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Boop boop I'm still unemployed and looking to make some money while I look for a job, so you should absolutely take a gander at this :3c

You can find commission prices HERE and I'm able to take both points and paypal

Please comment with what commission you would like and what character you would like involved! (And, optionally, some poses/personality traits for me to use while drawing :3)

1. Open
2. Open !!

My internet might be a bit slow and I might have to stop the stream early because of it, but might as well give it a shot!
Here's the link!

Sketching frames for a goofy pmv im working on >:3c
Hey! It's been awhile since I've done a Nuzlocke, so I figured now would be the time. I'm going to document my team and the like from an Alpha Sapphire run I'm going to do! I probably won't be saying everything that's happened, but I will keep it updated with the Pokemon on my team, as well as the ones in the box and the ones that have died. If you have any questions, let me know!

1: Only catch the first encounter per route/area.
   1a: If you have an egg, you may hatch it and use the Pokemon - only if hatched somewhere you have not caught a Pokemon previously.
  1b: You may not use the DexNav except for the first time it is introduced. It is unfair to see what Pokemon you may catch, and then decide not to.
  1c: If you do not look at what Pokemon it is, you may sneak up on it and attempt to catch it.

2: If a Pokemon faints it is considered dead and must be boxed.
3: Nickname all Pokemon.
4: Dupes clause; if you encounter a Pokemon that you have previously caught, you may skip it, to instill variety.
5: Shiny clause; if you encounter a shiny, all other rules are to be ignored and you may catch it.
6: If you have the 'dex entry, it is considered a duplicate
    -EXCEPTING: Version Mascot is okay.
8: Places with an inside and outside are counted as different areas.
9: No Buying Healing Items
    -If they are found around the world, they're fair game to use.
10: If you get to a point that you cannot continue because you lack a Pokemon able to use a certain move, you may wondertrade a Pokemon away. This Pokemon must be from your 'dead' box, and you may not use the Pokemon you receive in battle - only to preform the move needed.


Current Team
 Skoodle/Level 10/♂/Relaxed Nature/Very finicky/Starter Pokemon
  • Ability: Blaze
  • Moves: Scratch, Growl, Ember, Sand Attack
 Lorraine/Level 6/♀/Modest Nature/Thoroughly cuning/Route 101
  • Ability: Shield Dust
  • Moves: Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting
 Roxy/Level 6/♀/Serious Nature/Capable of taking hits/Route 103
  • Ability: Quick Feet
  • Moves: Tackle, Howl
 Bucky/Level 3/♂/Lax Nature/Scatters things often/Route 102
  • Ability: Gluttony
  • Moves: Tackle, Growl
 Shelby/Level 5/♀/Modest Nature/ Loves to eat/Route 104
  • Ability: Keen Eye
  • Moves: Growl, Water Gun, Supersonic
sprite || Name [Caught level/area]

Sprite || Name [Caught // Died]

I decided that I'm going to take THIS challenge to kinda de-stress when i have a stressful evening/day at school or something. Pokemon's always been something that calms me down and such, so what better way to embrace it? That, plus it's the 20th anniversary so i guess count this as my contribution to that. 

I'm going to keep a 'log' of sorts here, kinda like what I did with the nuzlockes. I'm gonna list the rules because I am modifying them slightly, and I'll also list my team and what game I'm on. When I finish a game, I'll take away the sprites of my team and put them in a list, update the team and whatnot :3 Anyway, onto the game!!


  • You may choose your first starter from three randomized Pokemon.
  • Your starter cannot be an evolved Pokemon.
  • Your starter cannot be legendary.
  • Your starter is shiny (in Gen 2 and beyond).
  • Your starter cannot leave your active party.
  • Upon defeating the Pokemon League, you may choose one Pokemon from your active party to become your starter in the next game.
  • Your new starter inherits the name of the Original Starter, becomes shiny and reverts to its most basic evolutionary form.
Capture Opportunities (reset each game):

  • You may only capture your first encounter in each area. Gift Pokemon and trades are included.
  • You cannot catch two of the same Pokemon, including a Pokemon from the same evolutionary line as one you have already caught.
  • Catching a Pokemon from an evolutionary line you have captured in a previous game triggers "reincarnation". This Pokemon inherits the name of the original Pokemon.
  • You may only capture one legendary Pokemon, and it counts as the capture for your area.
Random Elements
  • Most Pokemon encounters have been randomized - maintaining similar strength to the originals to preserve balance.
  • The moves contained in TMs have been randomized. They can be learned by any Pokemon, but can only be used once. (Including Gen V+). 
  • The moves taught by Move Tutors and their compatibility have been randomized but can be learned more than once.
Special Rules
  • All Pokemon must be nicknamed upon capture.
  • Any evolutions requiring trade or mechanics not available in game have had these requirements changed or removed.

