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River that Murmurs Softly Application :TotM: by Spiritpie River that Murmurs Softly Application :TotM: by Spiritpie

Current Name: River that Murmurs Softly

Goes By: River

Age: 19 Moons

Gender: Female

Rank: Hunter

Tribe: Tribe of Rugged Stone


River is a fairly tall cat, at least by female standards. However, she lacks a lot of upper body strength, most of her muscles being located in her legs from moons of focusing on hunting. Her fur pretty much sticks to her lithe build, not having a whole lot of fluff, which can cause her grief in the harsh winters. However, huddled close to her tribe-mates, she can find warmth in the coldest places. Her fur is a pale blueish colour, letting her blend easily into the rocky landscape of the mountain. As an added bonus, she's got lighter markings which make it even easier to hide from prey when there is snow on the ground. Her eyes are a deep amber, almost a brownish colour, and tend to stay on whatever or whoever she is thinking about.


However stoic River seems to be, she is actually a very friendly cat. With her staring problem, most cats automatically assume that she is either lacking a bit in the intelligence department, or assume that she is unfriendly. Once she gets to know someone, River will strike up a conversation with little problem, although she always has to think carefully through what she plans on saying. This makes her speak a bit slow, but her thoughts are usually well worded. Before getting to know someone though, River finds it hard to approach others. She is extremely shy, always afraid she'll say the wrong thing. Another thing that worries her is River tends to let her expressions show clearly on her face, and she's always looking at whatever she's thinking about. This tends to give away a lot about herself, something she's not fond of.

-- Good Traits: 

    1. Kind

    2. Thoughtful

    3. Clever

    4. Quiet

-- Bad Traits:

    1. Extremely shy

    2. Tends not to speak against someone

    3. Keeps thoughts to herself

Personal History:

River was born to Wolf that Howls at Moon and Fish that Leaps from River, two very caring parents. Nothing out of the ordinary happened in her childhood, she was born an only child and tended to take advantage of that as much as possible. She was actually quite the little brat. Spoiled to the core, since when she was there, she was the only kitten in the Nursery. Her parents, though they meant well, tended to give in a lot to whatever River wanted. As such, as soon as she was old enough, when she asked if they’d take her hunting, they readily complied.

While making their way down the mountain, River babbled away, mentioning all the latest gossip. Since she had been younger, more kittens had entered the Clan, so she was easily spewing every last thing that they’d told her to her family members. Her parents thought nothing of it, laughing where appropriate and listing to their only kit’s tales with a furious need for more. However, at one point, their kitten stopped cold and stared ahead, at a large Eagle swooping overhead.

Springing into action, the older cats did everything they could to protect their child, who had fled the scene and was hiding under a bush. She watched in terror as the Eagle clawed at her parents, and continued attempting to get to the bush she was currently taking refuge under. It wore on for what felt like hours, before Wolf turned to his daughter and yelled for her to run back to the cave.

She hesitantly did so, turning tale and running toward the Tribe camp. She made it to the entrance, but not before hearing blood bubbling from her father’s throat. Her mother returned awhile later, the eagle in her jaws, but bleeding heavily.

After that incident, River didn’t speak nearly as much, and when she did, everything she said was carefully planned out beforehand, to gain the best possible reaction from the words. Her training went smoothly after that, and it didn’t take long before she was made a Hunter of the Tribe of Rugged Stone.


-- Mother: Fish that Leaps from River (NPC) 

-- Father: Wolf that Howls at Moon (Deceased) 

-- Littermates: N/A

-- Siblings: N/A

-- Other significant members: N/A

Role Play Example: 

(Taken from an RP involving hybrids and a Raven character)

Okay, they were both just being silent. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea... With Jasper taking so long to answer, and Wylie just staring at him, Karson began to feel even more uncomfortable, if that were possible. Wylie looked...suspicious? Yes of course in this form he could do so much damage it wasn't like she could just grab him and break his wing or anything yes Wylie good plan be suspicious of a bird less than a tenth of your weight. Jasper just looked, confused. And he wasn't answering. Why wasn't he answering? Was he going to say no? He could see it now, 'why would i want some oversized canary staying in my apartment?!' and then he'd be shooed back to the streets, where he'd have to actually attempt to build a nest again! That hadn't gone so well last time. So entranced in his thoughts, Karson almost missed Jasper's answer. At this, the raven's head snapped to face the tall birdboy. <You would?!> It was hard to miss the gratitude and excitement in the thought, since his emotions seemed to be being partially transmitted as well. However, this aura slowly died away when Jasper spoke next, and Karson visibly deflated. He hadn't been expecting, or rather he hadn't been WANTING, an onslaught of questions. Half of those questions he didn't even know the answer to! Oh well, he might as well try. <Okay I just want to set this on the table first,> He began, moving his wing out to point in a very human-esque fashion. <I wytiwyg="1" can only kinda answer your questions cause I don't 100% know all the answers. But I'll try my best.> Deciding that bird legs weren't exactly for standing and telling long stories, Karson instead folded them underneath him and put himself in a perching position on the ledge of the window. God he really didn't want to try to answer all Jasper's questions. But he really needed a place to stay.. <Okay so, for the first one. Um, for some reason, and I don't really know why, every few months I kinda turn into this?> He answered this more like a question, confusion lacing his words as he spread his wings from his perching spot. <I wytiwyg="1" have a few theories, but I don't want to share them until I know for sure I guess.> The reluctance in his tone was enough to show that this was a touchy subject. He didn't want them knowing how he had come about this world. They'd call him a freak, get rid of him! He needed this. Spencer was great, and Skylar pretty cool too, but neither understood him at all. These two, no matter how short of a time he'd known them, did. <Um, for number two, it usually lasts between one week and two weeks, usually closer to one week?> Before he even finished the thought, his head snapped back around to the window again. <Mouse. Mouse I heard a mouse.> His thoughts became shambles, more like a flurry of feathers than as controlled as he'd been before. Most of the words were impossible to make out, and he shot from the window in just that - a flurry of feathers. Karson returned a few minutes later, his beak clacking slightly and, if it was possible for a raven to look embarrassed, Karson did. <Uh, sorry. Um, anyways, I have no idea for that one. Something I tried and hoped would work, thank Christ it did.> The last question, Karson hesitated. No, his father didn't know. He didn't know because Karson was a worthless piece of trash. Someone who shouldn't even bother living. He wasn't worth it. He wasn't worth the resources that his 'father' wasted on him. These sometimes weeks were always the hardest. No medication to soothe thoughts like this, made the boy very agitated when subjects like this arose, and it was easy to tell by the way he lost all volume, and all life in his eyes. <Yes.> The lie came smoothly, though he didn't raise his eyes to meet Jasper's. <He knows and understands. I just can't stay there. It's too hard with his work and stuff.> Unaware that his emotions may be half transmitted, the onslaught of terrible thoughts, thoughts making him feel worse and worse, just kept coming, refusing to relent. God, did he hate himself.

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