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We're Secretly Out Of Control [OC Plot] by Spiritpie We're Secretly Out Of Control [OC Plot] by Spiritpie
From the day that he and Hazelstar had gotten rid of Harestar to fulfill their own needs of power, Crowsong had been planning. Hazelstar was the one who enforced all the rules, and was seen as the king of WindClan. Crowsong didn’t have that kind of power, but he was okay with that. Hazelstar was wrapped around his paw, which meant that he could still get anything he wanted without necessarily having to get his own paws dirty. And, if Hazelstar ever failed him in that regard, well, he’d made contact with other cats. Cats that weren’t afraid to do anything as long as they received proper payment.

However, Crowsong had full confidence that Hazelstar would remain faithful to him – to his wishes. He had never let the black deputy down before, so why should he start now? Walking into camp fresh off the heels of a patrol (he’d given his kits to a queen to care for – the deputy had no time to be sitting around in the nursery), Crowsong let his copper eyes gaze around the camp, pausing his gander when they landed on the spotted pelt of his mate. Tail curling up, Crowsong nodded softly to himself. If he kept his tone hush, played it like they were discussing patrols, this could be done quickly and in the eyes of the public. The Clan needed to see their leaders acting more than just mates around each other, which meant that Crowsong needed to talk business with Hazelstar.

Nodding to a cat on the patrol, the short tom struck off on his own and padded toward the lean cat in charge of WindClan, rubbing his forehead against Hazelstar’s chin. “Good afternoon,” he purred, tone flicking back into the old routine of being coated in honey. Settling himself in at Hazelstar’s side, Crowsong allowed his gaze to return to the camp, watching the cats milling about intently, before flicking his eyes to the medicine den. The smile (be it fake or sincere) melted off his face immediately when he spotted a flicker of movement within the den, Crowsong’s fluffy tail flicking irritably. “We need to talk.” Momentarily, the honey was gone and his tone was left frigid and prickly as it often was when Hazelstar wasn’t around and appearances weren’t important.

“Feverstorm needs to be dealt with, I feel as if he wasn’t honest about his vision with us.” Actually, Crowsong thought that Hazelstar was well aware of whatever Feverstorm’s vision had been, and instead the Bengal was keeping it from him. Which was… infuriating, honestly, but he was giving the Bengal an out, just this once. “I sincerely think that he needs an apprentice, and then he needs to be gone from the Clan. He’s a danger to the both of us.” Maybe less so to Hazelstar… but what was the leader without his deputy and mate? He needs me as much as I need him.

With Outliers closing, Sil and I decided to play out the WindClan plot through fake screenshots similar to this! That way we can kind of tie up loose ends with the story and also let it be public so any future content we make relating to the events that happened in this plot will make sense!!

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