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Hey, everyone!

After some discussion among the Changeling Games team, we've decided to relaunch the Galloping Stars Roleplaying Game's Kickstarter campaign, starting THIS WEEKEND!!!

This time, we also will be more free and dedicated in order to make sure the campaign is kept updated and can be promoted as best we can! This project means a lot to us, and we will do our best to not make the same mistake again!

The relaunch will be at a lower goal of $5000 USD. Our budget has been reevaluated for this lower goal, allowing us to still provide the same quality we had hoped for with a much more achievable funding.

We also will be aiming for a final release at BronyCon 2019, provided we're able to get a table!

The relaunch will be starting on a new, separate campaign page, so updates following the initial launch announcement (the one following this in a couple days) will be migrated to that new page.

The relaunch goes live this weekend, so be sure to watch for the update post!

Looking forward to it!

- Project Lead Spirit

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