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~Be who you wanna be, Not what they want you to be

(More information are down below this column!)

"Keep Staying Positive!"πŸ’—


Sagepelt: {Main} Warrior Cats Oc

Moonpie:{Main} PuppyDogPals Oc

Cinderbelle:PuppyDogPals Oc

Lumi: TheOwlHouse Oc

Pyrix: Furonsa Oc

Nyota: Tlk Oc

Selena: {Main} Paw Patrol Oc

Oakley: Paw Patrol Oc

Destiny: Fanmade story Oc

Mochi: Bluey Oc

Journee: Lady and the Tramp Oc

Quill: 101 dalmation Street Oc

Favourite Visual Artist
Sally-Ce, Roseshards
Favourite Movies
WolfWalkers, Raya and the Last Dragon, Luca, Paw Patrol Movie
Favourite TV Shows
PuppyDogPals, The Owl House, Amphibia, She-Ra
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Smith and Thell, Mat Kearney, Andy Grammer, Chainsmokers
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Warrior Cats series { On Graystripes' Vow atm}🐾 (Possibly) Wings Of Fire (Book #1)
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WolfQuest, Shelter 2
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a finger and Ipad


Amazing friends!! Definitely watch them these guys are hands up amazing!! πŸ₯ΊπŸ’– (If I accidentally didn`t add you, you are still amazing!!)

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My Inspirations!!

Blixemi Louixie Sally-Ce Musicalmutt2 roseshards Crystal-Silverlight MistFromWingsOfFire KingSimba MoccaBliss

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About me!

My name is Ashley (Referred as Ash)! If not mutual or simply just not comfortable using my actual name, call me by my online name ( Main Furonsa name) Pyrix!

I am also part of the LGBTQ+ Community as a proud and loved Bisexual! I use pronouns she/they!

I do not respect nor allow any homophobic people on my page. If you can`t respect anyone that is part of the LGBTQ+ get the hell out of here! Same goes with haters, racist people or toxic shippers, you aren`t welcomed on my page. Interfere with anyone on my page, you get a immediate block with no regrets!

I am a multi-fandom and multi-shipper! I respect all ships unless I don`t feel comfortable with them or are toxic! Giving a heads up to some people, don`t come after me that I don`t like Bramble-Squilf, Spotted-Fire, Crow-Cloud Kirani, or Fulzaad!

Play Date

School status- Since school gets in the way of doing artwork, I have limited art trades, collabs , commissions, and adopts! They are right now ( Closed! ) for requesting one of the options. Over the weekend you can request one of the options when they are open!


Summer status- (Inactive status until June!) Once my schooling is over for the few couple months, you can request one of the options anytime as long as the slots (Max are five) are available!

Play Date

Commission Prices!!(Note me for any questions on Commissions! These are only available to people who have Dev!)


Prices for Head piece commissions (Shading) are worth- 5 points

- Half body (Shading) commissions are worth- 8 points

- Full body pieces (Shading) commissions are worth- 12 points


{two points are added for an each character you add in for the piece, for only one, no extra points are added!!}~{I will notify you when it is done and to pay the points before posting it!}

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I also hate bramble-squilf, but i hate ash-squilf too....storm-squilf is best

also, i have no idea if you saw my message on the pdp fanon wiki but i drew moonpie:


I do support Storm-Squilf! I pretty much ship them myself also ^^πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸŽΆ And I haven't been on the wiki for some time and I usually log out when I'm not on it! But I'll take a look at it!! I bet it is pretty!! And I'll get on with your side of the trade! Do you also have a full body Ref of Russetsong? ^^' If not that's fine! I could use another alternative with drawing Russet with the other two!πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸΎ

Okay, and I'm actually working on the ref for Russet ^^

Thanks for liking my drawing artwork pictures stories

Anytime my friend!!🎢🐾❀❀

God bless your kind heart

Thanks for clicking watching on me, It is so nice to meeting you