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Sweet as Honey [OC Plot] by Spiritpie Sweet as Honey [OC Plot] by Spiritpie
It was… shocking. Crowsong was so used to getting his way, to getting whatever he wanted, that the denial of this request sent his eyes wide and his face flicking back around to stare at Hazelstar with his jaws slack. What.. did he say I think not?? It was well known to the two of them that Crowsong had many masks. However, something Hazelstar might not have known, was that Crowsong had a special mask for him too. In this moment, however, whatever mask might have fit best for the moment was gone. All that was clear on Crowsong’s face was unbridled rage at being told no.

It lasted for one…two…okay, he was back. The few seconds that it took to process Hazelstar’s words were all it took for a mask to come back, this one with eyes half lidded and mouth parted in a grotesque attempt at a smile. “Honey,” The tone was back to being sweet and tempting, and Crowsong went so far as to lick one of his exposed canines as he spoke. “You and I both know that there is something he was not telling me.” The switch from saying us to me was intentional, and Crowsong stared straight into Hazelstar’s eyes as the word was uttered. “He froze up as soon as I walked into the den, and then threatened me as he passed.” A pause, a frown replacing the ‘smile’. “Are we lying to each other now?”

He was still angry, still infuriated, that he was being told no by someone who’d only ever told him yes. It was unfair, and the it made Crowsong begin to wonder… was he really satisfied going through a third party to get what he wanted? Or would it be better with him at the top, able to do whatever he wanted. So he may have to get his paws dirty, with those hireclaws behind him… who would stop him?

No. Noo. As asinine as it may be, he still needed Hazelstar to do the dirty work. He still needed the reputation of only being the advisor and nothing more. “Why not get someone who already knows medicine? I’m sure the ShadowClan medicine cat could be… persuaded to help us, if we fell on hard times. We both know that the leadership there is as soft-hearted as a mouse.”Another pause in the conversation, another tick into the you’re really starting to annoy me, honey column. And, unlike Hazelstar, Crowsong was not necessarily keeping his voice down. It was low, but not a whisper, and those around them could likely overhear. “He is not valuable, love.” The last word was spat as Crowsong’s annoyance grew. This wasn’t how things were supposed to go! Hazelstar was supposed to do anything for him! “Are you unable to do this for me? After all I’ve done for you?”

With Outliers closing, Sil and I decided to play out the WindClan plot through fake screenshots similar to this! That way we can kind of tie up loose ends with the story and also let it be public so any future content we make relating to the events that happened in this plot will make sense!!

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