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Ryan Zabat || PokeCamp App by Spiritpie Ryan Zabat || PokeCamp App by Spiritpie
for :iconpokecampground:
ignore the shoddy person i promise im much better at pokemon/animals
> general
Name: Ryan Alexander Zabat
Age: 15
Gender: Demiguy, he/him pronouns
Assigned Female at Birth
Orientation: Asexual, Biromantic
Birthday: 7/21/1999
Height: 5'5" (~165cm)
Weight: 120lbs (~54kg)
Blood Type: AB

Likes: Relaxing, Training, Thunderstorms, Swimming
Dislikes: Being unable to do what he wants to do, Feeling alone, Being surrounded by people he doesnt know

+ Passionate - With things he likes, Ryan is extremely passionate. Be it a new fighting style that he's been introduced to that works well for him and his team, or a piece of food that he had never tried. This can be both annoying to others, and beneficial to himself. He may talk and yammer on about this 'new' thing he discovered, obviously very enthused with it, to no end. However, he also will practice a new battle move with his team until he gets it to perfection, so it can be like the one he admires. His party is used to this behaviour, and most have grown to accept and even appreciate the bursts of passion from their trainer.

/ Witty - Ryan has quite a bit of wit, and tries to make others laugh using this. He often has very good comedic timing, or has timing so terrible that the joke falls flat and it can be perceived as funny anyway. Regardless, as long as he gets a laugh, Dusk will count that as a success.

- Anxious - In situations that he can't use humour to escape, Ryan can get extremely nervous and shy. He tends to try to avoid situations where he wouldn't know anyone, and tends to try to shy away from making new friends. Autumn, his Flaaffy, is often the one to push him to meet someone new, and with the help of Key he's usually able to get through the day.

+ Friendly - Ryan tries to get along well with everyone. He doesn't like to have enemies, as he tries to be his kindest to everyone. However, because of his dry humour, his friendly jokes can sometimes be taken the wrong way. When this happens, he will try his damnedest to make amends, and will probably not try to be so 'funny' around this person or Pokemon again.

- Tense/Paranoid - Ryan often assumes the worst when things aren't going right. If someone stops talking to him, he will assume it is because they hate him and will try to passive aggressively find out what's wrong. Because of this, he tends to always be coiled up and ready to spring, and one thing can cause him to unravel and into a ball of nerves. Though, it often repairs itself quickly, if you look beneath the jokes, it's clear to see that he's often tense or paranoid.

+ Faithful
- If he promises something, you can bet that he will come through. He hates to allow people's faith in him to fall through, so chances are he'll make promises that are difficult to keep - and yet keep them anyway. Because of this, he tends to be always racing around trying to complete promises or tasks for his friends.

- Gullible - Ryan believes pretty much anything that is told to him, if there's conviction behind the voice of those talking to him. It gets him into more trouble than he would like, but he can't seem to help it. If someone tells him something, and can make his voice sound even a tiny bit convincing, Ryan is instantly sold.

Stories always paint love to be such a pretty picture. Growing up, Ryan had thought the same. His parents had always seemed to love each other dearly, and he and his sister always got along swimmingly. However, even the prettiest of pictures could grow sour. When he was ten years old, not long after reciving his first Pokemon from Professor Elm, his parent's marriage seemed to go down the hole. His sister, near to his age at 9, had begun to fight with him all the time, and their parents did what none should ever do: they took sides.

Leila, as his sister was named, always seemed to have something derogitory toward Ryan to say, and whenever he would say something back, his father would spring to his sister's defense. And, when this would happen, Ryan's mother would spring to his own. Once Leila was old enough to receive her own Pokemon, their parents split up, and Ryan went with his mom while Leila accompanied their father.

As luck would have it, Ryan's mother passed away not long after his 14th birthday. However, rather than tell anyone who would most likely send him off to live with his father, the young trainer set out on his journey instead, wishing to make money that way and not have to live with his sister or father, who he'd not seen or heard of in three years. It has worked out thus far, and he's been on his journey for a year. Ryan decided to take a break though, when he heard of the up and coming camp, and decided that his Pokemon deserved a break just as much as he did.

> training
Quilava -> Key - Starter Pokemon, though tends to rather be a follower than a leader in the team.
Joltik -> Miles - A gift from his mother, and the quickest little bug there ever was, both in ability to learn and in physical speed.
Flaaffy -> Autumn - First catch, Autumn was quick to take up the leadership role and fits into it rather nicely.
Lanturn -> Jet - Kinda an asshole, but reliable in battle.
Heliolisk -> Skyler - A bit of a hothead, he tends to consider himself the best member of the team, though cares for everyone despite that.

Strengths & Weakness: Ryan has a knack for Strategy, though not really in the way one would think. He tends to go full on offensive rather than have any defensive moves, and finds that you waste your move if you use one that doesn't attack. So, in the offensive side, he's extremely well versed, but his defense leaves something to be desired.
Main Type: Electric
Favourite Pokemon: Key has been around the longest, but Ryan loves all of his Pokemon the same. In regards to what he wishes to catch some day, a Zapdos takes the cake.

> extras
Hometown: Goldenrod City, Johto
Voice: Ray Narvaez Jr

RP Info:
notes (if necessary)
✓ skype
✓ discord
✓ drawn interaction chain
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I prefer literate/multi paragraph rps, but understand that not everyone can do that! At the least, I like having something of substance to reply to :3

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:bullet: name - roleplayer || relationship

:bulletred::bulletpurple: leila - NPC || estranged sister
:bulletred::bulletpurple: adam - NPC || estranged father
:bulletpurple:Death veronica - NPC/deceased || mother
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