Team/Game Stats

Current Game: Pokemon Yellow
Badge Stats: 4/8
Pokedex: 14/151

Current Team:
 Skoo || Ivysaur || Lvl 35|| --- || --- || Poison Powder, Razor Leaf, Leech Seed, Vine Whip ||
Leo || Jigglypuff || Lvl 6 || --- || --- || Sing, Cut, Flash ||
 Vagabond || Slowpoke || Lvl 33 || --- || --- || Confusion, Water Gun, Headbutt, Bubble ||
 Bandit || Venomoth || Lvl 34 || --- || --- || Tackle, Disable, Supersonic, Confusion ||
 Kolby || Kabuto || Lvl 31 || --- || --- || Scratch, Harden, Body Slam ||
 Blitz || Flareon || Lvl 30 || --- || --- || Bite, Quick Attack, Fire Blast, Tail Whip ||



Meme Trash

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 18, 2016, 7:13 AM
I do this meme every time I see it in my inbox rip
randomizer here

0. This Pokemon is you:
I am a smol fairy that stays upon my flower forever

1. This Pokémon is your best friend:
[[clique plays in the background]]

2. This Pokémon is your boss that you need to impress for a promotion:
I come to you with an idea for more synthesis in the work environment

3. This Pokémon is your partner for your science project:
project on photosynthesis im gonna ace all the plant shit

4. This Pokémon is looking for every possible way to murder you:
probably because they know i can kick their ass

5. This Pokémon is your mother-in-law:
Im just gonna start calling her mom bc look how cute

6. This Pokémon is your boyfriend/girlfriend:

how? but also good

7. This Pokémon is your ex:

8. This Pokémon stalks your every waking moment:
i dont want yer hugs cacnea get outta my life

9. This Pokémon likes to snuggle with you:

10. This Pokémon ate all your cake:
fuck you carbink you rock fuck

11. This Pokémon is what you felt in bed last night:
luxio what are you doing in bed? why are you inviting your electric friends

12. This Pokémon punched your mom:

13. This Pokémon will do anything to steal your shoes:

just because no shoes fit you doesnt mean you can have mine
my feet are much smaller than yours anyway so away w u

14. This Pokémon died by your own hands:
im a dragon slayer

15. This Pokémon is your loyal companion for life:

16. This Pokémon reads you bedtime stories:
if theyre horror stories then theyre fired

17. This Pokémon is your loving pet:

18. This Pokémon is your creepy dentist:

19. This Pokémon is what you dream about every night:
i love birds and braivery is a neat bird anyway
dont tell luxio

20.  This Pokémon is what you found in your basement when you moved into your new house:
i keep chickens in the basement 

21. This Pokémon is hunting you in an alternate universe:
ok . . ...... .why

22. This Pokémon is your guardian angel:
but i slay dragons? did they realize the error of their typing?

23. This Pokémon wants to draw with you:
aw ok atv ill help hold your pen for you 

24. This Pokémon is the first you wild encounter:
i probably thought it was a bush or something
there were probably shrieks of undisguised terror

25. This Pokémon will come take care of you when you can't:

26. This Pokémon will be the cause of your death:
death by overheating due to cuddles, probs

27. This Pokémon loves to steal your hats:
stealing my leaf hats .. the nerve of some worms

28. This Pokémon always borrows money from you:
he uses it to buy rocks
he's a rock lover.

29. This Pokémon loves to play video games with you:

30. This Pokémon is in charge of tagging people:
[[houndoom was too busy chasing his tail to tag anyone. do it if you like!]]

RE: Commissions

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 11, 2015, 7:02 AM
So, like what was stated in my poll, I think I'm going to move back to doing slots for commissions rather than always taking them. It'd ease my worry about having a bunch to do (were that to happen), and I'll be able to manage them better so commissioners won't be waiting forever for their commissions.

