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Art status

Mon Aug 6, 2012, 7:03 AM
I really wanted to use this skin so I did this :$$

I've been taking requests on Kugyay, and I'm going to continue to do that. So, if you have a kugyay account and happen to know me, I might do a picture for you if you ask me. But, I have the right to deny any request, if I find that the character is too obscene or if I just do not feel like doing one.
Requests to do

For art trades, just note me or comment, because it usually depends on how much I have to do. If I don't have much that I have/want to do, I'll most likely say yes.
Art trades to do
:bulletwhite:Birdwing for Phaylin:bulletwhite:

Point commissions are always open

My point commission prices;
Also, if you're thinking these are expensive prices, I saw some people who weren't as good as I am with art with way more expensive prices (Like a simple drawing for 100 points). So please don't complain. Remember, all this is under a dollar in money, and even though I work fast, I put a lot of effort into my drawings..
:star:= New Option

:star:Coloured Sketch with a flat colour/transparent background: 10 points
Example: Dustcloud sketch thing by Spiritpie

Simple request, Transparent, flat colour: 25 points
Example: Sierra-The-Skull Prize by Spiritpie

Simple request, Shading, Transparent background: 35 points
Examples: All I want... by Spiritpie Oh look a cat. by Spiritpie

Standard request, Shading, full colour background: 40 points
Example: Clayfeather :GA: by Spiritpie

Lineart(MS paint or Photoshop, your choice): 20 points
Example: Cat sitting lineart by Spiritpie

Icon: 15-35 points (Depending on the complexity of the character)

"Bounce": 20-35+ points
Example: Sierra Bounce by Spiritpie

Lineless: 40 points

:star:Chibi: 5-10 points:star:
Example: Skyheart Chibi Commission by Spiritpie Dictator-Wolfeye Chibi Commission by Spiritpie Feral-Melody-Fox Chibi Commission by Spiritpie

:star:Simple Custom Character Design: 5-10 points:star:
I don't think you'd need an example for this one..but if you do, let me know.

:star:Complex Custom Character Design: 10-15 points:star:

**If you want another character added, it's another 5 points.**

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Submitted on
August 6, 2012