I'm not dead!~ I'll be vending at FoCo Comic Con!

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Hello everybody!

Just wanted to let you know I'm not dead. I just lost a lot of motivation and drive to do art as the last few cons I had last year were terrible sales-wise for me, which was incredibly disheartening. After I attended DenFur this year as just a regular attendee, I actually started to get motivated again.

I will be vending at FoCo Comic Con again this coming weekend, albeit with a very limited stock this time. I do have a couple new items, but I haven't restocked any of the wall scrolls, play mats, or bags since last year. I'm likely going to be cutting out or at least cutting back on these items as they just don't sell as well anymore. Instead, I'm going to be looking into some other options. This time around at FoCo I'll be testing the waters with a couple of decal/sticker designs (I'll be posting them shortly after this message).

Aside from that, I'll be doing a bit more traditional art to sell at the con (which may or may not get posted here), as well as one or two new digital pieces. I will also be attempting to do a limited amount of traditional commissions at the con again as well.

I may have one or two more cons this year, but right now, nothing is slated in.

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