How it's going to work:

-> I'll post a journal when I'm going to take slots for commissions. The amount of slots will be in the journal, as well as the status of them. (Spoken for, taken, open, ect)
-> The rules will also be there, as well as a link to the prices
-> This won't be a 'constantly having slots open' type deal, it'll be one journal with slots, and once those are full, the next slot won't open back up until I feel I'm ready to take more.
-> If a slot isn't filled up by the time I'm ready to start drawing, it will be cancelled.

IDK Feedback is good if you guys think I should do something else, let me know.

DeviantArtist Questionnaire

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 7, 2015, 12:08 PM
im gonna do this for the badge.

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
I think I made my first account between 5-6 years ago.

2. What does your username mean?
I honestly don't know. I had a character named Spiritstar, and a friend at the time suggested 'Spiritpie' for an account name \o/

3. Describe yourself in three words.
small angry loser

4. Are you left or right handed?
Ambidextrous. I most often use my right hand for drawing and writing though.

5. What was your first deviation?
On this account it was                                        :GA: Birdwing by Spiritpie

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
Idk i mean i usually only make digital art and cats bc i suck

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
UM i'd really love be able to paint well (watercolours and acrylics)

8. What was your first favourite?
oh jeeze the furthest i can get to that's not in storage is this one. 
walmart commission by cyanfreak

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Digital/Friend art tbh (mostly cats)

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
I really like Nifty-senpai's style and animations /)w(\

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
ooo probably SirSullivan , Grease-Lightning , LYR3 or Matsuten 
ive met Alopiidae countless times in person if that counts.

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
I mean I met a lot of my friends through this site/another site, and they impact my life every day.

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
Either Photoshop CS6 or Paint Tool SAI
If you want specifics my tablet is a bamboo pen and touch I think.

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
My room's the only place i can make art bc its wher emy desk is.

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
UHHHHHH idk i mostly just dick around on here and sometimes submit stuff (not recently orz)

  • Please state if you will be paying with points or with PayPal
  • Only feral animals please!
  • No NSFW content
  • It'd be awesome if you could supply a general idea of the character's personality as well, so I know what kind of pose is best to put them in!

Reminder that 100 points is equal to 1$!!
I accept both Points and Paypal
If you would like something that isn't listed here, just ask me and we can discuss payment options.

Bust with Shading = 400 Points // 4$
+character (up to 1 extra) = 200 points // 2$
tried to leave all that behind me by SpiritpieCan't Take Me by Spiritpie

A simple drawing of your character with no background + no shading = 450 Points // 4.50$
+character (up to 2 extra) = 225 points // 2.25$
Lightning Quick by SpiritpieSun and Moon by Spiritpie

A shaded drawing of your character with no background + a coloured outline = 500 Points // 5$
+character (up to 2 extra) = 250 points // 2.50$
Fallow Commission by Spiritpie

A full drawing with shading and background = 650 Points // 6.50$
+character (up to 3 extra) = 325 points // 3.25$
Fireflies by SpiritpiePlayer Startled The Witch 2017 by Spiritpie

Full Reference Sheet = 750 Points // 7.50$
(base price - depends on how many extra things you may want included)
Aspenpaw reference by Spiritpie

Comic of an RP Scene =
2000 Points // 20$
(Base price, price could increase depending on how many frames)
No current example, but done in this type of style (click to view):
to all of you by Spiritpie

+ Speedpaint = 100 Points
You have a say in what music is used. If you have no preference, I will pick

Pokemon Omega Ruby Nuzlocke

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 17, 2015, 6:11 AM
Hey! It's been awhile since I've done a Nuzlocke, so I figured now would be the time. I'm going to document my team and the like from an Omega Ruby run I'm going to do! I probably won't be saying everything that's happened, but I will keep it updated with the Pokemon on my team, as well as the ones in the box and the ones that have died. If you have any questions, let me know!


1: Only catch the first encounter per route/area.
      1a: If you have an egg, you may hatch it and use the Pokemon - only if hatched somewhere you have not caught a Pokemon previously.
       1b: You may not use the DexNav except for the first time it is introduced. It is unfair to see what Pokemon you may catch, and then decide not to.
       1c: If you do not look at what Pokemon it is, you may sneak up on it and attempt to catch it.

