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Poke-Paws Application by Spiritpie Poke-Paws Application by Spiritpie
Name: Rhea
Gender: Female
Species: Shinx
Type: Electric
Age: 18
Rank: Rocket Grunt

Personality: She tends to be very serious, usually unable to understand what's a joke and what isn't. She also keeps very strictly to the rules. When the option is available for her to break the rules, she either disagrees instantly, or if the situation is dire, she'll begrudgingly agree, and probably complain the entire time. Rhea is quick to notice if something is out of place, and often frets about it obsessivly until it is fixed.

Pokerus personality: N/A

Held Item: Magnet

Background info: Rhea was born and raised in Team Rocket. Her parents, however, were both rather low ranking, having both been Grunts themselves. She is a pure-bred Shinx, her mother and father both being Luxrays. When she was quite young, Rhea ventured out of the Rocket compound and found herself in a nasty situation with one of the local poke-cats. This is how she received her scars, and how she began harbouring a grudge against these locals.

Relationships: No Major Relationships

RP example:
A soft bell chimed in a small brick building, one that many older children feared and younger children gleefully looked forward too. With the sun high in the sky, a few clouds rolling in but none too threatening, small children poured out of the doors to this school, most grinning widely and others laughing along with their friends. It was playtime! Kindergarten's hour of break from their colouring, teachers hour break from little five year olds. One of which was making his way toward the monkey bars. Which he found were oddly named because there were no monkies in this town, except in the zoo. He'd driven by it once and seen catish creatures except with rounded ears, and his friend's dad had stated that they were monkies. Shrugging, the small boy raised a gloved hand to his face, pushing up little glasses so that he could see better. Karson's hair was dyed jet black, per his father's request. Sometimes his daddy made him do weird things, but he assumed that they were to make stuff easier. Since his mommy died and he'd been living with his daddy, things had been...much different. But, anything was better then where he'd started out. Finally, Karson arrived at the monkey bars, but his large turtleneck restricted his movement so that the short five year old could not grasp even the first bar, making him screw his face up in annoyance and...make some odd noises. That somewhat resembled annoyed chirping.
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August 25, 2013
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