions to do

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Submitted on
September 5, 2011