2: If a Pokemon faints it is considered dead and must be boxed.
3: Nickname all Pokemon.
4: Dupes clause; if you encounter a Pokemon that you have previously caught, you may skip it, to instill variety.
5: Shiny clause; if you encounter a shiny, all other rules are to be ignored and you may catch it.
6: If you have the 'dex entry, it is considered a duplicate
       -EXCEPTING: Version Mascot is okay.
8: Places with an inside and outside are counted as different areas.
9: No Buying Healing Items
       -If they are found around the world, they're fair game to use.
10: If you get to a point that you cannot continue because you lack a Pokemon able to use a certain move, you may wondertrade a Pokemon away. This Pokemon must be from your 'dead' box, and you may not use the Pokemon you receive in battle - only to preform the move needed.


Current Status
Just beat Watson with no worries and no casualties

Current Team
 Wasp/Level 25/♂/Serious Nature/Likes to relax/Starter Pokemon
  • Ability: Torrent
  • Moves: Tackle, Growl, Water Gun, Mud Bomb
Aiden/Level 21/♂/Bashful Nature/Good endurance/Route 101
  • Ability: Run Away
  • Moves: Fire Fang, Howl, Snarl, Bite
 Cooper/Level 20/♂/Naughty Nature/Mischievous/Route 104
  • Ability: Pickup
  • Moves: Tackle, Headbutt, Pin Missile, Sand Attack
 Holly/Level 24/♀/Impish Nature/Takes plenty of siestas/Petalburg Woods
  • Ability: Effect Spore
  • Moves: Mega Drain, Mach Punch, Stun Spore, Leech Seed
Shilo/Level 22/♀/Bashful Nature/Somewhat vain/Route 116
  • Ability: Speed Boost
  • Moves: Gust, Fury Cutter, Mud Slap, Fury Swipes
Milo/Level 18/♂/Bashful Nature/Hates to lose/Route 113
 Caught in Granite Cave
Caught on Route 110
Appeared after Shilo Evolved
 Caught on Route 112
Caught on Route 114

Sprite || Name [Caught // Died]


Contest! *CANCELLED*

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 9, 2014, 4:32 AM
Contest cancelled for lack of entries - sorry if you started making one but it's too late.

Alrighty! It's about that time that I host another contest, since the last one ended in November of 2012. I've got some spare points laying around so I figured why the heck not!? It's going to be a little different than my previous contests, since they were mostly based around you just drawing my characters. In this one.. well, read on for details!


The last two contests I hosted have both been along the lines of "Draw my character" so this one is going to switch it up a bit. A couple people wanted a designing contest on the poll I posted, and there was still some people who wanted just a drawing one. SO in order to mix the two, I had a little idea. Why not design a character and have them interacting with a character of mine? That way, the people that want to design get to do that, and the people that want to draw get to do that as well! Or, if you'd rather not design, you can also have a character of YOURS interacting with a character of mine!. That way, if designing isn't really your cup of tea, you don't have to at all. 


Also unlike my last two contests, I will be judging this contest this time, although I am open to more judges. In an attempt to have no biased opinions however, I will be asking my girlfriend to step in and offer her thoughts on the pictures as well, which will weigh heavily on my own judging. 
They're going to be judged on creativity (whether it's designing or how they're interacting), style, and effort.


Since this contest is a little different than my previous ones, I'm going to clearly state the rules in the journal rather than just having people ask me about them.
  1. You ARE permitted to use bases. However, this will dock points from the creativity portion.
  2. If you're designing a character to interact with my current character, please don't use a design that either belongs to someone else or you bought from someone else.
  3. If you win first place and have designed a character, I may ask to keep the design. Of course since you designed it you do not have to give it to me, please don't feel like you do.
  4. You do NOT have to in order to participate, but if you signal boost the journal that'd be really cool, in order to get more entries! 
  5. If there are not enough entries, the contest will be cancelled with no cancellation prize.


If you so choose, you ARE allowed to donate prizes, in fact that'd be really cool of you and if you do donate prizes I'll draw you something to show my appreciation. However if you plan on entering keep in mind that you won't get that prize. (Sometimes people forget)

First place will receive:
100:points: from Spiritpie 
A simple drawing from Spiritpie with up to two characters
An option to have your character featured in my comic, Buzzlocke, as a reoccurring character.

Second place will receive:
60:points: from Spiritpie 
A headshot from Spiritpie 
An option to have your character featured in my comic, Buzzlocke, once.

Third place will receive:
30:points: from Spiritpie 
A "bounce" from Spiritpie 
A chibi from Spiritpie 


Today is the 9th of August, so generally I would make the deadline the 9th of September. However, by that time I will be off to university and have started classes. SO I will make the deadline the last day of Frosh week, which is September 5th, 2014. If you have any problems with this date please let me know and we can work something out.

