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Mintleaf Application :WoO: by Spiritpie Mintleaf Application :WoO: by Spiritpie

Application for :iconwarriors-of-old:

Sorry for the poor drawing - it was drawn on paper and put into photoshop - then coloured with the touchpad

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General Information
Name: Mintleaf
Name meaning: The prefix Mint- the flower of the mint plant is grey/lilac, representing his grey fur ; The suffix -leaf represents a medicine cat that is exceptional in the craft of healing.
Age: 14 Moons [1 Year and 2 Months]
Gender: Male
Clan: RavenClan 
Rank: Medicine Cat

Physical Information
Pelt: Grey with lighter muzzle/chest, paws, back and tail/ear tip(s)
Eye Color: Heterochromic eyes - left green, right blue
Scars: None
Scent: Bitter scent of herbs
Accessories: N/A

General Statistics:

○○○○○ ➟  Strength
○ ➟  Stamina 
○○ ➟  Agility  
○○○ ➟  Defense 
 ➟  Intelligence 


○ ➟  Hunting 
 ➟  Stealth 
○○○○○ ➟  Climbing
●○○○○○○○○○ ➟  Swimming
●○○○○○○○○○ ➟  Combat

Relationship Information
Sexuality: Pansexual ; Homoromantic
Status: Not Looking
Preference: Looks don't matter to Mintleaf, he couldn't care less. However the cat he falls for should probably be kind enough, and know how to take a joke. Serious cats that don't understand when he makes a joke really don't make him all that attracted to them.

| Accessible | Caring | Sociable | Blunt | Forgetful | Timid |

Bullet; Green| Accessible | "Sure I can help you out!"
He's always available to help any cat that needs to be looked at, be it just a thorn in the paw or a flu that's going around. He's most often in his den too, unless he's out collecting herbs.

Bullet; Green| Caring | "Shh, it's okay. No need to be afraid."
Mintleaf cares deeply for every cat in his care, and will always do his best to keep them safe. In his own, non fighting way of course.

Bullet; Green| Sociable | "Hey, how're you doing today?"
He's known to strike up a conversation with almost everyone in the Clan, no matter what their rank.

Bullet; Red| Blunt | "Well, that's not going to heal well."
He tends to never beat around the bush when speaking of illness or injury. In his mind, it's better that you know what's going to happen to you, whether it's plesant or not.

Bullet; Red| Forgetful | "Where were those poppyseeds...?"
While an excellent healer, Mintleaf doesn't always have the best memory, and things tend to slip his mind. He usually remembers what he wanted to eventually, however that's not always helpful in a case where time is of the essence.

Bullet; Red| Timid | "Ah! Th-they're gonna attack us!"
Never much of a fighter, Mintleaf gets frightened fairly easily by anything that wishes him harm. For this reason, he often stays in the camp unless it's absolutely needed for him to be out on the battlefield, healing cats there.


Like most kits, Mintkit got into almost everything. He was always tumbling over the warriors paws and trying to do almost everything. However, he didn't get in very much trouble. He never snuck out of camp, nor did he hurt anyone. He was always a very aimable kit. One thing he did do was follow the medicine cat around, eyes huge whenever he was able to watch the healer do what they did best, heal. At the age of three moons, he was poking his nose in the medicine den whenever he could, usually getting distracted by some other kit and leaving before he could cause too much trouble. When he reached five moons, Mintkit wanted nothing more to heal others and help his clan in a way that didn't involve fighting and getting his claws stained with the blood of cats from battle.

|Medicine Cat Apprentice|
On the day of his ceremony, Mintpaw was elated to have received the position of Medicine Cat Apprentice. He got to train under the medicine cat! Despite his tendency to forget almost everything rather quickly, Mintpaw was exceptional in helping cats out. One thing his mentor told him that he needed to work on repetedly was the fact that he was always very blunt with the patients. He needed to focus less on telling them that they weren't going to heal, or that it didn't look well, and more on the basic fact of healing them. While he did focus much more of his attention on healing the cats, Mintpaw was still known to be rather blunt in what was wrong with them. Mintpaw was an apprentice for quite a long time, serving well under his mentor, until he reached the age of 13 moons. At that time, his mentor passed away peacefully, despite everything that Mintpaw could do. 

|Medicine Cat|
When his mentor passed, Mintpaw went to Moonflow Island. He was upset that his mentor wouldn't be with him when he received his full name and title, but there wasn't anything that he could do. He made his way carefully to the sacred place, and soon was asleep with his nose in the water, dreams flowing to him filled with stars. There his mentor was young once more and full of life, and it wasn't long before the tom received his full name - Mintleaf. While trudging home, the newly named medicine cat almost had a run-in with a rogue, however hid quietly in the bushes and waited for the tom to pass. It wasn't much longer before he was back in RavenClan, tail and spirits high again. He's a new medicine cat now, and heals quite efficiently despite that. Sharing dreams and omens with StarClan, Mintleaf is excited to see where his life takes him from here. be continued....

