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Gonna Keep My Sheep Suit On [OC Plot] by Spiritpie Gonna Keep My Sheep Suit On [OC Plot] by Spiritpie
It was painfully clear that Crowsong was not happy with the way that this conversation was going. He could feel eyes watching him from around the camp, but that was to be expected with how he was holding himself, how he was refraining to hush his tone. No, no he could still twist this in his favour. Hazelstar was deciding to turn against him, was he? Well, well then perhaps Hazelstar’s usefulness had expired. Crowsong had given him chances to be honest about Feverstorm’s treachery, and had given him a chance to prove his loyalty to his deputy just now. And Hazelstar had failed both of those. It was just a hop, skip and a jump before Hazelstar was coming to the conclusion that this partnership had been for Crowsong’s personal gain. And now that he had kits anyways, what use was the Bengal leader other than a face to hide behind?

A snarl curled Crowsong’s lips as his pupils narrowed, leaving his eyes as just pools of chocolate simmering with rage. “I wasn’t talking about kidnapping a ShadowClanner, you dolt. I was talking about cohersing that foolish cat of theirs to train an apprentice for us while we were without one. StarClan knows that a kit, one of my kits, would be far more trustworthy than some foolish ex-kittypets who sees signs in piles of his own excrement!”Crowsong’s body was full of tremors as he spoke, managing to contain his voice to a shout-whisper rather than a full-on shout. But now Hazelstar was trying to contain him, trying to coheres him to keep this matter private when it was certainly not. If Hazelstar was going to betray him… two could play at that game.

“Why do you want us to move? Are you afraid of what I’ll say?” This was the first time his voice had sunken to a whisper, and Crowsong drawled out the words as he stepped away. As he walked away from Hazelstar, turning his back on the Bengal both literally and figuratively, Crowsong met Feverstorm’s eyes with a narrowed glance, before flicking his unnerving stare to the small, worthless apprentice at the medicine cat’s side. The audience in the Clan was amassing, and boy did Crowsong have something to say.

Sun at his back, Crowsong padded to the foot of the tallrock, where meetings were so often preformed. A smirk curled his muzzle briefly, before vanishing as a pained look overtook the black cat’s face. Time to play the part that he had practiced so well as an apprentice. He kept his head low, submission overtaking his form as he looked at the cats around him. His pupils had swelled and a look of fear was clear on his face, undistinguishable from the real thing though fake it may have been.“WindClan, WindClan! Please, gather here!” He took on a tone of desperation as he staggered forward, tail between his legs for a mere moment before curling around his paws as he sat. “I can keep quiet no longer, there is something you all need to know!”

With Outliers closing, pumpkabooo  and I decided to play out the WindClan plot through fake screenshots similar to this! That way we can kind of tie up loose ends with the story and also let it be public so any future content we make relating to the events that happened in this plot will make sense!!

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Slinky-Noodle Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love Crowsong but also oooohhh boy wanna smack him 
Spiritpie Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
honestly same
Slinky-Noodle Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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