When you finish your entries, please either mention me in the deviantation or comment on this journal, so I can add them here and be able to have a place to see and judge them all!


None so far

If you have any further questions that I didn't answer with this journal, please do NOT hesitate to ask me, be it in a comment or a note. And remember, if not enough people enter the contest, it will be cancelled. 

Apology *Please Read*

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 29, 2014, 8:12 PM
First and foremost, I would like to say sorry. Both for what I said in my previous journal and what I'm about to do now. 

When I typed the journal that had previously been on my page, the one about me leaving, I was under a lot of stress - even when I posted the calmer, edited version. Having had my art stolen numerous times and still receiving little to no recognition as the artist had been getting on my nerves, however now I realize that my intention to leave the site without much of a word was childish.

I've gone back and rethought my initial idea and I am not going to be leaving this site - I will be continuing to upload art here and taking commissions. I enjoy drawing, and even though I have a lot to improve on, I really hope that drawing more and getting people to offer critiques, that I will get out of just drawing cats and be able to have a more diverse pallet of things to draw.

So, in saying all this, I'm going to be reopening the commissions widget on my page in hopes of actually making money. This is the important part of the journal. In the fall, I leave for university. And my family, while in no means is poor, is not well off either. I don't have a lot of money, despite having a job. I get little to no hours and do not enjoy what I do in the least. So please consider commissioning me, I know this is very child-like and begging, but I would like to be able to pay my way into school without leaning too heavily on my parents in this case, and without getting under too much debt. 

I understand that not many people can commission because of not having enough money. But if you could signal boost this journal, I would really appreciate it. The commissions widget takes points and allows me to convert them to money, and it would mean so much to me if people could commission me so I could go to school without having too much of a loan.

I'll try to get my page all sorted out by tomorrow evening at the latest. Thanks for reading if you got this far, and even if you cannot do anything to help, just thanks for looking at my art and supporting me by doing so. I love all my watchers so much.
Thank you all.

Done *edit*

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 11, 2014, 6:18 PM
im done uploading art here

*EDIT* I figured that maybe I should offer a bit more explanation than just that statement. Please excuse it, because I was just really frustrated and tired and all around finished with everything when I made this journal the first time.
Here's a note that I sent to someone explaining everything, I hope it clears everything up:

"im leaving more because im tired of deviantart and the community of it in general. ive had my art stolen so much these past few months - i havent made a big deal over it - but it really pissed me off. And on some of the stolen arts that have since been taken down, theyve gotten more comments and favourites on them, which is a little annoying. also ive gotten a bunch of hate for not doing requests and people saying my art isnt worth what i have it priced at so really i just got sick and tired of it.
im in no way going to stop drawing im just going to move my art to tumblr."

I might come back at some point if the community improves, but if I do it'd be under a new name and new account to get a fresh start, and away from the art thieves hopefully. 

Jk-Howling and I decided to each do a Pokemon White 2 nuzlocke together! We've got a set group of rules, and I added my own onto it that she doesn't have to follow if she doesn't wanna. This is basically just a log of my team, who's died, who's boxed, and all that fun stuff!

Check out Jk-Howling 's log here: Howl's Log

[Group Rules]
1: Only catch the first encounter per route/area.
2: If a Pokemon faints it is considered dead and must be boxed.
3: Nickname all Pokemon.
4: Dupes clause; if we encounter a Pokemon that we have previously caught, we may skip it, to instill variety.
5: Shiny clause; if we encounter a shiny, all other rules are to be ignored and you may catch it.
[My optional rules]
6: If you have the 'dex entry, it is considered a duplicate
        -EXCEPTING: Version Mascot is okay.
8: Places with an inside and outside are counted as different areas.
9: No Buying Healing Items
        -If they are found around the world, they're fair game to use.