Mother: Pikenose [NPC/Deceased]
Father: Rabbitheart [NPC/Elder]
Siblings: Beeclaw [NPC]

Mate: N/A - Not looking
Kits: N/A

Will be updated when Group opens

Bullet; Orange= NPC
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange=   Apprentice/Mentor
Bullet; Purple= Family
Death= Dead
Star!= Respect
Bullet; Yellow= Unsure | Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow= Acquaintance
Bullet; Green= Likes (Non-sexually) | Bullet; GreenBullet; Green= Friend
Bullet; Blue= Close Friend | Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue= Best Friend
Bullet; Pink= Fancy | Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink= Crush |Bullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; Pink= Serious Crush
Bullet; Red= Lust | Bullet; RedBullet; Red= Love | Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red= Mate 
Bullet; White= Discomfort | Bullet; WhiteBullet; White= Fear 
Bullet; Black= Dislikes | Bullet; BlackBullet; Black= Hate | Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black= Wishes Dead






Charts / Memes

RP Info

Forum: ✓ [Link to forum will be required]
Skype: ✓ [Username: shinyshinx - tell me who you are in order to be accepted into contacts list]

Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time [-4]

RP Tracker: Coming soon
RP Rating(s): I'll rp anything that isn't nsfw

RP Example
[From :iconaitw-hybrids: - Alligator Hybrid ]

Shoving Jet away and mumbling something about “Jaws being the stupidest half human being he’d ever met,” Jay walked closer to Conway when he finally complied to his offer of aid. Of course, the older man had his arms out in a sign of peace, though his claws were the least peaceful looking thing about him, besides his teeth. Indicating that Conway should put Rowan down, Jay was finally standing less than a meter away from the two, ready to help. Jet, who had disappeared, reappeared helpfully with a rather large first-aid kit and a ‘helpful’ smirk on his face, causing Jay to take the kit without so much as a thank you and give his companion a rather angry stare. Before he started, Jay was careful to wash his hands with one of the wipes in the kit, before turning his gaze to Rowan.

“So, what did this to birdy?” Came the question from the man as he opened the kit and dug through for the disinfectant wipes. He’d never wrapped a wing before, or dealt with any type of feathery appendage, but he figured that it would be a lot like wrapping a severed limb, something he’d regretfully had to do more than once. He wiped the blood slowly, the stuff that had already started clotting becoming loose and falling to the ground. Applying pressure with the already blood-soaked cloth, Jay grabbed a fresh one and continued the cleaning of the wound, all the while checking Rowan’s vitals to make sure his efforts weren’t wasted.

“And don’t look so antsy, half centaur.” He huffed, removing the alcohol swab and rummaging around in the first aid kit once more. Whether it had stopped bleeding because Rowan ran out of blood or because what Jay was doing was actually helping, well Jay knew the answer but it might have looked worrysome either way. “I’ve done stuff like this more than enough to know what to do. But she’s lost a lot of blood so,” He didn’t finish the thought, as he’d found what he’d been looking for, and continued his work.

Taking out the cotton dressing, Jay began applying the bandage to Rowan’s severed wing, cringing slightly as he inspected the wound further. Because of the fact that a lot of the feathers had been torn away, it was almost too clear to see bite marks in her back. Not to mention scars that littered the poor girl’s body. They’ve experienced it. Was the single thought that ran through Jay’s mind. He paused from his work, staring up at Conway with a knowing look, perhaps a disapproving scowl. Not exactly at the two of them, but the people who ran the underground fighting. No, enough of that, I have to save this girl.

Once the wound was well covered up, Jay having had to remove Rowan’s shirt in order to properly do so, he grasped the medical tape in one hand and began securing the swabs of cotton to Rowan’s back, where her wing used to be. “It’s going to scar something awful.”He muttered, more to himself than to Conway. “And she’s not going to be able to travel for a bit until I know that it’s not going to reopen.” He assumed the horse kid wouldn’t like this part much, since he seemed to want to get away from them as soon as possible. Once the wound was completely wrapped, blood having almost stopped seeping from the wound, Jay closed the first aid kit and stood up, pleased to see that Rowan was still breathing. Sure, she’d still be in a hell of a lot of pain, but the chance that she would die was much less. “That’s the best I can do. I’m not a doctor, but she’s in much less danger now.”
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theinsanegoth Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
looks awesome  very nice on the app I like his design
Spiritpie Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaah thank you!
theinsanegoth Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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KassyKat Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Nightmarestar looked at the young med cat and smiles. "I trust you, young tom." he mewed.
Spiritpie Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Blinking suddenly, the absent-minded tom turned to his leader, a wide grin on his face. "Aw, thanks Nightmarestar!" He purred, tail high in the air as he spoke. "I trust you too!" The large smile did not leave, rather simply grew as he flicked an ear.
KassyKat Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
she smiled and walked by, her medcat.
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