8/8 Collected - Complete

Current Status:
Ready for Elite Four

Current Team:

 Aslan/Level 62/♂/Jolly Nature/Capable of taking hits/Starter Pokemon
  • Ability: Overgrow
  • Moves: Slam, Coil, Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm
Alvin/Level 64/♂/Relaxed Nature/Likes to thrash about/Caught on Route 22
  • Ability: Regenerator 
  • Moves: Calm Mind, U-Turn, Drain Punch, Acrobatics
 Kiara/Level 65/♀/Sassy Nature/Very finicky/Caught in Chargestone Cave
  • Ability: Compound Eyes
  • Moves: Electro Ball, Electroweb, Bug Buzz, Signal Beam
Xylon/Level 63/Adamant Nature/Likes to relax/Caught on Route 13
  • Ability: Natural Cure
  • Moves: Surf, Psychic, Ice Beam, Light Screen
Holly/Level 63/♀/Brave Nature/Proud of its power/Caught on Route 14
  • Ability: Natural Cure
  • Moves: Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, Cotton Guard, Fly
Marrow/Level 63/♀/Careful Nature/Often scatters things/Caught in Abundant Shrine
  • Ability: Flash Fire
  • Moves: Inferno, Return, Flamethrower, Extrasensory

 [Caught on Route 19]
 [Caught on Route 5]
 [Caught on Route 4]
 [Caught on Driftveil Drawbridge]
 [Caught in Castelia Gardens]
 [Obtained in the Weather Institute]
[Caught on Route 7]

[Caught in the Strange House]
[Caught in Undella Bay]
[Caught on Route 12]
[Caught on Village Bridge]
[Caught on Route 9]
[Caught in Reversal Mountain]
[Caught in Route 13 Hidden Grotto]
[Caught in Giant Chasm Forest Hidden Grotto]
[Caught on Route 16]
[Caught in Seaside Cave]
 [Caught in Sewers/Died in Casteila Garden]
[Caught in Lostlorn Forest/Died in battle vs. Charles]
 [Caught in Desert Resort/Died in battle vs. Ace Trainer in Reversal Mountain]
 [Caught on Floccesy Ranch/Died via Blackbelt's Heracross Close Combat]
[Caught in Verbank Complex/Died via Blackbelt's Heracross Close Combat]
[Caught outside Reversal Mountain/Died via Blackbelt's Heracross Close Combat]
[Obtained in Driftveil City/Died from Drayden's trainer]

Daycare: None

New Commission Prices

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 23, 2014, 5:24 AM
I've finally decided to rework my commission prices, after almost a year. They're going to be more expensive because I'm going to start basing them off the 100 points = $1.00. Mostly because I've graduated high school and am going to need to pay for University, and having money would be very useful. That being said, I will of course still accept points! Since I'm not a premium member, I won't be able to put the 'pay here' buttons on pictures, so I won't receive money off of this, but that's fine, I understand some people have only access to points like I did, and do currently since I'm not really supposed to have paypal. If you do choose to use paypal to pay me, you'll have to note me so i can provide my paypal. ANYWAY, here are the reworked commission prices and rules to go along with them:
[Read until the bottom for add-ons for commissions]

What I WILL do:
- Animals
[Keep in mind that I mostly draw cats and it will take a bit to develop a non-feline style]
- Pokemon
- Moderately Gorey
[Don't take it too far]
- Fanart/Scenes from novels
- Scenes from an rp/story

What I WILL NOT do:
- NSFW/Nudity
- Humans
[I am not comfortable enough with my humans to sell them yet]
- Hate Art/Offensive Art


Sketch: 25 points/$0.25
+ Character: 3 points/$0.03 per character

Custom Lineart: 30 points/$0.35
+ Character: 5 points/$0.05 per character
Generic Standing Cat Lineart by Spiritpie
Can be either PSD or PNG, or both

Headshot: 75 points/$0.75
Full colour + shading headshot of your character
Sleeping-Seven Trade by Spiritpie

Solid colour/transparent background, flat colour: 50 points/$0.50 
+ Character: 10 points/$0.10 per character
Foxxthehedgehog Commission by Spiritpie

Simple request, Shading, Transparent background: 70 points/$0.70
+ Character: 15 points/$0.15 per character
Skystar Commission by Spiritpie

Standard request, Shading, full colour background: 100 points/$1.00
+ Character: 25 points/$0.25 per character
Dorks by Spiritpie

Lineless: 200 points/$2.00
+ Character: 75 points/$0.75 per character

Icons: 40 points/$0.40
+ Icon: 25 points/$0.25 per icon
[I can do either a pixel attempt or a photoshop/sai attempt]

Custom Character Designs: 30 points/$0.30
Comes in batches of three; provide a pallet or pokemon and I will design a custom character!
I can also splice animals together to make new characters.
+ Personality/Mannerisms: 10 points/$0.10
Poke Cat Adoptables 4 :OPEN: by Spiritpie


Make it a speedpaint: + 50 points/$0.50
If you choose to make your commission a speedpaint, you can see the entire process [minus sketching] for your piece! You would be able to choose the music, and if it gets too long I would have to cut some of the recording out in order to fit the ten minute limit on youtube.
This option is limited to only the headshot, the simple commissions and the standard commissions.

Upload it on _____ site for me to use: Free!
I will upload this on any other site that you would want if it would mean easier access to it for you. Examples of this would be Photobucket, Tumblr, another art site other than deviantART. However, I do ask that you please never upload my art, even if you credit me. Allow me to do it for you on my own account on the site. If I do not have an account, I can easily make one to upload your picture for you!

Email me the picture: Free!
If you'd rather not have the image up anywhere, or heavily watermarked on this site, if you give me your email I can easily send you the file.

Since it's summer, I'm going to open commissions! Now since I don't want to get too much on my plate [because I'm one to let things pile up], I'm only going to open a few slots at a time. But when I finish the person's commission, they will be removed from the list an a new slot will open up! Keep in mind that I do have a social life, and will be doing things this summer that may make the commission take longer than it used to, but I will still try to crank them out as soon as possible while still maintaining my usual level of quality!

Click here for my commission prices


1. karismic-slug

2. karismic-slug

3. sincerelyemily

i was just really bored
also im losing my cool mareep/electric pokemon skin im so upset (not really but its a cute skin)

1) are you really ready for 111 questions?
i guess so

2) Where are you taking this test at?
my bedroom

3) Was your last real relationship a mistake?
uhh im not sure im in my first one and things have been going smoothly i think?

4) Who did you last say "I love you" to?

5) Do you regret it?
nope! not in the least.

6) Have you ever been depressed?

7) Are you a boy or girl?

8) Do you have a job?
yeah i work in a drug store

9) What is your relationship status?
im in a relationship

10) How do you want to die?
i think about it more than i like to, but i really dont like talking about it.

11) what did you last eat?
garlic finger

12) Played any sports?
i played every sport going but never stuck with em

13) Do you bite your nails?

14) When was your last physical fight?
i don't do that

15) Do you have an attitude?

16) Do you like someone?

18) what is the background of your computer screen?
a drawing i did
Dorks by Spiritpie

19) Are you gonna get high later?

20) Do you hate anyone at the moment?
i wouldnt say hate no

21) Do you miss someone?

22) Twirl or cut your spaghetti?
i don't like spaghetti

23) Do you tan a lot?
i either burn or don't go outside so

24) Have any pets?
a dog and a kitten

25) How exactly are you feeling?
stressed out

26) Ever eaten food in a car while someone or yourself is driving?
i cant eat in the car no

27) Ever made out in the bathroom?
uhh nope

28) would you take any of your exes back?
ahhaah assuming i had any exes this is funny i have only ever been in one relationship my friend

29) Are you afraid of spiders?
nah. I mean I wouldnt want one on my face but if its just crawlin around on the floor its fine.

31) Do you regret anything from your past?

32) what are your plans for this weekend?
i have to go camping :c

33) Do you want to have kids?
i mean maybe it depends on with who i guess. im not normally a fan of kids though.

34) Did you ever kiss someone whose name starts with an M?

35) Do you type fast?
I guess so, faster than some of my friends?

36) Do you have piercings?
my ears, if they aren't grown over.

37) Want any more?
nooo thanks, i have low pain tolerance

38) Can you spell well?

39) Do you miss anyone from your past?

40) What are you craving right now?
not sure, maybe some chicken wraps

41) Ever been to a bonfire party?

42) Have you ever been to jail?

43) Have you ever been on a horse?
yes, and i hated it.

44) Kissed someone in a pick up truck?

45) Have you ever broken someone's heart?
i dont think so?

46) Have you ever been cheated on?
nuh-uh, not that I know of.

47) Have you made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?
yeah, on accident though

48) what time is it currently?
12:11pm when starting it

49) would you live with someone without marrying them?
yeah dude, it's gonna happen next year in university anyways?

50) what should you be doing?
a lot of stuff like getting ready for grad stuff.

51) what's irritating you right now?
a lot of stuff like grad stuff.

52) Have you ever liked someone so much that it hurts?

53) Does somebody love you?
i dont know, itd be cool if they did but one can never know if someone else loves them.

54) what is your favourite colour?
I really really like a pale blue/purple colour.

55) Have you ever changed clothes in a vehicle?

57) Do you have trust issues?
yeah, yeah I do.

58) you are over half way done with this. Are you sure you want to continue?
well I'm just waiting for my drive so might as well.

59) Do you have any siblings?

60) Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
i guess so..

61) Do you live with anyone?
just my parents

62) Do you believe your most recent ex thinks about you?
i will refer you to my previous response of I've only been in one relationship and it's the one I'm currently in.

63) Who was the last person you cried in front of?
uh natalie and katrina, we went and saw the fault in our stars and i cried a lot because of reasons surprisingly not the movie though.

64) Do you give out second chances too easily?

65) is it easier to forgive or forget?
Im not a very forgiving person a lot of the time.

66) Is this year the best year of your life?
i really hope not..

67) What was your child hood nickname?

68) Have you ever walked outside completely naked?

69) what is your motto in life?
i dont have a life motto

70) Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
depends on the thing

71) what is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?
not gonna say, its not a happy thing.

72) Do you have a best friend?
more than one

73) What is bothering you?
im trying to get used to a watch ticking

74) Have you ever been out of your country?

75) Do you play the Wii?
sometimes, only for LoZ and SSB though

76) Are you listening to music right now?

77) Do you like Chinese food?

78) Do you know your Step-Dad b-day?

79) Are you afraid of the dark?

80) is cheating ever okay?
that doesnt mean people wont do it though.

81) Are you mean?
yeah a lot of the time.

82) Can you keep white shoes clean?

83) What was the last song you listened to?
"Lavender Town Music Box"

84) Do you believe in true love?

85) What are you currently wearing?
just a sweatshirt  and capri pants

86) what do you wear to bed?

87) what is the weather like right now?
warm and sunny

88) Do you like the outside?

89) Are you currently bored?

90) Do you wanna get married?

91) is it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby?
never been called that but i think babe would be better.

92) Are you hungry?

93) Have you ever made out for more than a half hour straight?

94) what makes you happy?
certain things that i dont know how to put into words.

95) would you change your name?
dunno maybe if i had cool name ideas

96) Ever been to Alaska?

98) Do you watch the news?

99) what's your zodiac sign?

100) do you like Subway?

101) would it be hard to kiss the last person you kissed?
nope not at all

102) your best friend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do?
uhh carefully explain that i do not dig the opposite sex?

103) do you like talking to your friends?

104) what do you plan to do with the rest of your day?
apparently my friend wants to attempt to make jell-o shots for prom party tomorrow
and ive been recruited to help even though i dont drink
...its gonna be a good day.

105) Have you ever seen someone you knew & purposely avoided them?

106) Do you have a friend of the opposite sex who you can act your complete self around?

107) who was the last person of the opposite sex you talked to?
uhhh dakota? or maybe Brett i dont remember

108) Does it matter if your boyfriend/girlfriend smokes?
no, as long as they dont do it around me.
although the smell of cigarette smoke is a huge turn off

109) who's the last person you had a deep conversation with?

110) Favourite lyrics right now?

111) Can you count to one million?
i know all the numbers so i CAN but i dont plan on it.

*More* Commission Slots :CLOSED:

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 25, 2014, 8:04 PM
Re-opening a couple commission slots! I'll probably do this every weekend that I don't expect to be busy. Just I like to get stuff done the day of or after, so I can't do them during the week, hence only opening them on the weekends!

If you had one last time you ARE permitted to have one again. First come, first serve!

They are Simple request, Shading, Transparent background: 30 points Dancing4Retro Commission by Spiritpie <Example
New*You can add a second character for +5-10 points!)*New

1. Note for details

(If you have ALMOST enough points [like 25-29] and would like a commission, let me know so we can discuss it. I'm not a terrible person, but it would be on the honor system which is not always trustworthy.)

Commission Slots :CLOSED:

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 19, 2014, 4:45 AM
All slots are taken
I'm gonna open a couple commission slots because I should have some time to draw this weekend. Now my poll was almost no help because of the fact that it was pretty much even, so I'm just going to go with two slots.

They are Simple request, Shading, Transparent background: 30 points Dancing4Retro Commission by Spiritpie <Example

1. xXCatNapperXx…

2. smolfishy 

Comment here with a reference saying that you'd like a commission, and be able to pay the points please!

Art Update

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 6, 2014, 10:28 AM
So, because of a lot of different factors occurring in my life right now, everything including commissions are closed.
I will finish the three requests and the one commission that ive got but after that im not taking any more unless i open up slots or something 
thanks for reading